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Parin Aug 2020
Maybe hope is just an illusion,
a mirage,
which prevents us from seeing the reality,
fooling us to believe that its actually there,
fooling us to believe that it'll actually help,                                
but it's all a lie,                                                             ­   
a lie so white,
as if like snow,
that falls on you,
giving you a glimpse of happiness,
just a tick of satisfaction,
but soon it melts,
drowning you in a puddle,
a puddle of fake hope and expectations,
a puddle of fake happiness and flustering sensations.
And that is when you'll realize,
that hope is nothing but a clean white lie.
Parin Aug 2020
Sometimes you might feel blue,
Sometimes you might want to give up,
You might not have a clue for what to do,
Due to the tough situation as such.

But one thing you need to remember
Is to keep your head up high
Even if you can't keep yourself together,
get up again and don’t forget to try.

Optimism is hope,
Hope is inner strength,
Inner strength leads to perseverance,
With which you can reach extreme lengths.

Don’t forget that you might fall down,
In the perilous process of a beautiful success,
But stand back up and don’t look around,
As looking back will only cause distress.

You are a human,
Yes you make mistakes,
But these are the blunders that help you learn,
By making you realize that what it takes.

Challenges are faced by all,
As the path to success doesn’t come easy,
Yet you have the potential to overcome them,
Because you have the capability.

The path might be rough,
You'll think you wont make it through,
As the situation is tough,
But so are you.

So just live life to the fullest,
have the time of your life,
Enjoy every moment,
as no matter what,
At the end You will thrive.
                                                                           ~Parin Bindle XI-i
Parin Aug 2020
Sometimes my own thoughts consume me, scare me.
I know that the wild situations I create in my untamed mind aren't real,
and yet I scare myself to death.
Its like I'm drowning myself in these poisoned waves of thoughts whose pain is spreading inch by inch all over my body,
making me ******* in agony,
making me want to rip my hair off my head.
I need to save me from myself.
Who knew you could be your own worst enemy.
Parin Aug 2020
Now even my dreams inflict me with pain,
The dreams that once used to be my happy place,
Which once used to be my escape
From the bitter reality,
That I can taste constantly on my tongue,
That very tongue which I once used to say only honey sweet words,
But now speaks only unpleasant and petulantly.
Oh how much I am longing for just a taste of sugar,
Maybe just once.
Parin Jun 2020
You crumpled my heart,
just as casually as you step and crumple the useless fallen leaves.
I then realized that there I no point to sit and grieve.
I thought that I could trust you again,
but oh I was wrong.

You broke me again,
but this time it made me indefinitely strong.
Parin Jun 2020
I am lifeless
Such as a dry falling leaf
Dead from inside
Yet restless and rustling
In the wind
As to go far away
To separate itself from it's roots
And never to come back from where it once left.
Parin May 2020
I think that I’m going crazy,
as all my thoughts are unclear and hazy,
the incident was a nightmare so dark,
that it left on me a permanent mark.
She was my guardian,
she was my best friend,
my mother was one in a trillion,
on whom I could always depend.
No one can ever take her place,
a mother will always hold a special spot in your heart,
even though she's been gone now for months and days,
yet it feels like this is just the start.
I can’t stop crying,
I see her everywhere,
to reach out to her is what I am trying,
but oh she is not really there.
I feel as if I’m dying from inside,
people all around try to bring me comfort,
but it’s like all the flowers around me have died,
and their comforting words seem to me as useless as the dirt.
I am missing her so much,
it’s beyond my capability to explain,
the memory of my mom's soft and gentle touch,
is something with me that will always remain.
I am numb,
I feel empty,
weightless such as a falling leaf,
the very leaf that settled on my mother’s grave,
that lies now in front of me.

After all she was my mother,
no one can understand how I feel,
I can lament all summer,
but this is something from what I have to heal.
Please tell me that how can I improve, it would mean a lot.
thank you
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