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Let your anxiety be your Tower.

It shows to the ones with keen eyes.

There are many.

Tidal wave of your ill head.

So apparent.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Back In the days when
we did first meet happy
together just fooling
around, We lay In bed
just messing around
with each other but we
fell love and that's how
we'd stay happy
Till her final day but never
forgotten will always be
loved and Helen's memory
will always live on through
the poems and the stories I
Helen when met we happy just messing around with each other
Nylee Jan 2018
I'm lost in this world
with so many familiar strangers
for company
None with knowledge
what we are here for
and what is to be done.

Each passing seconds
fruitful or going to waste?
All my daily pains
yielding to any gain or not?
Or are we just fooling ourself
with big stories of purpose?
Amjad Alkadasi Aug 2016
                         Say goodbye,
                         I'm dumped!
No I'm not dumb, it's just that my day left time will be missing you and wishing u always beside.

                          ­  Scorn
                          ­    my

I will not respond and make a clarification, still not weakness but me being simple stating that true love must have such sensations.


Senses would rather be conspicuous, thus love won't reach a demise.
All I see is fools and lies upon the name of love,

***** u all, I bet u know nothing but Lols. In the name of love I say doom u all, go love like real or make it seal.

               Heart !
Phil Lindsey Dec 2015
I did not know that poetry has rules.
‘Tis not a craft for ordinary fools.
Those, that form and meter never master,
Are ever doomed; they are the poetasters.
As opera singers, out of tune, do make
Discerning listeners do a double-take,
And chefs, who sprinkle salt instead of sweet,
Serve meals that connoisseurs would never eat;
A writer with a wretched poet’s curse
Will never craft a great Heroic Verse.

So as I count my syllables and feet,
And wonder if my metaphors will meet,
I pray that hypermetrics are okay,
(For I have used a few of them today,)
I’ll leave the verdict, reader, up to you,
Affirm that to my mission, I’ve been true,
Or if the ending to my verse bathetic
Christen me a poet most pathetic.
Heroic Lines in Couplets, I intended;
Judge me, reader, now this verse has ended.

Phil Lindsey 12/24/15
I most often do not write notes to my poems, hoping that any readers out in HP land enjoy them for what they are.  Also, I am most definitely NOT a technical writer,  nor have I had formal classes or training.  But I have been attempting to read "The Ode Less Travelled" by Stephen Fry.  Mr. Fry describes (often humorously)  iambic pentameter, rhyming schemes, meter, and much more in his didactic book. Thus, I have attempted to write a poem in Heroic Verse.  With my apologies to Mr. Fry.  :-)
Allyson Walsh Jun 2015
There's no such thing
As no strings attached
Although your emotions are absent

There's no such thing
As no strings attached
Even though I say I'm fine with these decisions

A baseball glove is your future
But for now I will suture
My body back together

Tying it together with the strings
That should never be attached
To sneaking around

You probably call it *******
While your buddies
Pat you on the back

I thought *** was supposed to be
More than just you and me
Keeping our voices down

Do you let me through your window
Just to tell me to get dressed and go?

We were fooling around
But it's different now
That you're playing with my heart
For DC
Written October 2014
(One time is enough. Never again.)
(Save your first time and never let it be with someone who considers it "*******".)

— The End —