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Dec 2022 · 382
Tree of the Forest
Crown Shyness Dec 2022
To be a tree
I would be tall and mighty
I would provide food for the beings of nature:
The insects, the birds, the rodents, the fungi
I would provide them shelter:
A home for families of squirrels, birds, and owls
And when my leaves would fall in the cold
I would give the insects and the rodents shelter,
A place to rest in the leaf litter
And I will give the soil nutrients

Kids would try to climb my branches
High enough to reach the sky
Though I wouldn't let them
Maybe one day
I will be met with someone who's soul is with nature
Her heart would be full of
Forests, plains and meadows, and mountains
She would treat me like a being,
Embrace me and climb to the sky
And when the wind blows through my leaves
I would whisper to her
The tales of the past,
Of the beginnings of Earth
"Once upon a time, there was nothing"
Jan 2022 · 362
Crown Shyness Jan 2022
The moon is full tonight
It shines brighter than the street lamps
Brighter than the stars
However, the light in you
Was brighter
"All of this pollution chokes out the stars"
Nov 2020 · 145
Crown Shyness Nov 2020
Your hypocrisy is no surprise
you choose to close your mind
than open your eyes
"We can be who we want to be."
Nov 2020 · 115
Crown Shyness Nov 2020
I've had months
But the tears are still there
You've been gone for a while
But I still expect you to be here
"I've moved on and it's painful. Every time I look, I remember that you're not here anymore."
Nov 2020 · 105
Crown Shyness Nov 2020
Practice makes perfect
Is what they say
But what if I'm not perfect
And mess up everyday
"Let's normalize saying 'practice makes improvement'"
Oct 2020 · 92
Ocean Deep
Crown Shyness Oct 2020
There is no land
beneath my feet
I'm sinking
in the ocean deep
"My lungs are full of water"
Oct 2020 · 91
Crown Shyness Oct 2020
She was chosen
"save the world,"
they told her
but she couldn't
"It's all gone"
Oct 2020 · 63
Shattering Heart
Crown Shyness Oct 2020
Sometimes I think about
how I give my heart to others.
That one day they will shatter it.
And I will shatter as well
"heartbreak is a different pain entirely"
Sep 2020 · 61
Blazing Trees
Crown Shyness Sep 2020
As the sun set low beyond the horizon
It set the trees ablaze
their red leaves lit up like fire
But as the sun continued to fall
The warmth left
And in its place
The cold, dark night arose
"As the night rises, I use the warmth of
a small light"
May 2020 · 72
Crown Shyness May 2020
There was this girl
She made decision
After decision
Until she pondered
What had become of her
"she was so good, how did everything turn out bad?"
I want a story following a character who goes through life and in the end becomes the bad guy.  It would end with them realizing this and the readers would also realize at the same time as the character.
Apr 2020 · 64
The Statue
Crown Shyness Apr 2020
Some say
She turned to stone
Waiting for her loved one
To come home
"I found a statue under a willow tree in the woods today"
Mar 2020 · 64
Messy Hair
Crown Shyness Mar 2020
I look in the mirror
My hair's a mess
And I hate it
I pull at it
Pulling it out
And breaking off
The parts
I don't like
"my anxiety won't let me be"
Nov 2019 · 464
Crown Shyness Nov 2019
So crisp are your lies
For they are easily broken
You try to avoid the demise
For what you have stolen
"You know you are guilty"
Nov 2019 · 375
Crown Shyness Nov 2019
I feel so heavy on this road
The way you hold me so
Just put me on my feet
So you shall be free
"From me"
Nov 2019 · 184
the sky and the ground
Crown Shyness Nov 2019
I soar through the sky
Through the clouds and the trees
I lay on the ground
And get stung by the bees
I smell the flowers
And can't help but sneeze
I use charcoal to read the graves
But I can't find your name
"I'm in the sky, you're in the ground"
Sep 2019 · 178
A royal mission
Crown Shyness Sep 2019
Left, right
Up, down
We're on a mission
To save the crown

Through the woods
Down the path
Creatures in the dark
We pass
"To be continued...!"
I dunno
Sep 2019 · 205
Crown Shyness Sep 2019
Over the end
Flicking a switch
Forgetting all emotions
: Emotions are currently turned off. Would you like to turn them back on? :
Sep 2019 · 541
Our Creation
Crown Shyness Sep 2019
Our creation was our benefit
Now it will be our downfall
Because we didn't end it
"We thrived, but now it's time to die."
Sep 2019 · 355
Eye and I
Crown Shyness Sep 2019
Flowers have eyes
And they blink up at me
The trees have eyes
So many it's scary
The animals have eyes
More than just two
We have eyes
More than just a few
"Eyes; they can see everything, even if we can't see them."
Sep 2019 · 259
A flower I picked
Crown Shyness Sep 2019
I pick a flower
And it screams
It pierces my ears
And makes them bleed
"Nature is always too quiet for us to hear."
Sep 2019 · 128
Crown Shyness Sep 2019
I look up at the ceiling
Pondering what I'm feeling
I want to take a picture
I want to play a song
I want to paint a picture
I want to dance along
But I look back to the ground
And I'm always somewhere else
"Motivation always hits me at the wrong time."
I'll literally be sitting in class and suddenly have the urge to pick up my violin that's not even with me. It's the boredom in life.
Aug 2019 · 477
It isn't
Crown Shyness Aug 2019
I laugh
Because it's funny
No, it isn't
Because I'm bleeding
"I'm laughing, I'm crying, it feels like I'm dying" - Melanie Martinez; Pity Party
Aug 2019 · 252
Thinking ahead
Crown Shyness Aug 2019
I look to the future
And there I see a picture
It might be all in my head
But there's only death
"The death of what?"
I always worry about what's going to happen in the future and always expect the worst to come of it. This poem is a bit exaggerated; "dread" can work instead of "death"
Aug 2019 · 132
What to do
Crown Shyness Aug 2019
You didn't think it through,
Did you?
Now you're lost,
Because you don't know what to do
Aug 2019 · 192
Crown Shyness Aug 2019
Rain, it comes on down
it washes the ground
it leaves behind an earthy smell
and soothing sounds
"The approach of dark, ominous clouds are something I look forward to sometimes."
Jul 2019 · 277
Until the end
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
Until the day breaks
The moon will rise and
End with the crickets
"I will stay."
I really wanted to try a poem like this where the first words in each line spell out a sentence.
Jul 2019 · 305
Coloring Book
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
Life is like a coloring book
You may color outside the lines
You may make mistakes;
You may use colors
You may feel happy;
You may use black and gray
You may feel sad;
You may not feel like coloring
You may not feel like anything;
You may hurt your wrists
You may experience troubles and pains;
You would finish the page
And life will feel complete
"I hurt my wrist coloring a coloring page while listening to a podcast for the first time. It was worth it though; the podcast is good and so was my coloring."
Jul 2019 · 129
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
I love you so much
It hurts
Knowing that it'll never be true
'Cause I never knew how to love
"Tell me: what does love feel like?"
Jul 2019 · 325
A story
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
I want to tell a story
But I don't know what to say
I'm feeling inspired
But not every day
"I have so many thoughts, but not enough talent."
Funny how I then continued to write four other poems.
Jul 2019 · 778
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
I'm me
You're you
We're all different
It doesn't matter
We love
We hate
We're human
"Our emotions, the negatives and the positives, make us human. Our mistakes and our sins and our weaknesses make us human."
Jul 2019 · 184
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
They lay in cases
People get them out
And start to play

They're used to make such a beautiful melody

I don't like them
The only sound they make
Is white noise
"What if instead of beautiful noises, each instrument made a type of white noise. Like static, you know. No notes. Just eerie sounds, nothing peaceful."
Jul 2019 · 132
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
When you walk or move
Everyone and everything moves along
Everything but the sky
Is it even real?
"I try to be wise, it just never works. Lol."
Jul 2019 · 238
Blurring Memories
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
Your face
Your eyes
I think about all the time

The moment
The picture
I keep replaying it in the future

I'm awake
I can't sleep
It feels like a dream

But I know it's not
I can't remember
They're blurring memories
"It's past midnight right now, I can't stop thinking, remembering, everything that scares me and everything I want. I think so much that I can't remember what's real and what's not; how something feels, like emotions and such..."
Jul 2019 · 121
Amongst the night sky
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
The moon is outside my window
Telling me to go to sleep
I look for you among the stars
But I can't find you
"The moon isn't full and the street lamps outshine the stars."
Jul 2019 · 135
Tick Tock
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
Tick tock
Goes the clock
Time is running out
Tick tock
The clock has stopped
Your time has run out
I feel a villain would say this
Jul 2019 · 434
My life (right now)
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
I have a pain in my legs, and my right foot
I can't tell if it's from running,
being tense all the time,
or if it's growing pains

I have a sore throat
It hurts to swallow
You know, it's summer
But I think I'm catching a cold

I have a bruise on my head
A patch of hair missing the size of the nickle
I think it's from when I (accidentally)
Ran headfirst into a wall

I have an ache in my heart
A hole in my brain
I can't tell if it's from thinking too much
Or feeling too much
It's all the same
"I feel like such a mess right now it's hilarious."
This was me on July 14/15. As of now I actually have a cold and my legs aren't sore anymore.
Jul 2019 · 314
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
Wishing on dandelions
Watch their seeds fly up to heaven
"Shh! I can't tell you my wish or it won't come true!"
Jul 2019 · 125
My eyes
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
I cry and cry
But it's behind my eyes
"There's a storm in me."
Jul 2019 · 108
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
I may seem okay
But I am not okay
I hide behind a mask until it breaks
This world is insane
I don’t want to be sane
"Being insane sounds more fun."
Jul 2019 · 129
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
No Breath
Push Away

"Words that rhyme and relate."
Jul 2019 · 116
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
My stomach feels sick
I feel like I’m ill
In my throat I feel ******
Where are my pills
Getting jabbed by sticks
I’m not out for the ****
"My symptoms, my thoughts."
Jul 2019 · 193
Myself and others
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
Who can I be
Everyone hates me
They try to be friends
But I don’t trust them
"I'm kind of a hypocrite. My words are so contradicting and my sentences don't have anything in common."
I wrote this relative to my feelings of anxiety around others in the past. I felt incredibly self-conscious and felt as though no one really liked me back then. I had friends but I also had my doubts sometimes.
Jul 2019 · 216
I will never be the same
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
People are driving me crazy
The human race is insane
Everything’s looking hazy
I will never be the same
I kind of like to sing this to the small tune of "ring around the rosy"
Jul 2019 · 136
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
Blood is red
And red stains
Like the red slits
On my wrists
That leak red
in the drain
And that leak
"Oh, how I enjoy looking at those scars."
Jul 2019 · 110
I'm in between
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
I’m not happy
I’m not sad
I’m still alive
But I feel dead
"I've heard this is how depression is."
Jul 2019 · 259
Finding Myself
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
I’m wondering in the dark
Trying to find the light
Stuck in the lost
Where there’s no sky
Not a glimmer of hope
On where to find myself
"It's either too dark, or too light. There's no in between."
Jul 2019 · 124
They forgot how to live
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
Like knives cutting skin
Bullets digging in
Happiness flowing out
Grief flowing in
Lost in their own world
Hurdling down lower
Past the positive
To the negative
They forgot how to live
"I can't seem to find reason to go on anymore."
Jul 2019 · 664
Surprise, Surprise
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
Surprise, Surprise
I might just die
It seems some of my friends
Have crossed the line
"Some friends are like weather vanes, they can turn quickly."
Jul 2019 · 233
I found
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
I Found Myself
Deep In the woods behind the house
I found me
Lost in space because of all the gravity
I found I
Bleeding on the floor about to die
"Oh, what has become of myself, of me, of I?"
Jul 2019 · 170
I repeat your lies
Crown Shyness Jul 2019
Nothing will come from this
You say on our bed
Nothing will come from this
I repeat to your head

Dreams mean nothing to me
You say at the table
Dreams mean nothing to me
I repeat as I am able

We’ll all be nothing
You say as we stargaze
We’ll all be nothing
I repeat in a daze

You cover my face
You cover my eyes
You filter my mouth
Now all I tell are lies
"Your voice is so sweet. But are your intentions?"
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