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Crown Shyness Nov 2020
Your hypocrisy is no surprise
you choose to close your mind
than open your eyes
"We can be who we want to be."
Crown Shyness Nov 2020
I've had months
But the tears are still there
You've been gone for a while
But I still expect you to be here
"I've moved on and it's painful. Every time I look, I remember that you're not here anymore."
Crown Shyness Nov 2020
Practice makes perfect
Is what they say
But what if I'm not perfect
And mess up everyday
"Let's normalize saying 'practice makes improvement'"
Crown Shyness Oct 2020
There is no land
beneath my feet
I'm sinking
in the ocean deep
"My lungs are full of water"
Crown Shyness Oct 2020
She was chosen
"save the world,"
they told her
but she couldn't
"It's all gone"
Crown Shyness Oct 2020
Sometimes I think about
how I give my heart to others.
That one day they will shatter it.
And I will shatter as well
"heartbreak is a different pain entirely"
Crown Shyness Sep 2020
As the sun set low beyond the horizon
It set the trees ablaze
their red leaves lit up like fire
But as the sun continued to fall
The warmth left
And in its place
The cold, dark night arose
"As the night rises, I use the warmth of
a small light"
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