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Crown Shyness Sep 22
Left, right
Up, down
We're on a mission
To save the crown

Through the woods
Down the path
Creatures in the dark
We pass
"To be continued...!"
I dunno
Over the end
Flicking a switch
Forgetting all emotions
: Emotions are currently turned off. Would you like to turn them back on? :
Our creation was our benefit
Now it will be our downfall
"We thrived, but now it's time to die."
Flowers have eyes
And they blink up at me
The trees have eyes
So many it's scary
The animals have eyes
More than just two
We have eyes
More than just a few
"Eyes; they can see everything, even if we can't see them."
I pick a flower
And it screams
It pierces my ears
And makes them bleed
"Nature is always too quiet for us to hear."
I look up at the ceiling
Pondering what I'm feeling
I want to take a picture
I want to play a song
I want to paint a picture
I want to dance along
But I look back to the ground
And I'm always somewhere else
"Motivation always hits me at the wrong time."
I'll literally be sitting in class and suddenly have the urge to pick up my violin that's not even with me. It's the boredom in life.
Crown Shyness Aug 30
I laugh
Because it's funny
No, it isn't
Because I'm bleeding
"I'm laughing, I'm crying, it feels like I'm dying" - Melanie Martinez; Pity Party
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