Pickley Nickel, you smell like a shoe,
Pickley Nickel, you make me go poo.
Pickley Nickel, how is your day,
Pickley Nickel, I really must say,
Pickley Nickel, please go away.

Love you Nickel. <3
Jimmy King Nov 2013

You looked at me today
(When I finally forced your eyes
To meet mine)
Like I wasn't just. stranger
But a homeless man on the street,
Cursing at you and beggin you
For the dime or nickel
Which capitalist America
Demands you not give up

The time we spent the evening
Making love in your bed
You told me you wished
We were just ten years older
So we could look towards marriage
And a family.
I wonder what you think
About that night now

She drains me of words
Like at the end of a bath,
And I'm left with the stopper
Dry as a prune
Until I can
Once again
Replenish my thoughts,
Come again
Under my shower
But I'm just a mist
Lightly saturating
Her once more
Like the moisturizer after
But she shaves and dries
It all off,
What of it all
Has she absorbed?
I can't be coke
Left to go flat
Crushed soda pop can
In the sun
Unable to redeem myself,
Won't you give me a nickel
For my love?

APAD13 - 131 © okpoet

Marly Apr 2014

I'm sick of being of led on why do you remind me of him why do you remind me of him am I just paranoid or are you just another Nick Nick Jr. second edition Nick so many Nicks I can't even breathe because the air is Ni2O I still have that dirty and disgusting nickel that I bent down in the middle of the road to pick up and which nearly got me killed please tell me you're a beautiful copper penny because those don't exist anymore in my country but I crave them more than anything.

Today has been one hell of a slap in the face.
B Nov 2013

Do you remember
When we’d climb the old oak tree
Sit atop it and look
Look out at the world
Our world
Ours to conquer
Together, of course
Side by side, hand in hand
It’s different now
We’re both grown
I still visit the tree
I secretly hope I’ll find you there
Sitting atop, waiting for me
Our eyes would meet
It’d be as though we were young again
We’d join hands, and jump
Into our world
Together again, together at last
Yes, I remember

jeffrey robin Nov 2013

He passed away

By the time they stopped eulogizing him

He was dead!

Eulogized to death!


As if the Sacred is not Real




Sittin around mutilating ourselves

For we cannot mutilate the world


World war three
World war three

Kill us all and set us free!


I was reading about the anxiety felt by a transgender in school

Choosing which bathroom to use


I did



I wonder what BUKOWSKI

Would have thought




Maybe I should cut myself or something

That seems like it would do the trick


If not ww3

Maybe Fukushima will kill us all


I'd hate to actually have to bleed to death


Oh well

Heaven into hell and then the Super Bowl Game

Hank Roberts Sep 2011

I saw the devil lips she kissed,
Too bad it's mine she missed.
Sometimes it comes like the morning mist
or forever, it seems, time will tick.

Love is blind, or so they say,
When it calls it's by some delay.
Mostly it stays far away,
Even if tomorrow's an all new day.

I saw the fiery hand she touched,
With him she gets some luck.
Down the road, she finds its muck,
For she's in too deep to be unstuck.

She thought my tired hands didn't mind,
To hold and only to be too kind.
But, now, I'm not so inclined
To stand by and be nickel and dimed.

Coop Lee Apr 2014

i’m boy with broken jaw
my face and flesh of citrus
fingers dripping resolute

by weight of sweetened tendon
the motion to which i descend
i last resort upon thy tenderloin gloss

touching me under sublunary breath
he melts darkness to sugarfisted bloody
i taste of all he ever wanted

it’s a dirtyparadise out here behind the neon nickelcade
day-glo slithering below my belly
just ten bucks, and you’ll get your turn

Quentin Briscoe Jan 2012

Thoughts.. You've been nickled and dimed...hassled and crimed...robbed at point blank range...Me too. us The 30 an under...No magic card given by Tom Joyner...We missed out on Odell's, And now get the Owells...institution tuition...constitution divison...We reap what was sown, by the rich and the grown...And given the jobs that our kids should own...Whats 13 dollars when rent is 8 bills...whats flat land when all we got is hills...Nickled and dimed...and their crying for themselevs...greedy money suckers with library shelves..Im you with jingles and bells..protest and yells..that nobody hears..but everybody fears..quaterly robbed...nickled and dimed...as if it was ok to be hassled and crimed..#weinthistogether

haiku namatata May 2010

Give me a nickel
For every time they've told me
I can't write haikus.

Matthew Rousseau Mar 2014

if I had a nickel for your spare thoughts,
you would be a nickel richer.
The thought you think so thoughtfully
folly is your reward.
Reward others,
and they will follow suit.
Suit, the garment you wear
it bessechingly pleads you
to empty your wallet.
Nay, do not pay attention
to the body,
but rather the mind.

David Nelson Jan 2015

Put Another Nickel In

If you want to see me more
you will have to pay my friend
life isn't free and I know that is a shame

I'll try to entertain your mind
but this process takes up my precious time
sorry pardner but I'm not the one to blame

I'll sing and dance the hoochie coo
tell stories that will blow your mind
and maybe share with you my tasty gin

but if you want the show to start
you won't need to touch my heart
you just need to put another nickel in

Gomer LePoet...

I can dance I can sing
spysgrandson Aug 2016

you were born in Denver
during a white out blizzard

like all round babes,
you had no clue, what was in store for you
you couldn't have known...

you would be
the last nickel to chink through
a five-cent coin phone box,
in El Paso, Texas

or that you would sleep
for a year in a piggy bank,
of a boy named Felipe, who would die
of white blood cancer, before
he could spend you

and who would have thought
you would be in the linty pocket
of a serial murderer named Ray, when
he was captured in Santa Fe, a sunny day
on the ancient square, stalking
his next victim

a jailer used you that very night
with a twin of yours he found in
another picked pocket, of a drunk drifter,
to buy a Hershey's bar, from a machine
that would have taken a dime as well

your face began to show the fingered
signs of age by the time the choppers found sky  
above the Saigon Embassy, where you had spent
an aching April night in the Ambassador's pants

when you turned a half century, you were tossed
into a gallon jug, e pluribus unum, no more special
than others a third your vintage

I finally met you today, only because chance landed you on
the top of the heap, waiting to be saved from further folly

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