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All the music
Sounded better
With her,
Now it's just
White noise
A silence
So loud,
It's difficult
To stir
Deep within
My heart,
Like dry cement
Barely a tap
From the beat
What can I do,
To get my groove
Back again,
Tune my soul
Like a guitar
Back to when
Every emotion
Struck a chord,
Swayed by her love...
Just thought
I'd say hello,
My heart is blue
Missing you,
How long has it been
That your facade
I have not seen,
It feels like an eternity
But what is time
But an affinity
To measure,
A concept
We cannot grasp,
A sting
From a wasp
Could not entail
What in my soul
Is felt
A pain,
The distance
Between us,
I cannot quantify
Just like
My angst
I cannot
Or quell
How much I miss you
No words can tell,
But I'm in hell...
Lost my identity
But there is no DMV
To line up at,
Re-issue nor renew
What's expired
The past is past
And now I'm a stranger
In an endless desert
The whole world
Cannot parch my angst
Tears that dry
And I cannot lie,
Not to myself
Now off the shelf
I'm on the curb
An unwanted refurb,
Home used to be
Wherever she
Would lay her head,
But now
I don't know how
I'll ever rest
In peace...

APAD 03212021
I keep hoping
She'll come around
And ask me
Have you learned
Your lesson?
And I wouldn't be here
Countdown to misery
Down to less a son
Less a friend,
All by my own
On a road
Back to square one
Leaf in the wind,
My roots severed
Roads diverged
Down a path
The fork
I never washed
Dreams that shook
A shattered vase
Flowers wilted
Love that I thought
Stood the test of time...

APAD 03172021
Feeling numb
But also kind of dumb
Ate the last crumb,
I can't believe
I'd resort to this
Trying so hard
To reach some kind of bliss,
I miss that kiss
I'd rather forget
Her last diss,
So here I am
Drowning my sorrow
Until tomorrow,
When I may wake
To regret
Another day
Everything I did not say
Ate my feelings again
As I reminisce about
Now and then,
Take it all back
Would that I could
But maybe I loved her
More than
I should...

APAD 03162021
I wish that I
Could know,
If I'm on your mind
Like sunflowers
Follow the warmth
Across the sky,
I yearn
For you
Until the next
Comes along,
In a parched
Desert plain,
You are
The bluest
Moon among
The stars
That sparkle,
Thoughts that rise
Every time
You take a breath,
A mirage
On the horizon
You are
My oasis...

APAD2020 - 003
It's 3:03
In the morning
And all I can dream of
Is of the softness
Of your body,
The curvature
Of the earth
The equators
The hemispheres
Have nothing
Against the geography
Of your skin,
I traverse the deserts
The jungles
Of your southern regions
In my mind
A safari
Of exquisite
Smells and taste,
The bazaar of you
A map of treasures
That I endeavor
To hunt in
But for an elixir
To calm my soul,
I miss
The eureka
The euphoria
Infinite wonders
Of you...

APAD2020 - 002
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