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Oh how I address you 1st
You have the most to say
Usually half hand fed and jealous all the way

Let's get 1 thing straight between us
You always squawk you always fuss

Bashing and constant deplore
How I am a bad mom a loser and a *****

Hmmmm well I am sorry to say
You are wrong again I will explain today

Let's address my mothering 1st off
Protecting from a hungry heard is not an easy task I dare not scoff

Loser that is easy when in the public eye
You see what they want you to see so I blink you away like a fly

***** (lol) your mate in my DM
Was not my choice take it up with him  or   her   instead!

I keep my feet bare and my soul lite and airy
Heaven knows one smells and the other is like an angel fairy

Figure me out ... Child Please!
I was sent here to live not to be your jealous seed

But alas your a chicken and gonna squawk
So you can go **** a giant gobbstopper
Oh look a Hawk ;)
Humor is a relief    Truth should be told    Haters be the biggest Secret fans
Do you have a girl CRUSH??  YUP....why i shave my head!!      Can you say get a life!!   If I am on your lips whos kissing your mate????
There comes a time when people need to be educated!
Good Morning Sunday
I have waited all week for you
To be with me in thought and light prayer too

We have been again thru a long week
some of it quite chaotic
Ending so gently and happily cathartic
People and places pains of past and present
seemingly disappear

Entering in the ***** kitchen window
Sunshine breaks thru

Collecting my coffee
and whats left of my sanity
I inhale a habit

My heart is confused but light
as I pray in the same

Our Father is always best
when we are just ourselves
and let him
Take the helm and this day to rest

I am all that you think but none that you know
Father grant us serenity
Sunday Vibes to Flow
#happySunday #poetryconfession #iamokay #theatricaldiagnosis #GodBlessUsAll #Iwontgiveup #Istilllove #tryinghardertorelax
Lying underneath him
she prayed
hoping his hate would go away

Pressure implied
she died a little inside

Keeping eye contact
she knew

Of her flesh and her soul
coming straight from Sheol

Away Beast have you known better
I am here to serve you

My love is pure your cannot erase
Yet you choke and hesitate

Today I swallow something I have long ignored
My freedom
Self Love
Your loss

I do not wish you ill
But ill is what you are
God have mercy where i cannot no more!!
#domesticabuse #whileyouidlywatch #jesuscriesforme #loveisnotabusive #itsokaytonotbeokay #angelscry #soulfree #ihurttoolongforyou #ichoosegodandme #finalfantasy #Heavenispissed #Jesushelpme
Can she slay the demons of this Earth
Her fight is nothing you would understand

Constant barrage of hell while the world watches

Nightmares....Daymares....Gifts ...Curses ... MIracles


thats all i have to say about that!!
Our Father
who rules all
Is very disgusted within the fall

You were given a lesson
you watched the vote

You incessantly rebuke
what he made NOT a joke

A warning a watch
The man in the moon
she did know

Now comes a trial
some will have to go

Mark 27

Is what he told me to say
If you have not now is the time to pray

The sky will light and you will be given a sign
The Vatican and Pope will hear
and abide


how dare you were his last words and now he knows it is time
Jesus is blood all the time
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