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Sandra Lee Jul 2022
She's not a lady
In the strictest sense
She's my puppy dog
And that's her defense.
Got her at seven months
Wild and crazy
And it's been so since.
She's not like the others
Both male
And gotten as pups
But we love her nevertheless.
Oddly she and I have the same birthday
We are both Virgos and that's a fact.
Had just put down dear old Scout
Didn't know what my life would be without
Miraculously an email appeared
From a friend who knew my pain
Said someone took their pups back
To the ******* again.
We wanted a male
But who could resist
An opportunity like this.
How can I describe her
Noisy, enthusiastic, Stubborn
Playful, Insistent, Beautiful
And Special as all dogs should be.
Sandra Lee Jun 2021
She is about as warm as a plastic Barbie
About as cool as lukewarm water on a sunny day.
Not exactly someone you want to get close to
But maybe there is a real person
Under that thick skin.
Do you think it is possible to reach her
To find a small opening
And maybe someday
Count her as a friend?
Sandra Lee Jan 2021
One man after hearing Daisy's story said
"She landed in high cotton" which I believe to be true
Sandra Lee Jan 2021
Another dog, another poem what shall I say?
I wrote of Scout, my second Airedale who lived
To the ripe old age of 15 2/3.
He started waking and wandering all night,
Not a happy state for such a great dog
So I decided the time had come for him to be put to rest;
Not an easy decision certainly.
Ten days later I received an email from a friend
About two Airedales who were taken back to the *******
At almost 7  months, a pair of puppies, a male and a female,
Whose owners decided ?? they were too much to handle.
I contacted the ******* who said they had reclaimed the male.
I explained that my husband only wanted a male and I had just
Parted with my dear Scout.  She said "I'll send a picture."
I knew I had to go see this dog so I did.
Needless to say, I took a look
And watched the *******'s teenage son call the dog and rub her belly
"Well" the people asked, "what do you think?"
"I will take her" I said.
Off we started in a huge rainstorm with Daisy in the backseat,
Standing, sliding onto the floor.
I gave my neighbor a call and asked if she could
Spare some dog food. Of course she said "yes"
Almost as excited as I was about this new puppy.
She came out to the car with food and treats
Crawling in the back seat to meet Daisy.
"By the way, Daisy threw up all over the floor."
Sandra Lee Nov 2019
What a dog!
He never ceases to amaze me
Night before last he was up at 2:30 am and again at 4:15
After letting him out and taking him out
Five or 6 times,
I had to leave for an appointment
He was hungry early in afternoon
Gobbled his dry food before I added the white meat chicken.
Let him out where I thought he would rest
Under a shade tree in the 96 degree heat.
My husband asked "Where is Scout?"
I said he was by the porch
Before I went to brush my teeth.
Now disappeared, so I walk around the house
Listening for movement in the woods
Calling occasionally
Although he is pretty deaf
Finally I go back in and tell husband
I am driving to neighbor to see if he has
Crossed the road
Gone through the woods
About 1/2 mile
Call neighbor and tell her I am coming over
We all are outside,
She and her three dogs
When around the front of her house
Comes guess who-Scout
She insists on taking him in for a treat
And he wants water-it is 96 degrees Fahrenheit on October 3.
She also insists on keeping him
while my husband and I attend a meeting.
Pick Scout up afterwards
He is happy to see me
And ready to go home for the night.
What a Dog!
Sandra Lee Nov 2019
Yesterday I met a woman
Who seemed to be a decent person.
Last night as I spoke with her
She told me that there was a young exchange student
From Germany
Who described Donald Trump as ******.
I told this woman that I thought so too.
After that she said that the Germans don't get the true news
From the USA so they do not realize what the Democrats
Are doing to Trump.
After that, this woman turned away and did not wish to speak to me anymore.
So sad that we in this country cannot openly speak our thoughts
Without angering those who are in opposition.
Is there an answer?  It feels like we are dug in in our foxholes
Refuse to see the white flag of surrender or truce or exchange of ideas.
This type of behavior will not get us anywhere.
We must talk. We must talk.
Sandra Lee Sep 2019
Just the other day I met a friendly man
His career is air conditioning
He spoke of growing up on a farm
And seemed pleased with life.
Then I noticed one of his arms-the right one
Was undevolped
I thought this man has gone through life
With this disability
I'm sure at times he must have suffered rejection
By seemingly normal people
Yet he seems content now.
Later that day as I walked into a convenience store
I passed and smiled at a man barely five feet tall
He smiled back at me
And I thought
It must be a tough life
Being a man and being so small
What discrimination has he had to deal with?
Many that we meet in our daily lives
Have problems that don't show up as easily as these did
So let us remember wherever we are
To smile, be kind and try to make everyone's life
A little easier.
By doing this, we also bring happiness to ourselves.
Our smiles and small kindnesses are amplified.
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