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In a cage made of straw,
Walls cannot protect you,
To see your own fatal flaw,
Learn to smile through,

My lips hurt when I smile,
but you need to hide the space behind your face,
I'll resist until I am cold on the tile,
Revolving around the sun in this godforsaken place,

The sky is painted melancholy,
But you know no one else can see,
Still, you march on your way,
Back on your own into the sea,
Matthew Rousseau Sep 2019
If I follow the path I'm on,
My life is cheated like a con,
I fear the future is not bright,
I fear for my own gentle light,

My fight is thick with fears of doubt,
No, I don't want the easy way out,
I need to stay true to myself,
My needs aren't for anyone else,

I'm drowning inside myself, see?
This catastrophe is complete now,
There is no need to keep reading,
... or writing.
Matthew Rousseau Jul 2019
Twilight sets for rise,
The sun beckons, pride, and joy,
But still, new days set,
Matthew Rousseau Jul 2019
We're two feet apart,
So much sun intensely,
Need you in my arms.
Miss doing haikus
Matthew Rousseau Jul 2019
I see words like sigils
Cast on a page of white
twenty-six ciphers can make
every thought you choose to take

They can do good or harm
By and for all of the people
Together collected cool, calm,'

but lethal
Matthew Rousseau Jul 2019
I see it in the distance,
While the air dampens on my neck,
I cannot find how to capture

My eyes wander
My ears fall asleep
And for the first time
I see no one is alone
No one is together

The scent of grass squints my eyes
And I lay my head back
Green feathers beneath my head
Peace begets my loneliness

Eyes still shut I make music
With no sound at all,
I resist the urge
To take the fall
Matthew Rousseau Jul 2019
I don't know,
It has been too long now,
with the good still left undone,
I can never finish satisfied
With pride intact.
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