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rach Dec 2020
everyone’s around me
—my friends, family and all
but i feel like i don’t belong

i became a metaphor
of being lonely
Bethany Dec 2020
why must i feel
why must i feel anything
when all that was felt
was in you

why must it feel
why must it feel like betrayal
when it’s not
from you

why must hands
why must hands feel heavy
when they’re not
attached to you
Kei Darling Dec 2020
She makes me feel alive
I can imagine the way she smiles from her words
I want to see it myself
yes this is *pointed* lol.
vern Apr 2020
have I deluded myself into thinking I am a good person
have a I lied to myself saying that it was just a mistake
have I tricked myself into believing I have not hurt others
I think I have
I only write poems when I’m sad this sh*t *****. Idk but is it just me or in this quarantine bs all the negative thoughts are coming. I’ve lost something because I threw it away thinking that was right but was I wrong to do so
Jieun Feb 2020
he slowly approached life
who was shimmering with hope
he dared not to touch her,
for the fear, he will hurt the one he loved the most

but life saw the pain in his eyes
and decided not to care
as she held his hand and held it close
and death thought "life was indeed, unfair"

"Why are you doing this?"
he said with deep regret, in his voice
she looked at him lovingly as she caresses his face
"i felt, this was the right choice"

And right there and then, he watched life
as she started losing all her strength and glow
she weakly smiled. "I love you" she whispered
before she disappears, she wanted to let him know

Now death continues his journey
remembering life as his best memory
she taught him how unfair everything can be,
not even death, can predict what happens to thee
Jieun Feb 2020
what if one day,
i wont remember who you are?

what if one moment will cause me,
to forget all the memories we share?

Will you take my hand?
and try to understand?

or will you let me go?
if you do, just please let me know

but i promise you, if you stay
i'll remember it all again one day

because i may forget who i was,
but never who i loved...

my heart won't forget you...
mysa Jan 2020
face up on the ground
rain hits my face
i have been here before
lying in the mud
slowly enveloping me
like a hug
or perhaps more like a boa constrictor
my skin pulls upward
towards the stars
towards light
while my bones want nothing more
then to be laid to rest
wrote this one back in september. don't rly remember what was goin on when i wrote this but that's how it be man i'm just vibin
BG Dec 2019
I want you to think of me.
I hate that I want that –
That I’m thinking of you
Long enough for me to want
You to return the favor.
But here’s the thing:
I haven’t been sleeping;
Every time I close
My eyes I think of your
Eyes and your
Face and how much
I want to punch that face
In its jaw.
My anger ridden insomnia
Cannot be explained
By anything other
Then the fact that
You drive me insane
To the point where
I want nothing more than
To have you lying next to
Me in my bed,
Your arms around my waist,
Your breath on my neck,
So I can roll over
And, so easily,
Punch you
In the jaw.
Because you’re a *******.
You’ve been an ***
And your *** hasn’t
Bothered to ask me what’s
What’s wrong is obviously
And there’s no way
Don’t know that
But you still let my anger
And act like I’m the one
Making a ‘big deal
Of things’.
Well listen to me
You little ****.
I hope to god you
Know what it feels like
To have someone stuck
On your mind constantly.
I want you to think of me
When you’re driving your car
Or lying in bed
Or with someone else.
I want to be on your mind
And I want it
To drive you
Because you’re well aware
That something could have happened
If you hadn’t tried to take
Advantage of what you
I want you to know
That you’re the one that
****** up.
Not me.
For once,
It was not me.
Because I tried so hard
And you acted like my concerns
Were meaningless and
My words were suggestions.
I hate that I still think of you
When things were so close
To being so unimaginably
It’s terrifying.
It’s terrifying that
My need for you almost
Led to pain
And fear
And hatred
That I know all too well.
I hate that you
Made me relive a
Panic that I’ve avoided
For years.
Whether or not you’re cognizant
Of what you did –
It doesn’t matter.
It happened.
It almost kept happening.
Do you realize that?
I hate that I’m thinking of you
When you turned my feelings,
The good ones I’ve worked
For so long to be able
To feel again,
Into dread.
You did that.
And I hope that,
When you’re thinking of me,
You realize that.
You realize what you did wrong
And you never
Do it to anyone else again.
Ainnoot Oct 2019
Poetry is a lie disguised behind mysterious words... no wonder I write so much.
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