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Ainnoot Oct 20
Poetry is a lie disguised behind mysterious words... no wonder I write so much.
Zoe Grace Aug 20
Let me get this STRAIGHT.
Hold on, I'm gonna run this BI you.
I wanna see how this PANs out, ok?
LES just see how this goes.
I need you to TRANSfer those papers.
Come on, I bet you ACEd the test!
It's late and I'm delusional and my sleep deprived brain thinks I'm funny. Shhhh, don't tell me I'm wrong.
I'm a proud panromantic potato btw.
I’m being burned:
Burned by the water.
The water’s hot,
But I am hotter.

Read this with a wierd accent and then wink at the end hehe. I was really bored in the shower...
BoringBoy Feb 26
Why? Darling, did you not know,

If ghosts could truly sing
Let them sing for you
Cause you've woken me from the dead

And if the sun could turn into a diamond piece
It'll go to you, let it be said

You're the light of my life, and you brighten this Earth,
You're a star, you're my sun, and I orbit you because it's what you're worth.

From afar, I can see, and up close I believe that your warmth is my serenity.

I love you, and no holiday is needed for you to feel it.
A gift can start there, but nothing can take my love for you away, other than Death himself.

So, my sweet and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious darling, my prince, my princess, my everlasting potato, my warming sun, my cooling moon, and my so much better than better half.

My love for you is my only excuse for falling so deeply in awe when I stare at you.
To: Food
From: Me
Zuzanna Aug 2018
An idiot's insides deserve a checkup
The doctor's baffled, the patients rise up
They huddle close and gasp quite loud
Inside his head there's a little cloud
A puff of smoke dances around
And quickly sinks to the white tiled ground
Is it escaping? But God, where to?
Should we be chasing? Oh God, what do?
The doctor shouts, the patients cry
The idiot can't help but release a sigh
His happy thoughts and simple dreams
Have gone up with smoke so it sadly seems
Just God forbid they give him a brain
Everyone knows that it causes so much pain
Just let him rest, just let him think
Of happy clouds and candy that's pink
Im an idiot can't you tell?
tm May 2018
Life, to me, appears meaningless
And I am still stuck
In the same place I was
In the same person I was
Life, to me, appears meaningless
But I cannot stop wondering,
If it will get better

em pleh
polka Mar 2018
The truth brings you a pain I don't wish for you to suffer;
Lie to me and tell me I'm beautiful, for I will readily accept it.
nobody Feb 2018
out here there is no horizon
out here there is liquid night
lonely with the ancient order
we grow slow and heavy
slip into a sharp wicked coma
see a flash of stellar illusions
as you lie paralyzed in the ashes of
the American dream

only when we surrender to the universe, everything
is alive
only when we release control, the new moon
sculpts a prismatic midnight
with deranged children tucked in rich lavender beds
mend their perception with a fragment
of submission
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