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Zack Ripley Jul 2019
you say the cost of living keeps rising so people keep dying.
if that's true, then why should we bother trying?
growing up in small town usa,
the only opportunities for work are dangerous
and offer very little pay.
if you dont have thick skin,
you won't be able to make it through the day.
I need you to say that you believe I have a choice.
that you think people will listen to what i have to say
if i raise my voice.
I don't want to leave, but i know i can't stay.
if i want a chance to live, i'll need to live life my way
Glenn Currier Dec 2018
“It is our function as artists to make the spectator see the world our way not his.”   - Mark Rothko

From where does this doubt in my poetself come?
A neglectful or ignorant adult
or my alienated teenage years?
A therapist could better declare
all the stuff from my past that impaired
my image, security or sense of self
find the dark corners in my mental health.
So I’ll leave it to all the shrinks
to discover why I think what I think.

Why so reluctant to publish a book
or collection of my work
make a website known far and wide?
I still don’t know what that’s about
but I hate the damnable doubt
in my poetic abilities and skill
and loathe my comparisons to the greats
getting even close seems so uphill.

But that Rothko quote makes sense.
It frees me
and lets ME be.

I’m not forcing anyone to do anything my way
but when others read a poem of mine
they are invited into my mind
to take a piece of my heart
and see my world that moment of that day.
There is no force involved
it was their choice to read
and I’m grateful they took the time
to linger with my verse or rhyme.

I love that old Sinatra song My Way
it might have had a self-centered air,
but it was a courageous thing to declare.

I also give thanks for those brave enough
to post their poems in public
to reveal to strangers and self-disclose.
It IS like taking off your clothes
to let us see what’s underneath
and I thank the gods that be
for a momentary journey into those worlds
to try on the artist’s priceless pearls.
Mister J Feb 2018
Its always been the same old story everyday,
The looping routine like movie scenes on replay,
Everything feels bland, dull and uninteresting,
God, I just wish for a change so thrilling.

It's always the same mistake
In every second, every minute actions I make
Everything has been controlled by anxiety
I wondered, when will my fears vanish and make things confidently.

This solitary life is a mess I want to flee
To leave it all behind, someone please take me
I'm left standing at a crossroads, waiting for that twist
Regardless of how long, for someone I don't want to miss

But seems I was blinded coz I can't see the light,
Or was I just looking for someone without noticing my might?
Standing in the rainy plains where the sky is gloom,
While hoping for someone to reach my hand in a place where I could be doomed

I hope to find you soon, pull you out of that dreaded fate
I'll be the one to quench your thirst, I hope I'm not too late
Someday we'll be together proud shouting each others names
And feels euphoria that we found each other in flames
So we tried to make it short
Its about two people waiting for each other to come into their lives.

Thanks for reading our work! :)

MJS Dec 2017
I remove my emotions, shut down my heart.
No longer allow life to trouble me because that’s how it all starts.


Anxiety grips and takes control pulling everything down into this tiny black hole.
No use fighting just go with the flow.
You will rise again and go on with the show...


I place myself in this cage to preserve my life. From the outside I appear cruel and riddled with strife.


I fight this battle every day.
My fight, my rules...
I will always find a way to win...

My cage is my way....
Ross J Porter Nov 2012
I live my life. I don't live yours.
I choose my set and dress my doors.
You'll disagree and share your thought.
You'll preach perhaps 'bout what I aught.

I'm glad you dare! I'll lend my ear
In hopes you'll share a new idea.
But if old rote truths are all you have,
I know them cold, don't waste your salve.

If that's the case, please save your breath.
Give me my stage, I'll play Macbeth.
Embrace your way? Perhaps I will.
Come truth what may but not until.
In some parts of the US "idea" (pronounced: i-deer) does indeed rhyme with ear.
defeats me
you own me
no free will
you are my way
Ambika Jois Nov 2015
It's where I'm meant to be,
But you're standing in my way.
You're not a harmful subject,
Yet you're not asking me to stay.

It's where I'm meant to be,
My heart said it's the only way.
You're standing before me,
Turning my mind into your clay.

It's where I'm meant to be,
I thought my final signs were screaming.
At me, of course, who else?
You're standing there listening and watching.

It's where I'm meant to be,
I thought God finally heard my call.
My call to Him was not for you, but for a path,
The one you're still standing in strong and tall.

It's where I'm meant to be,
For how much more must I pray?
You're still my growing obstacle,
Hey Ganesh, lost options for games to play?

It's where I'm meant to be,
I call the place my mother, my home.
You're there standing like a sacred idol,
Hey Ganesh, please make your message to me, more known.
morgan kearsey Feb 2015
If the world
Went my way
I would be 25 and
Fresh out of college.
Three dogs
Back home in a
Two bedroom apartment
Furnished with the
Comforts of home and
The future.

If the world
Went my way
I would wear
ripped jeans and
Flannels and black
Nail polish
And i would smile--
I would earn
my own money
And buy
my own things
Go out
Every weekend
and take
pictures of everything.
I would
go on a roadtrip
enjoy the sights
and smells
and feelings.
And i would love
Everyone I’d meet
And laugh
And cry without

If the world
went my way
I would
Be a volunteer
Learn how to cook like a pro
Watch tv all day
Eat strange foods
And try my best
to try everything.

I would travel and
Gain experience
Learn a new language
or three
and maybe even
become religious.

If the world
went my way
I would have done all
this by now.
If the world
went my way
i wouldn’t have to deal with
****** people
and pop music.
If the world
went my way
I would be jamming to
punk rock
on my way to Rome
smiling at
everyone involved
and loving
every second of it.
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