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We had a argument

I don’t even know why
Or how it started but
I began to cry
Uncontrollably and
You didn’t
Understand why
But in the past
Arguments like that
Would end in fist fights
And cruel words
So when you didn’t
Lash out at me
I couldn’t

Or that kind of love
Like I’m home
Somewhere I’ve
Never been
But somewhere
I somehow know
Joanna Alexandre Dec 2020
I used to want a lover to write a love poem about me

So this is a love poem for me, by me

I make my bed every morning, because it’s the first place I think about being after a long day
And sometimes I lay out pyjamas and face masks in case things don’t go so okay
I drink coffee on my own and enjoy exploring new sites and cities alone
I smile when I lock eyes with strangers and aren’t afraid to strike up conversations
I go swimming in the ocean alone, it’s the only way I truly feel the energy in my bones
I finish hot showers with a blast of cold water and smile when I see fathers and daughters
I think love is perplexing and don’t trust easy
But rest easy knowing I’m right here if I ever need me
Joanna Alexandre Aug 2020
And stare out the window at all the trees
And I didn’t wonder how the leaves
Were such a deep, rich shade of green
I was just grateful that they could be seen

And that’s when I knew
I should drop my science class
And do English literature instead
Joanna Alexandre Aug 2020
If I could be with you
Just one more time
I wonder if I would see
The pain in your eyes
And if you were here
For just one more night
I wonder if you would
Recognise the love in mine
And I wonder if you were here
For just one more minute
Could we have stopped you
Could it have turned out different
Joanna Alexandre Aug 2020
A soulmate
is all the parts of you
You thought
you hated
They show up
and challenge
Who you thought
you were
And show you
who you can be
With a bit of love
and a whole
Lot of natural,
loving energy.
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