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Sub Rosa Aug 2017
i'm wearing your gold on my finger, it shines
in the light of your sun as you linger in mine
sharing a space that is no space at all
and the sunset would reason 'too early for fall'
i kiss and i whisper to someone in dreams
I don't know them but they know me, it seems
fear of a wandering tongue that speaks
and breaks the vows we vow to keep
I disavow,
now weep.
i wonder and wander with only my dreams - i am still a sold woman
Sub Rosa Mar 2017
in form it doesn't seem to seem
but do we know who it could be
I see me
just me
but you
oh standing closer to the sea
window open over the settee
formal fuss of the in the know
oh do you know
how we all live when one
does go?
Sub Rosa Nov 2016
I passed alone in room of white
they didn't hear.

I pass along beside myself
but didn't see
the mirror.
Sub Rosa Aug 2016
she wore dotted patterns
draped over the bare of her dotted arms
a frill in the hem was the purity
the white sheet sheilding dotted skin
a bright virginal white against
her hair.
it tickled her waist
where rivers threaded seams
pulled taught against freckled hips
****** chasms from the strangulation
of the chaste garments
rivers where she was bathed as a girl
as a virginal sapling
now full and weeping under layer after layer after suffocating layer
of linens
to keep dotted skin from breathing.
Sub Rosa Aug 2016
I'm circling the foyer and kicking up dust
I don't feel sound
I don't hear solitude
Stop drinking
Stop wasting moments on thoughts on never drawing conclusions
I'm corrosive
When will you finally settle down?  be still and
Who is speaking?
I'm fumbling with the light and Slilping out the door
Is it morning yet?
Keep drinking and I'll let you go
Not missed
A dust cloud follows and
You're wasting no more time
Running from that crooked shadow you carry on behind.
Sub Rosa Jul 2016
from a corrosive cloud
i was
a solo interlude in the quiet
where i am liberated
but still so full of sound
Sub Rosa Apr 2016
i used to wonder what those lights were in the sky
i never knew stars
before i saw your eyes
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