it feels like i have nothing left inside me
it feels like i have lost all the closest people i have
the only people i had
and right now
i am alone
and i am scared

my room is full of violence
i hear the angry hateful words ringing in my ears
they enter my room and i cannot stop them
these words come from my own mother
when i am 15, i tell myself, i will speak up
when i am 16, i tell myself, i will stand up to her
when i am 18, i tell myself, i will fight back
but i cannot
i am trapped
her words have given me anxiety
her words have given me insecurity
her words have given me self consciousness
her words have given me anger
when i was 8 i vowed to never be like my mother
my worst fear is to be like her
i do not want anyone to feel so trapped as i am in my own home

meant to like you
meant to love you
meant to treat you kindly
meant to respect you
meant to honor you
meant to support you
meant to be there for you
meant to kiss you when you're sad
meant to text you :) when you're alone
meant to call you when they miss you
meant to give you hope
meant to push you to your dreams
meant to love you

even when they don't understand

i do not understand
the male gender
one minute they offer you a ride home
the next minute
they repeatedly are throwing paper at your face
they boss you around
yet when you try to tell them what to do
they are insulted
instinctively refuse
yet i am still surprised when they do listen to me
without a word
do you like me?
do you even care about my existence?
or do you just want to play with me like a toy?

no. i am not a toy
Nicole Eden Jul 13

i feel safe here
the words pour out of my body instead of tears
i read other people's words
i feel safe
because i know i am heard
we all want to be heard

i hear you
Nicole Eden Jul 13

the tears cannot be hidden any longer
narrow streams drip down my cheeks
i hate this feeling
i hate feelings
i long for happiness
why do i let my heart and mind get the best of me
i don't deserve this
my face is buried in the sheets
smothered by a pillow
desperate to hide the sobbing
i don't know who to turn to
where to run
where to hide
i know i can't be the only one
but why does it feel like i am?

Nicole Eden Jul 12

it is a miracle
how you take my stormy clouds
and shine a           r a i n b o w

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