Nicole Eden Aug 31

2075, what a year to be alive
From a past without wisdom, born into a world with no truth
Our Youth are still deranged
Life hasn't changed, but hasn't stayed the same
The world seems lame, yet somehow still entertains
Not bound by chains, in a world without pain, who could complain?
The sun shines, a baby cries
The world doesn't seem that different from 2055.
Merged with AI, a world of knowledge money can’t buy
No longer a need to try, to dream is to succeed
Worry is no longer needed, death is a memory long forgotten
The world is rotten, out of reasons to live anymore
Is 2075 really the world we dreamed of before?

this was written by a friend but i wanted to share it with you guys and see what you thought

Sometimes you meet a once
in a life time person,
and your paths will only
cross once,
like an eclipse.
But it will be the most
beautiful moment of your
And the whole world will stop
and look in awe,
like the moon crossing
over the sun for just a quick moment.

Nicole Eden Aug 22

this is my last week of summer
5 more days
until freedom
also known as college
i am counting down the hours
i have nothing better to do

this is my last week of summer
4 more days
until i start a new life
i am counting down the minutes
i have no one to talk to

this is my last week of summer
4 more days
until i become a better me
i am counting down the seconds
i have no one to hang out with

this is my last week of summer
it is the opposite of last summer
i am alone
i am okay
but these feelings are new
they scare me

i need my new chapter to start
  Aug 21 Nicole Eden
Lola Reyes

I walk in
I hope to find you
I hope to see those pearly whites
That brought a big wide grin to my face

Dear white chocolate mocha
Where are you
I am looking for you
Are you looking for me..?

I listen to a man, that goes by the name sheeran
When he sings it echoes in my ear
It’s like an anthem,
So sweet that the goddess of love can surely drink to

Dear white mocha,
I want to know your secrets
I want to watch the stars glow at night

White mocha most of all
I want to know what it’s like to fall and have you catch me
I want you to be my friend

Mocha I want to be able to be in sync
Instead of two
Can our souls intertwined to be one?

Dear white chocolate mocha do you know how to fix a broken girl ?

It only seems like yesterday,
When I look at the camera and took this selfie
The waves rush up against our feet,
everything seem to be complete and carefree,
Tonight I ponder, I hold onto the memories

This is not a goodbye poem, this is a memorable piece
Accepting loneliness without judging;
Accepting failure without, feeling humiliated
I can smell the sea air;
I can taste the salt in my tears tonight

Everyone smiles in the same language
Not everyone hurts the same way

your breath is sweet and tender
like rain upon my skin
your eyes carve out a river
that flows from the ocean within

with every kiss you draw up
another dewdrop of desire
I'm so afraid I'll wake up
And have to live without your fire

your fingers taste my
brittle flesh
your movements speak of
life and death
I've lost you somehow
in the fading stars
but you're still with me
in my healing scars

Nicole Eden Aug 19

curl up with me please
tell me i am worth something
but that is not life

tears stain the pillow
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