I'm tired and always cold
Almost finished a family size box of Cheerios...food comas.
Lack of motivation because it's so gloomy and cold outside.
So, it seems like a better idea to stay in my warm solitude, rather than being productive and having a life.
But this too shall pass shortly,
It's just depression seasonally.

your words toy with the strings of my heart
your smile dilates my eyes until they are no longer brown
your hugs give me a feeling of safety that cannot be matched
there is no brighter moment than when you walk into the room

i walk by and read the mind of the girl you also smile with
i am not the only girl mesmerized by your bright colored hair
your laughter and gaiety causes every eye to turn on you
and once they do, they cannot look away

instead, each girl stares at the other in fierce competition
to figure out the thoughts of desperate minds and fearful hearts
yet each one longs to be the other in that moment
to be laughing in the eyes of a boy with bright colored hair

my legs are crossed but my palms are open
as i sit between you two
you poke me and play with my hair
while you tease me and make fun of my glare
i lay eyes on each of you but you match my stare

and yet my eyes still linger on your brightly colored hair
your laugh that billows in the air
i cannot help but reach my hand out and touch you
for the 25th time
i know you may never feel the way i feel
or understand the way i understand you
but there is not a moment that goes by where i do not wish to be
the cup of coffee that you hold or
to wear that sweatshirt that protects you from the cold
or the wind that gently touches upon your lips

i go long periods of time without the sight of you and
my mind is able to forget
the way you mesmerize me with your brightly colored hair
but you always return and i am always overjoyed to face you once again
and every time i ask myself what is it about you that makes me so connected
why do i feel so drawn to you, so understood by you in our shared moments of few words
or the way your eyes light up when you hear your favorite song being played
how you tell me you wish you could sing better
and i whisper under the melody - do not let fear interfere with your passions
and i could listen to your raspy voice for hours as long as i could smell the captivating collision created by your cologne and clothing

Nicole Eden Oct 23

my hands stretch toward you
your promise pours down on me
a new miracle

  Oct 1 Nicole Eden

Im fragile,
My heart is to the sky.
I am open, alive, and exposed in the night.
The world is bright, the sun is out
But I am hurt so I will shout
A cry
Of distress
In a bright yellow dress.
I sing a song of defeat
With a crowd before me
Who applauds for the melody,
I need a remedy.

I dont remember what I came here for
My heart is deaf from the sound of

Sometimes you meet a once
in a life time person,
and your paths will only
cross once,
like an eclipse.
But it will be the most
beautiful moment of your
And the whole world will stop
and look in awe,
like the moon crossing
over the sun for just a quick moment.

Nicole Eden Aug 22

this is my last week of summer
5 more days
until freedom
also known as college
i am counting down the hours
i have nothing better to do

this is my last week of summer
4 more days
until i start a new life
i am counting down the minutes
i have no one to talk to

this is my last week of summer
4 more days
until i become a better me
i am counting down the seconds
i have no one to hang out with

this is my last week of summer
it is the opposite of last summer
i am alone
i am okay
but these feelings are new
they scare me

i need my new chapter to start
  Aug 21 Nicole Eden
Lola Reyes

I walk in
I hope to find you
I hope to see those pearly whites
That brought a big wide grin to my face

Dear white chocolate mocha
Where are you
I am looking for you
Are you looking for me..?

I listen to a man, that goes by the name sheeran
When he sings it echoes in my ear
It’s like an anthem,
So sweet that the goddess of love can surely drink to

Dear white mocha,
I want to know your secrets
I want to watch the stars glow at night

White mocha most of all
I want to know what it’s like to fall and have you catch me
I want you to be my friend

Mocha I want to be able to be in sync
Instead of two
Can our souls intertwined to be one?

Dear white chocolate mocha do you know how to fix a broken girl ?

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