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Tabitha Sep 2017
Knock Knock. Who's there? Anyone I know
behind that stare?
Knock knock. Well then? Still the same as it's ever been.
Knock Knock. Go away. Rather be by myself today.
Knock Knock. Still here. Get so lonesome if you're not near.
Knock Knock. Don't crowd. You've no reason to act so proud.
Knock Knock. You're nuts. You don't love me, and I hate your guts.
Knock Knock. Poor child. Get like this every once in awhile.
Knock Knock. **** it let me in! Any idea how long it's been?
Knock Knock. Not true. You know I love every bit of you.
Knock Knock. Don't say. Where were you all those other days?
Knock Knock. Chill out. You don't know what you're talking about.
Knock Knock. Me chill? I can't even understand you, you're yelling so loud!
Knock Knock. You're blind. Why, because I let you do this every time?
Knock Knock. Time out! I'm not doing this again! Do you even know what were fighting about?
Knock Knock. Why does everything always gotta be about you?
Ding ****. It's too late, I found somebody new...
When I wrote this awhile back, I was going through this miscommunication type deal with my other half at the time. Going back and fourth. Always trying to get his attention, yet always getting turned away.
Marco Benitez Mar 2018
A fine night
Or so you thought

The moon decided to hide today
And even though not much on the ground is visible,
There is a showcase of stars in the sky.

You are sitting in your room
Looking out the window
Admiring the display of lights,

In the middle of your peace

You hear the echo of an intruder

The sound of someone demanding to get in

A knock

Could it be?
This late in the night?
Who would be brave enough?
Who would be willing to leave their residences, an hour past midnight, in order to get to you?

Maybe you just imagined it
Maybe the sound was nothing but a phantom of your imagination.

You decide to ignore it
And you resume your imagination
You let it pull you closer to the stars
Your whole existence revolves around the beauty of nature

Knock Knock

It pulls you back to reality
You start to realize
Someone's outside
Someone whats to get in
And you ignored them.

Knock Knock

But who?
Your mind lacks the creativity to think
To think of the reason
Or the identity
Of the living soul standing at your door

Knock Knock

You try looking out the window
Maybe a look at their face might turn the gears in your head
But the web of constellations only light the sky
And the ground remains blind

Knock Knock Knock

What a stubborn being!
Can't it have a bit of patience?
What could possibly be so urgent?
What could he possibly have to discuss at this hour?

Knock Knock Knock Knock

You leave your window
And march down the stairs
This being could not possibly be related to you


You finally reach the door and touch the ****

A thought strikes your mind
As sudden and powerful as when a firework reaches the sky

There was only one answer
Only one reason behind the why
Only one exception for peace in this marvelous night

This being was being chased
This person was trying to hide
This creature was in danger

It was asking for your attention
It was asking for your help

Was it too late?
Had the lonely soul left?


It was still there!


There was still hope


There is no time to waste


Your hand wraps around the handle of your door
Full of impatience
You pull open the door to the entrance of your house

You let the darkness embrace your entrance

The silhouette of the beast in the distance

And unfortunately

You don't manage to see the face of the thing your just salvaged

Because the bullet was quicker than your eyes.
Ember Evanescent Oct 2014
Knock knock
Who's there
Forget it I won't let anyone in
Knock knock
Who's there
What if their words are poison
Knock knock
Who's there
Better let them pass my door
Knock knock
Who's there
Who knows how long they'll stay
Knock knock
Who's there
What if they stay forever
Knock knock
Who's there
Or worse what If they leave
Knock knock
Who's there
I can't take a chance!
Knock knock
Who's there
I don't open the door to strangers
Knock knock
Who's there
What if things don't turn out right?!
...I never open my door.

Repost if you can relate

I love to read interpretations of my poetry so please comment!!!
I love to read interpretations of my poetry so please comment!!!

Repost if you can relate
Ashley Lopez Aug 2014
                        "Knock knock"
                           Who's there?
                         "Knock knock"
                           Who's there?
                         "Knock knock"
           Hello? Is anyone really there?

I open the door where the mysterious knocks came from
To enter a room full of mirrors
Reflecting a girl who has her finger on the trigger.  

                       "Knock knock"
                           Who's there?
                        "Knock knock"
                           Who's there?
                         "Knock knock"
          Hello? Is anyone really there?

She stares at her reflection and asks, "Is anyone there?"
The voices inside whisper "NO"  
As if she already didn't know what this implied.

                       "Knock knock"
                           Who's there?
                        "Knock knock"
                           Who's there?
                         "Knock knock"
                         No one's there.

Just before the trigger went boom
The girl just stared.
Blank eyes and pale lips as she said with gloom,
"No one's really here."
Kind of messy I know. Just had to get it on paper.
Sharina Saad Sep 2015
Knock! Knock!
Anybody home?
Knock! Knock!
Hey I am home
A silent whisper
of the wind...
A grave silent from within...
Knock! Knock! again
No answer
Knock! Knock!  a hundred times
Just a long complete silence...
A second later...
A hand written note
Pushed under the door
An unsigned warning letter
Please walk away
Please do not stay
How could you leave us
just like that
How could you show up
and dare knock on that door again
Do not Knock Knock anymore
Just leave us alone
We wont be missing
that knock knock
on that very door ever again!
good bye forever
Nysa Jul 2018
Someone is at the door!
Coming for the door!
Wait at the door!
Opening the door.
Opened the door.
Who was at the door?!
Closing the door!
Seazy Inkwell Jun 2017
Knock knock.
-Who’s there?
-Me who?
Me whose country is at war.
-Go away.

Knock knock.
-Who’s there?
-Me who?
Me whose family drowned.
-Go away.

Knock knock,
-Who’s there?
-Me who?
Me who is homeless in this country.
-Go away.

Knock knock.
-Who's there?
-Me who?
Me who became a refugee. /Listen you need to help me I have nowhere to go no one to turn to I hardly speak this language and other countries are starting wars in my homeland so I cannot go home. Please I beg of you.
-Shut up and go away.
I have nowhere to go.

Knock knock.
-For the grace of God you are getting on my nerves! Go Away!

Knock knock.
-Is that you again?
No it's he.
-He who?
He who is a terrorist outside your doorstep.
Knock knock goes the ego
as I sit floating in a calm sea of being
knock knock again; I remain in the chair
“Ignore it” says the voice of inner knowing
quiet whispers, quiet whispers.

Knock knock again insistent is this ego
wanting to come in, join the party
Louder still and the door vibrates
oh to shut it up
this banging this intrusion in my life.

A pause and silence is restored
I regain my equilibrium, feel calm again
a mellowing acceptance in this room of old age
laugh lines on the ceiling, evermore threadbare
windows to the soul misty, dust laden.

Walls less sturdy than before
the room cluttered with memories
some easier to find than others
in the boxes of the past
piled high one on top of the other.

Knock knock again the sound fills the room
stubborn, urgent ego sounds, anxious to be heard
Let me in, I want to be heard, I must be heard
Walk to the door, and reach for the handle
No says the spirit, no says the soul
Leave it, keep the door closed.
Open Up calls the Ego, knocking knocking
spirit says closed, do not answer.

I am trapped, pulled in two
voices in my head, open, close, open, close
knocking, knocking
where to go, where to go
surely there must be another door
for me here.
Knock knock, “May I come in?”
and the door of death creaks, begins to open
welcoming, welcoming.

Malcolm Davidson March 14th 2014
Harold r Hunt Sr Aug 2014
Knock knock
Knock on the door I do hear.
Knock Knock who could be there
I'm not ready to be a host.
I just wonder could it be a ghost.
I go to the door, but no one is there.
Now should I be scared.
Knock knock i hear again
Where is it coming from i do dispose
I hear it but don't see it.
Knock  knock  goes the rocking chair.
Michael Apr 2021
The Knock-Knock Man.
I'm the Knock-Knock Man.
When you're upset I can lend a hand,
cause the Knock-Knock Man is who I am.

When your luck's gone down,
and got you feelin' blue,
I'll say "Knock-Knock."
and you say, "Who?"
You'll get the joke once you understand,
no one ever laugh's with the
Knock-Knock Man.
An ode to bad knock-knock jokes.
Purple Rain Dec 2015
Knock knock on your door
knocked a thousand times or more
I hope for your knock in return
Just one knock
That's what I pray
Each and every night
Hoping you'll stay
Knock knock on the door
Knowing someone's home
On the other side
I'm not mad or out of my mind
Im just hoping you'll be mine

So knock knock on the door
I'm scared to turn the ****
I'm afraid I'll be turned away
By the sternness of your voice
In the color of anger through your skin
And the words of
"You're not wanted in"
So on the other side of the door I stay
Praying before my love life decays
I knock once more
with no answer in return
The Good Pussy Oct 2014
                             knock! Who's
                            there?    Anita!
              ­            Anita who? Anita
                            **** inside me.
                            Knock knock  !
                            Who's  there   ?
                            Do  U  want   2  
                            Cds ?    Do  you
                            want 2Cds who?
                            Do U want 2  C
                            D  nutz ? Knock
                            knock !   Who's
                            there?   Dewey.
              Dewey    who?      Do we have
            to use a ******? Knock   knock!
              Who's   there?      (****   voice)
                Who would U      like it to be?
Max Evans Mar 2014
I am sick of writing sad poems.
I want to write a happy poem.
My only problem is,
I don’t know how to.

I mean,
if I were funny it would be one thing,
but my humor consists of bad puns knock knock jokes.
Knock knocking on the inside of my brain wanting to push a smile onto your faces but the only look I get back is confusion because I can never seem to get my tongue to work in times of...
In times when a belly laugh would come from their abdomen and satisfy my hunger for becoming a comical genius.

Heres a joke for you.

Knock Knock.

“Who’s there?”


“Orange who?”

Knock knock.

“Who’s there?”


“Orange who?”

Orange you glad I didn’t finish my joke?
I keep my tongue dormant so the punchline doesn’t come out wrong,
to save myself from the embarrassment of being an idiot.
I’ll laugh it off,
but n my head I hear myself say.
“Max, what the hell was that?”
Listen, brain, I know I’m not funny,

I get my humor from either my dad or the internet,
and even then,
Tuna fish and pianos,
Oranges, apples, any kind of fruit really,
couldn’t even save me.

Three men walk into a bar.
I don’t know how they didn’t see it but that isn’t my problem,
my problem is that I am not funny, or a cool pal to hang out with.
In all honesty,
I’m pretty much a stick in the mud that wears hoodie sweatshirts every day.

So the next time I come knock knocking,
I advise you to shut the door.
this is my first happy poem kinda yay
Cheyanne Hopkins Aug 2018
The stuck together fragments of my body tap against each other
Making a beat that fills my ears, why can no one else hear it?
They click and clack and clap and ding and knock

click, clap, click,
clack, click,
Knock, knock, knock

Whose at the door now?
The noises fill my ears and my brain
and it is hard to think
hard to focus
hard to calm down because the noise never stops
and then it calm
and the world is quiet and look around a dark room and I can focus

click, click,
ding, knock, clap, knock,
ding, click.

why won't the noise stop
just leave me alone

click, clap, knock,
click, ding.

I just wanna sleep
please just be quiet for a while

click, clack, knock,
ding, knock,

I'm going insane
just stop
I'm always on the verge of tears
the dam ready to break at any second

click, clack, ding, clap,

Brent Kincaid Jul 2015
I tell you, he was elsewhere
While you were somewhere
And I was nowhere at all.
He didn’t stop to call you;
Your hysteria was all you,
And I wasn’t involved at all.

I was standing next to you
When he didn’t text you.
And you sorta lost your mind.
I didn’t neener neener you,
Though I really wanted to;
That would not have been kind.

Knock, knock,
Hello, hello!
Is there anybody in there?
Do you hear or do you care?
Knock, knock,
Hello, hello!
Get on and ride along with us.
Quit making such a silly fuss.

You have missed a cog or two
On your bicycle built for two
That he didn’t want to ride.
I hinted and I joked about it
We even smoked about it
But you couldn’t let it all slide.

So, now you are just tragic
The victim of black magic
And your sadness is legendary.
But, I’m here to remind you
He didn’t even know you.
The entire thing was imaginary.

Knock, knock,
Hello, hello!
Is there anybody in there?
Do you hear or do you care?
Knock, knock,
Hello, hello!
Get on and ride along with us.
Quit making such a silly fuss.
Alanis Smith Apr 2018
Home alone in silence,
Then a noise from the door,
Knock Knock...
I won't answer,
There's nobody there,
Knock Knock...
I know it's just in my mind,
Knock Knock...
Maybe there is somebody,
Knock Knock...
I'll just go and see,
Something's calling me,
It wants me to open the door,
A final Knock...
I know who it is,
The door opens,
But something...
The demon that has consumed many,
The thing that nobody can see,
Because nobody is around to see it,
As I stand there,
Eyes now shut,
The demons mouth opens...
In silence once again,
Eyes slowly opening,
I shouldn't have opened the door,
My desire for company was too strong,
And now I've been absorbed,
Devoured by loneliness...
Didn't expect it to be this long, but oh well. :)
Knock Knock
Who am I?
Oh no one of consequence.
Have you heard of this new book?
It's all about life's silly lies.
Read it.

Knock Knock
Hey dude!
Don't remember me?
That's okay!
Wasn't that book amazing?
Don't you see how everything is wrong?
Here man, let's go escape our sad society.
Drink this.

Knock Knock
You *******' ****.
You can't remember me?
Good, You little ****!
What happened to all the money you owe?
Wasted it on more?
You better find something quick.
Or it'll be the last you see of this life!

Knock Knock
Don't you know who I am?
No, I was your friend.
Back when you were, well, you.
Here, take my hand.
Let's go find a safe place to live.

Knock Knock
Are you home?
I know you are in there you *******!
Where's my money? Huh?
Knock Knock
Answer me you ******!
I want my money!
You really left me you ****?
You left me all alone...
PoorLionNotKing Nov 2015
Knock Knock

Whose there?
I don't know
can you tell?

Knock Knock

Is it fair
that we grow
into who they sell?

Knock Knock

do you see me?
wondering at the start
won't you let me stay

Knock Knock

can you tell me
that our future heart
will be okay.
starchild Nov 2017
Knock knock
the time she asks whos there
knock knock
i put my fist at the door
knock knock
she answeres
i smile and cry
and i drop to the floor cause its a dream
and shes not there to catch me
so i cry
and on the floor i go knock knock
Roll over, it's in my dream
But I'm so comfortable
More, urgently
And I'm awake, again


Knock, knock
Not at the bedroom door, no
The window is empty
My night is brisk
No wilting lovers
Tapping stones off my pane


Knock, knock, knocking
Not from the attic,
No ghostly chains in the basement
Such horrors on the tube
Frantic now, stabbing tattoo on glass
Knocking, knocking, knocking
Then, in mid tap, it stops


It's abrupt, white knuckled
I search the house, room to room
My bat, seems small in my fists
Shadows seem to move
Just behind my back
I'm never quite fast enough
But I can hear them move

But nothing

Pulling the blankets up
Rolling over again
Not entirely sure,
But there is no one
Nothing near

I hear

Knock, knock

I'm up
Again, again
I can hear them now
Clearly, in the night
From the house
I drain, white

The **mirror
Jazleigh Walker Jan 2013
Mesmerizing eyes sparkling like the sun's reflection
As it glimmers in the sea on our romantic vacation
Knock, knock, there is no Prince Charming to greet
No extra money for my imagination to even flee
His intoxicating scent with undertones of this foreign land
Checking off more goals as I grasp his outstretched hand
Knock, knock the odor of tired feet has become normal
My list of dreams growing yet no checks to add to the journal
Tears in my family's eyes from so much joy and pride
That I can be the one to spoil them and provide
Knock, knock, my budget is much too tight
Fear too present for me to change my life
The dream so enticing and entrancing and sweet
No need to worry, I hear the hard knock, knock of reality
This is a bit choppy I notice but I hope that its still clear. Still working on making it flow.
Poetic T Jun 2015
As a head went against the door,
Then a noise akin to a squashed melon
As their were no more tapping,
As crimson seeped under the floor.
Through the eye hole, not like anything will
Be looking back,
I slowly look through this little portal,

"Eye spy with my little eye,

Really not the time to think of that,
I breath,
What it white?
Like piano keys, but with red tints,
Then pulls back, I see lips that are smiling forward.
I lunge back as a where eyes once spied,
A door splinter's, a thousand tooth picks litter the air.
I turn as I no what comes next,

"Run little piggy,
"Run as fast as you can,
"I'll peel you flesh while squeal and cry,
Beads of sweat pour from my brow,
I can hear it behind me
Don't look behind, don't look....

"O' ****, what the **** its dressed in a suit of white,

It laughs as it luges forward, lips curled
As if this was a demented game of kiss chase.
Dam fool not with that breath, here kiss this
As I grab a vase,

"I didn't like it anyway,

A jaw and flesh, like a stone ripples in a pond
It stalls for a moment, and smirks,
I have that saying from a Hanks film,
As I do in to a room I leave the door ajar,
Was that a mistake, as footsteps heard outside,
It treads closer, inquisitive to why not locked, shut
While I sit on a chair waiting inside,
The Door splinter as shards embed in the cheap wallpaper.

"Welcome white taker,
"Do you know that saying,
"A spider is ever patient ever waiting,
"For its dinner to entrap itself,

Well I have waited a long time do you know there are
things older than
Has a way of needing, and this time is to feed,
I could taste your essence from miles away,
Luring you with whispers in the wind,

"Didn't you wonder what urged you here,

As a fist flies forward, and a finger greets this enraged
Moment, thing of white, I smile as
With but a finger on corruption a fist does turn to ash,
Like butterflies it floats around the room.
I inhale consuming this nourishment, but more I must have.

"My time is now to feed,
"What were your words,

"Little Piggy,
"Little man in white,
"Your time is ending and ash you will become,

"I am not food for you,
I am darkness personified,
"I will not tremble in your presence,

And in a closed room, in a home nowhere special,
A scream of darkness* is heard enthralled in its demise
Butterflies of ash floated in the room,
Then they were gone, consumed in the blink of an eye.

"I do like these little games of chase and hunt,
"What to eat next a feathered friends,
"Or feast on a city of those children of dust,

A figure is seen walking out of that area with a
Toothpick in his mouth,
People swore that he Yawned as if a big meal ate,
Rubbing his belly,
And that a black  butterfly flew out,
Licked his lips and ate it??

"I have a hunger,
"Be hopeful that the urge never takes,
*"In those dwelling you call home.
Amaranthine Apr 2017
Knock Knock......Is there someone
Knock Knock......Can you hear me
Knock Knock.....Oh no one wants to open that door.
I guess I have to break it.
Whoever keeps his door locked all the time longs for it to be broken down.
So go for it .....
Alexis J Meighan Dec 2012
Knock knock
Who's there?
Mr. Harris who?

Mr. Harris whom lead women with elegance
Tied minds and hearts with verbal excrement
Pondered their looks as well as their flesh
Decided to touch which lead to a mess
For his brain and hands were shaky at best
Floundered around inside of their chest
Slicing and skinned the meat of the breast
The last thing they saw as they took their last breath
An extreme way to deal with life and its stress
Just a mad insane killer you couldn't reject.
Harris is the  man who is there at your door
Knock Knock! Who's there?  Not you any more.
Mr. Harris with blood on his shoes
Mr. Harass you that's who!

Behind close doors he was a cruel brute.
In the public view he smiled and spoke soft
Laid the trap with a simple hello.
Sprung it with a slash
Took his trophies and placed it in his stash
Tonight he stalk a petite country gal
A texan tone and expecting child
Brunette, fair skin and smile you could eat
Perky, quirky with dainty hands and feet
He sat in her car and stakeout her yard
Sneaked in her house while she bath and smelled her towels.
She was a standing appointment on his to do calendar
For 3 months he pondered how to handle her
Caress her flesh and kiss her toes
Asphyxiate! Hand over her mouth and pinch her nose.
Suckle her perfect breast, brush her hair with short strokes
Look into her wide eyes, face to face, then slit her throat
She passed him on the train and he became,
Paralyzed by her fragrance, almost ashamed.
It became obvious, now that her baby bump showed
He had to **** her fast before it grew any more
And like that 9pm drew near and on his table she appeared.
She begged for her life but he didn't care "please I'm pregnant" I said I don't care
He chose option one for his method of ******
Soft and polite until life ignored her.
Now all left to do is to savor the taste of her essence
Then into the river and on to the next lesson
She was Jessica.
-Mr H.-

This night his head ached, he sipped wine and ate
Clenched his brow and grunted and tried to concentrate
This night his heart ailed for a particular face
Some one he knew from a particular place
Blonde hair, tattooed skin and frequent bizarre encounters
A spunky one she was, always on an adventure
She constantly moved which made it a task to learn her
But he was persistent and eventually impaled her.
5 years he tracked her with laid roots just to leave again
He even befriended her friends. But nothing came through them
With every new home she kept, and new ink she bared.
He would be right there sharing her air.
A secret adoration, a crush, a unrequited love
He would scale walls to procure her safety and guard her till she was his alone.
Outside her window snapping photos and collecting her things
Setting coincidences and craving her limbs
He's sneaked in one night and restrained her to the bed
Counting her ink from her honey *** to the kissing undead.
Rubbing her hour glass and slicing through her haunted castle
Penetrating her clover and stabbing her dracula.
For she was his best creation.
He mourned as her flesh he torn
When it was all said and done every tattoo was massacred
Her body of work now a body of hurt
Bled out at the hands that knew her the most
From a distance so close from a distance so close
She was Bridgette
-Mr. H-

She was so much more than a craving
More than a friend.
Its by accident that she met her end.  
They shared a bed, shared a home, shared there love
Now they share his secrets, but not her tomb
She stumbled on his collection of trinkets
And he confessed all thinking their bond and life together would lead to an exception
Shame on him, as to his surprise she screamed and grabbed a weapon
"who are you" she yell and ran to the door.
He screamed in response "I don't know but don't go"
Frantic she struggled with the door lock
Panicked he hit her face with the cutting block
She fell
So did his heart down his throat
This was his partner, his lover, his other half
In every day before his reason for life, his only plan
No way to recover this act of passion so he finished the job.  
Crying and kissing her asian lips
Squeezing her neck till she was gone gone gone.
She was Jen
-Mr. H-

As he progressed and perfected his method
He broadened his pallet and obsessed on this venison
He heard her words sent men to their knees
Both in praise of her power and to lap at her Mahogany
She was clever and sharp like his finest cleaver
Voluminous in her cleavage, firm in her actions like a verb, Poison to her distractions
For him it was her words that overwhelmed his desires
Call to arms, yell to god,do my bidding and "I promise I'll be yours"
She wrote poems like he did, spoke truth like he do
Broke hearts like he could, and swept the world away like he should
He sent her a poem she accepted with joy
Blew her mind with crafts he assembled like schemes, plots, and ploys
She gave him a secret, he gave her a line
She confessed her emotions, he confessed a lie
She showed him her body, he shrugged and denied
She caved and gave more, he enslaved her with compliments, task and more endeavors
She wanted him so bad that for the first time she fell to her knees
He arose from his own. Succeed indeed
He gave her one night, yes one night
8 years of famine, for only one night
He kissed, massage, fingered and caressed
Demanded her mouth as he got undressed
His contact was of malice and encounter of a deranged mind
An anomaly of his needs, a poetic way to propel her demise
He entered her slow made her safe in his glow
Then with a wicked grin the nightmare did begin
He took control, pinned her down, put big things in small spaces
Made her a scream queen with no crown as he laughed and mocked her desperate faces
A little cut here and a little punch there he accepted her fear
On the night stand he had a special potion
A blend of deadly poison
Told her it would end once she breath no more
"Its your choice my dear" then made her scream some more
He took a break said he'll be back
Went to the kitchen to get a snack
"When I come back we'll start again"
Upon his return he gazed the beaten, ****** goddess
She drank her escape route, now she is lifeless
She was Kaylani
-Mr. H-
This is actually something I wrote for one of my close friends Justin Harris. His Birthday is on Xmas so I've been writing people stalker letters and death threats and signing them with his name and address.
Some may not see the humor in this but if you knew the dynamics of my friendship circles you would know that this is normal behavior for us.
Poetry by MAN Dec 2015
Knock,Knock at your door
I'm here today to give you more
Hard I come to the core
My in and out may leave you sore
Words I pile to make you smile
Magic moments we keep on file
Expression of thought done with style
Write poetry that rhymes I go that extra mile
Good vibrations sent out every day
Many are the reasons why I walk this way
Inner child comes out to play
Can't see the wind yet still the trees sway
Knock,Knock please let me in
In eye of the beholder lives the sin
Justice blind create the spin
On foundation of loss we build the win
No more doors..No more halls
Eliminate doubt bring down the walls
Take a stand pick up those who fall
Tap into greatness within us all.
Poetry by M.A.N 12-22-15 I'm going through drafts doing edits and posting before new year..
David R Apr 2021
knock, knock
who's there?
no answer
couldn't care

knock, knock
back again
door's still locked
on latch 'n chain

knock, knock
who's there?
open lock
trepid stare

i see a wave in the air
tugs a memory in my heart
an empty whisper, empty air,
i was of you, a part apart

once a soul within you lodged
it breathed, it dreamed, it felt, it prayed,
it cried with bitterness when you dislodged
G-d from your heart to stray in shade

so now at times i knock on door
but you're so blind, you see no more,
you keep the door shut so tight,
inside you're black, dark as night
Helen Apr 2015
Knock knock knock

There is no precedence
for a knock on the door
she’s busy cleaning
while staring at the floor

Knock knock knock*

It’s the insistence of the knock
that has her trembling
and she’s ready to give up
until she starts remembering

There is no one who would
knock upon the door
Her little army of Seven
would never leave her trembling
there is only one
who would want to settle the score

She peers beyond the curtain
and sees fruit
She is hungry, and just a little angry
her army of Seven
are mighty
but they are miners
and she needs to eat
and the apple merchant
is elderly
with a smile
there is no fear
of a brute

Her mouth waters
for a taste of fruit

She opens the door
and reaches forward
“Just one taste”

The merchant is eager
to hand over the apple
“That is all it takes”

"But first and foremost
be warned...
A prince may, or may not
Bite the apple
you are the one to decide
Sate your hunger now
or wait!
Eat, or don’t eat
Let your decision be
your demise"

Snow White is hungry
and angry
that the little men
don’t provide
and she’ll bite the apple
holding onto the hope
that her decision
is the one
that will provoke her prince
to ride
to her side

But it was otherwise known
that her prince was thus occupied
by a ***** *****
and he didn’t feel the rip
in the fabric of time

Snow White collapses
clutching the apple
in her hand
representing all her hopes
and dreams
the years trickle away
like sand

It’s apparent that all
that she had left
to watch over her
was a small figure
that if she could see
would make her run
more than a mile

But for the apple
clutched in her fist

Poor old Grumpy
might crack a smile
September 11 2011
Adam M Snow Apr 2014
The Doorway (Revelation 3:20)
Written by Adam M. Snow

Here I stand,
your doorway's closed;
I cannot move beyond the door.
I'm waiting here
for your reply,
knocking on your door, is I.

Can you hear me -
knock, knock knocking,
waiting here by your door?
Will you open, let me in?
Am I not your friend?
Here I stand,
your door is closed;
I cannot enter.
Will you answer the door for me?

Can you hear me -
knock, knock knocking?
Will you kindly let me in?
Here I stand,
waiting here.
Knocking on your door,
I stand here.
Your door is closed.
Will you open, answer me?

Here I stand -
knock, knock knocking.
Can you hear me -
knock, knocking at your door?
I stand here
at your doorway;
Will you answer
- open door for me?

I am your friend.
I am waiting,
waiting at your doorway.
I am here, knocking,
knocking at your door.

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me." - Revelation 3:20 NKJV
Nylee Aug 2020
Be ready to be locked outside
I am scared of all things that are happening
I keep all the doors and windows closed
I'd rather be alone inside
please do not knock

knock, knock
who is there?
AJ Enemie Oct 2011
The world
Knock knock
The economy
**** ***** up
I say
Knock knock knock

The girl's made of glass
Her world's made of twigs
When you knock-knocked
The damage that it did

She doesn't like the Kit-Kat
She doesn't like your cat
She doesn't like the government,
the business, the school, the tax
She has a few cute things she likes
She likes herself sometimes
But a little girl with crazy views
Like her
Will die


— The End —