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Ashley Lopez Oct 2019
I can still feel the numbness entering my bloodstream,
And my stomach wringing once reality’s claws ripped into me.  
My chest flooded with an emptiness I’d hoped to never come to know,
An emptiness as heavy as the heavens right before a storm.
Resistance would be futile, so I began to let myself drift,
Hoping that by doing so I would somehow cease to exist.
I wanted to scream and shout, but only silence rung in my ears.
Waves of loneliness crashed over me as you confirmed my deepest fear.

Hook, line, and sinker, I fell for your sweet deceit.
I should have recognized the changes, so subtle and discrete.
You can love someone deeply,
You can trust someone implicitly,
but truly knowing them is never a guarantee.
First poem in a while. Feedback super welcome!
Ashley Lopez Mar 2015
My soft moans are the lullabies that put your inhibitions to bed,
And awaken the thoughts that awaken your head.
Our bodies speak stories a thousand years old
Of lovers speaking with tongues without control
Of beginnings enticing enough to lead us to sin
Of endings explosive enough to make us begin again.
  Feb 2015 Ashley Lopez
There is a hell
Beyond your worst
A place where living
Becomes a curse

A restless feeling
Trapped within your gut
When you know your time
Is almost up

Passion dies
In the fear of night
There's no comfort
In the struggle for life

The heart sinks
The mind slips
Even the hand
Can hardly grip

The darkest day of my soul
Shines compared to this lowest low.
Traveler Tim
Re-posted to Dec 13-2016
  Feb 2015 Ashley Lopez
Nathan Pival
It's okay
To take a moment
And remind yourself

Pull  yourself together
Wipe those tears up
Stand up
Start fighting back

We've all had our heart broken
Remind yourself about what is beautiful

It's always better than it seems
Most of the time

Be too stubborn
Never give up
  Dec 2014 Ashley Lopez
Devon Webb
I keep
forgetting to
forget you,
neglecting to
regret you.
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