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Burrowing further
Shattering a path of rubble
Darkness lurks
Calm storms bring trouble
Escapism prevails
Tearing truth apart
Slithering disguised
Venom floods the heart
Stifled into shadow
Creeping across the floor
Drown amongst the rubble
Arresting inward evermore
Trouble brews these wicked nights
Dark gazes pierce the facade
Hunger tells us to rip each other apart
Ravenous and devoid of heart

Crippled minds run this show
Beating down your soul
Chopping off your limbs
Culling out hope with a snip and trim

Can't catch what never leaves a trace
Demons can't walk among us
For the fate of our grubby hands
Lies within our festering palms
Hatred flows like a mountains melted snow
Cascading against these stones
And ripping apart all my bones

Chill seeps in deep
But our demons drown slow
While our souls dim their glow

Can't escape this trap I've laid
Frost burns through the skin
Reject this life for my final sin
Demons knock so loudly
Echoes scream of their intent
Nightmares wrack my brain
Leaving my body broken, spent

Falling down the rabbit hole
Tumbling forevermore
No white rabbit leads the way
Darker creatures hide behind this door

Fixed in time
We laugh and rhyme
Blood seeps and pours
Drowning inner cores

Darkness need not defend
Knocking echoes the doom
The demons can't be let in
When they already fill the room
Scarcity has gripped out world
The lack of knowledge, lack of resources, a lack of trust
We hopelessly divide ourselves up
Perfectly portioned for our predators
We scream at injustice
So we may turn away from our own shortcomings
We aim to fix others
And yet we leave our own hearts and minds torn asunder
And for what?
Don't answer that. It's a trap.
Just like that new sale at Nike
Or the newest superhero movie
Because their only commonality:
No Way Home
Never give up on a dream that fought for you
and never fight for a dream that gave up on you...
Echoes are filling me up
Clouding my air and staining the walls
Memories follow deeper into the forest
Hidden in every shadow, eyes stare lifeless as a doll
Stumble and turn to find a light
Knowing nothing but fear and hurt
I scream and fall to my knees
Echoing a child at his mother's skirt
Their faces twist in my mind and scream
Killing me with daggers I build
From the wastes of youth that litter my halls
Potency more than had ever touched their wills
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