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AJ Enemie Mar 2012
This is not a love song
This is not a love song
This is not a love song
Aimless rants
Don't you know
Wiseless Johnny
******* man
Just how you inspire me
This is not a love song
This is not a love-songong
Ode to John Lyndon "Johnny Rotten", singer of The *** Pistols and Public Image LTD.
AJ Enemie Mar 2012
Honestly, sir, what do you think?
That I'm on the edge, or that I'm on the brink?
Honestly, madam, say what you think.
But, in all honesty, only the greatest sink.
And I'm not that breed of fink.
I don't got no missing link.
I ain't rocking the latest pink.
The earth doesn't revolve around me, but my world does.
And if things aren't fiery I think
I'll find a shrink.
AJ Enemie Mar 2012
Hey, give me a feeling
Hey, give me their feeling
Green swirls out of here
Give me their feeling
Just their feeling
I want to know how it feels to be taped on my ears

Hey, give me a feelin'
Give me their feeling
I like to imagine how it tastes
So give me a feelin'
Give me their feeling
I wanna imagine other wastes

Give me Some feeling
Give me their feelings
I wanna walk in all of their houses
I don't wanna take ****,
I just wanna feel their houses

Give me this feeling
What I'm looking for
But I'm not looking for one
I'm looking for more
Give me a feeling
Just one more feeling
Some other feeling
That I've never felt before
Do they feel as euphoric?
Do they feel as sore?
Do they feel- like- they've never done this before?

Give me a feelin'
Just one more feelin'
I wanna taste a fresh cherry peach.
Give me a feelin'
Just another feelin'
I wanna feel how far the needle can reach

Give me a feelin'
Another feeling
Meditation that's not fueled by tea
Give me a feeling
Another feeling
I wanna feel their feet in the sea

Give me a feelin'
Just one more feelin'
I wanna feel the entire world
Give me a feeling
The whole **** feeling
Just, just give me a feeling
I wanna feel the entire world.
AJ Enemie Mar 2012
To clear
I hear
Is for disdain
To clear
I hear
Won't keep you sane
To clear
I hear
Is all the same
As everything
You'll always fade
To clear
I hear

Is a bad game
AJ Enemie Feb 2012
Water running in slow motion
Water running, fast-paced
Water running
Running, running, movement
Glossy eyes
Tired from trying to find meaning in everything
That doesn't have meaning
My mouth is sore
From bristled bristles
But nothing turns grey
AJ Enemie Feb 2012
Their  spirits are tired,
Their spirits disfaithened
Can not so remember
Why they are, are so parched.
This soul that does wander
Hops bodies forever.
They hope to find one shell
Filled Full to quench their thirst.

A people so angry
Has become cynical.
Bodies don't remember
The feats of old lives.
Like old men are old souls,
So medicine drugged up,
Bitter in tiredness,
Stubbornly they unchange.

In anger I'm waiting
For one life more suiting,
Not inevitably.
Maybe I'm trapped here in
Here in this body thing.
I can not stand my luck.
A spirit unfitting
Cursed men and women both.

I can, atleast, dream of
Something my memory
Is sure to be clear of.
Future brawls in bodies,
Pasts I can't be sure of,
Warriors that I was,
Brains that I did mess up,
Were all my souls doing.
AJ Enemie Feb 2012
It’s a known, thought fact this world isn’t that great
While the naïve and the innocent all say life’s so great,
The smart, and the mean too, say we’re all fishes or bait
And the religious ones say that we just gotta wait
But I’ll sit here or stand here, stupidly, and say this is so great
These small things have simple beauty that just can’t wait
They’re small, but right now they seem bigger than fate
And the light doesn’t hurt my eyes, but, man, it doesn’t fade
And here in this moment, yeah, it’s pretty great
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