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David R Jun 2019
Try to paint in words
The experience of G-d's Presence

Hear His whisper in your mind
The iridescence of shining rainbows

Shining warmth and love
Where self has no place

You have the choice to draw near
To disappear

And who can say no
David R May 2019
I wondered through the darkness,
Saw half-naked shadows
Flit through desolation.

Despair, Dejection, Disease,
Tiptoed over corpses,
Shaking their head, in disbelief
At human folly.
David R May 2019
the world
a door
to be opened

open the door,
fill reality
with light

it's dark down here

it's light up there
illumine the darkness

the light is me
is you
transform the world
David R Mar 2019
Mind's a fog,
Mud-fill'd bog,
Words dropping,
Then stopping.

Round in a maze,
Brain a-craze,
Dithering haze,
Maybe a faze?

Pass me some coffee,
Still the drossy,
Open-eyed zombie,
Trying to work.
David R Mar 2019
In her dream, the waterfall torrent
Crashes to effervescence,
With force and verve, vivacious apparent,
Shoots arrowed iridescence.

In cruel reality, a rivulet meanders,
Blind to mountain and fell,
Downhill she flows, barely seen,
Pebbles and stones part of her scene.

Here she circumvents boulder and rock,
There gives way to shout and shock,
Hiding her head between her knees,
Longs to lose herself in the seas.

I knelt down close to hear her cries,
Allowed her tears wash over my eyes,
Caressed her soft water with my hands,
Sprinkled her sweetness o'er the land.

'Sweet stream', I whisper, 'The waterfall you dream,
Lives through its roar ‘n terror,
But life lives not in its awesome scream,
Life lives not in its horror.'

'Without you the doe could not parch their thirst,
Frogs could not breed, nor dippers immerse.
Heavenly daughter, jeweled traverse,
One silent ripple is an angel's universe.’
David R Oct 2018
Nag, nagging,
Finger wagging,
Shoulders sagging,
Victim slagging.

Oh beration,

Cutting hemlock,
On her chopping block,
Spawning ad hoc.

Never ending,
Insult fending.

Pointless rounds
Of empty double-talk,
Wife, your name is
Self-styled wise hawk.
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