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Amaranthine Apr 7
You were that string of my guitar
Which ringed & resonated all my chords, chimed them perfectly.....

When you broke away .....
I tried to wind you up again.....
But I couldn't
You were that string of my guitar
Which had tightest hold and kissed all my chords perfectly......

When you shattered away......
I tried to replace you with another....
But I couldn't
You were that string of my guitar
Which hooked it up in your chain and took away all chains perfectly.......

When you fell away .....
I tried to throw my guitar with you....
But I couldn't
You were that string of my guitar
The only and the perfect one
The perfectly perfect one
Amaranthine Apr 7
Howling whirlwinds hummed poesy
Through those raven orbs, little hazy
Thundered silence at just one glance
Verses slipped, words tripped, can't wait
Sang me lullaby to the death

Arising beams of sweet relief,
Veiled darkness of hunting grief
I was a prey dwelled in the trance
Swift still slow in the dusts of the breath
Sang me lullaby to the death

Buried my psyche in smokes of the glory
But my ghost invaded tremor of mystery
Beaten the old me to reincarnate new stance
Melody lured me into capricious faith
Sang me lullaby to the death

Waived grave for my wings by my dream-art
Stained my tomb hot red by squeezing my heart
Dumped under scented roses to leave no chance
Oh those raven orbs pilgrimed me to the hell of fate
Sang me lullaby to the death
Amaranthine Feb 2019
I promised myself,
To take that secret to the grave.
I even dug my own grave.
Buried myself within it,
Keeping that secret locked,
In my beating heart.
I didn't know,
Some ghoul would take it out,
From my corpse,
By feeding on my dead heart.
Amaranthine Jan 2019
I noodled my childhood,
Glued it on some diary
Spooks overflowed
And came out suddenly.

With monarchic wings,
And petal eyes
Gazed back, and pinged.
I succumbed twice.

"Whatever you wrote is a lie"
Confronted one roaring voice
It disappeared in pages again
I started to feel calm, at ease.

I gave it another shot, recalled,
I had seen him somewhere before,
'Did we meet in childhood?'
Question banged on my door

Of course, "No".
I never met him before,
How can I forget,
I never had a childhood!
Amaranthine Mar 2018
My life escaped the hourglass
By Casting your silhouette
With my shadow....
It was always about you....

My life whirls in the cyclone
By Blending your illusion
With my hallucination....
It is always about you....

My life will crave the moments
By harmonizing your memories
With my doom....
It will be always about you....
Amaranthine Oct 2017
Don't blame me for being a fierce
They caged that flame in my tears

Keeping her safe for years in my heart
I feed her oxygenated rage to ignite every part

So that one day she will burn down
That cage without a key
& On that day she will flee..
Amaranthine Jul 2017
When you only breath
To pass the time
And your whole world is burnt
Then there is no use of being phoenix

When your wings are broken
To fly above the clouds
And heavy rain is there
Then there is no use of being eagle

When you have pearl inside you
To shine in the dark abyss
And you need full moon to open shell
Then there is no use of being Oyster
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