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At a point in a time
Two ends met and bound
Folded over each other
A loving package between them

Wrapped in reds, blues, and silver tones
Crisp edges mirrored on each side
Corners tapped perfect and whole
The ribbons reached easily

Time passed and never opened
Shelved, too pretty to open
Maybe fear for ruination
Or the present not match the bow

Bits of sunlight fell
Drifting lazily down
With every little draft
Slowly dulling it's shine

It still glowed inside
Still bright it's light
Unquenched warmth
To shame it's wrap

Untouched and less admired
Scared of its long depths
It became a child's toy
Unused and forgotten

Thickly covered by years
Beyond ignored and lost
Memories passed over
Without a backwards glance

When, time came to pass
Delicate breadth, brought puffs
Fingers touched at bows
Ribbons untied, unwrapped

The light shown forth
Shedding years, wrinkles and tears
Luster returns to eyes
Youth comes to mind

The tiniest of smiles
Brushes her lips
Memories flood
And she remembers love
Roll over, it's in my dream
But I'm so comfortable
More, urgently
And I'm awake, again


Knock, knock
Not at the bedroom door, no
The window is empty
My night is brisk
No wilting lovers
Tapping stones off my pane


Knock, knock, knocking
Not from the attic,
No ghostly chains in the basement
Such horrors on the tube
Frantic now, stabbing tattoo on glass
Knocking, knocking, knocking
Then, in mid tap, it stops


It's abrupt, white knuckled
I search the house, room to room
My bat, seems small in my fists
Shadows seem to move
Just behind my back
I'm never quite fast enough
But I can hear them move

But nothing

Pulling the blankets up
Rolling over again
Not entirely sure,
But there is no one
Nothing near

I hear

Knock, knock

I'm up
Again, again
I can hear them now
Clearly, in the night
From the house
I drain, white

The **mirror
Softly, they tickle
As they crawl, like fingers
Down caramel cheeks
Flawless, beautifully scalped

Dipped, sliding from both
Along her pores, tiny hairs
From her brown lashed eyes
Shadowed in sorrows

It's her cross, she cries
For pains unmade, left alone
But those tears stains skin
Bringing color to touch

Red, again so deep
Like her lips, pursed
Her tongue darts, tastes
It's the way; her way

She looks and sees
Upraised eyes, first time
All these years, through time
Friends lost, begging and gone

Mascara blood stained tears
Humming soundless tunes
A sorrowful lost small smile
Hunts her lips, painted matching

Her eyes bright
In palest moonlight
Seem to sparkle, nice
Memorizing glances; fight

Longish fingers dipped in red
Look, sensually gesturing
Spellbound graceful trap
Predatory heart

Still blood tears fall
Not for you, not for you
As she reaches, slow
Tears become rivers
Whispering silk unrolls in the wind
For its binding, now undoing
Pulling hard by unseen hands
Fingers tangled in spiders' threads

Tugs, less gentle, throw it higher
Over chimneys, tower ledges below
Ginst, bricklain work, chiseled stone
Brushed now by, dirtied and frought

Spied, by sly old grey crow
Mother brings a gift, sought low
Entwined, knotted and tangled
Holds a nest until the wind goes

Finely knitted, strong long cloth
Keeps sun from cool, inside from cold
Chirps and claws, new norms anew
Life long beyond crows ago

Trees, booked, feathers few
Nest has fallen, silk askew
A child tests it's cloth
Fingers rubbing, so soft

Now to moment's a toy for you
But mommy's nose, sees age and dirt
Not for use, maybe sickness and hurt
Thrown to the refuse, lost once again

Light along its journey
It's toes tip, trip, catch the wind
Pulled from piles, playing breeze
Along town streets and dusty paths

It finds its way, fate's touch wait
Sinuously long, a finger might point
The trail it makes for blue blue skies
A ballot's initiative, beauty and far

It wraps and rolls, billows and blows
Twists and frees, darting amongst trees
Not for thee, not for thee
Back and forth, bright leaves

Far out, closer to the sea
It tastes the salt, like the waves
Breathing, snaps up against shores
Invisibles tangibles unbreakables

Another gust and its a storm to us
Up, it's taken thrown in fuss
Out, its brought, a lack of trust
And deep, it'll dive, buried amust
Darkness holds the silence
The abyss has been staring
Not beckoning; apathy
Such is our worth
Just stardust in the wind

Swirls, a song doesn't sing
Leaves fall with only a breath
Crickets mate, but not chirp
Loose floorboard move
Squicklessly beneath feet

Instruments play furiously
Pages are turned, flipped
Orchastrated harmony
A crowd plays for a crowd
Applauding in silence

An accident in time
Cars flip, moving slow
Horrifyingly in frame
Metal ripping flesh
No one says a word

Clouds hang dark, heavy
Leviathans crisscrossing the sky
Lightning flashes battles between
Expecting thunderous booms
That never come, still landing

One of millions, upon millions
Spinning around stars
Flinging dust here and there
A roller coaster crashing
Giving voice to the noise

Insects on a planet's bowl
The sky, heavens well above
Aren't not listening
They simply are working
Spinning threads from lives

Ants don't worry the clouds
Climbing over themselves
Concerned only with their bits
Digging and building, constantly
Never looking up, nary a sound

Planets collide, building rocks
Striking comets from dust
Gases drift, twinkling bits
Orbits decay and sway
From holes, explode

Just floating in the sea
Maybe my hair drifts
Like my thoughts, or bits
Where the current slides me
Water covers my ears

I watch the bowl of the sky
Laying on, in its marble
As it rolls down a slow drain
In to a ball of burning fire
On the outskirts of silence
Silver coated glass
Painted to see reflections
Of one's self; one's soul
But opposite, reversed

So interesting, set against itself
But so utterly, perfectly backwards
One always sees what they want to see
That perfect reflection on glass

Light goes in and is lost
Not all, or maybe it is
Even light retreats in fear
That little bit lost to the other side

Stapled against the wall
Nothing ever disturbs it
But the evidence of battles
Come with time, months and years

Scars in the silvered back
Where no fingers touch
Show something from otherwhere
Something trying, clawing

That other place, where you live
On the other side, touching the glass
Dreams are real there, cut and tear
Only your face looks back so real

Look real close at your own eyes
There is always a hint of something
Not so real, a sadness reflecting back
The reflection of a reflection

Always looking back, mimicking
Almost perfectly, never perfect
The light is never right
Around the edges, reality is lost

Just out of sight, behind that door
Nightmares lurking, unsafe, breathing
Behind your back, while combing hair
A bit of something is there

Not quite reflected back
Light comes through that glass
Bringing you through
Not letting all back

Such is life, realities
Painted silver on glass
Taking your soul
Tricks on the mind
Feathered in song, sweet in breath
Sing to me, give grace voice
I need not hear the words
Just let me listen to your tune

Are those mocking words
Falling from your chest
Along tongue, among winds
Dancing through leaves and brush

Come hence, my window frame
I beckon, bribed with treats
A quiet audience, enraptured to you
My eyes closed; your voice is all

Imagination and term of phrase
The notes carry here and there
But never so perfect as where I sit
Hands folded in my lap

Let the notes cascade
Through dim interior sights
Brighten corners, hanging webs
Scare the shadowed bits

But my glassless pane only lead
From hence you flew now flown
The songs now ended, bereft
Sightless eyes, lids sewn shut

Spiders spin brighter anew
Shadows darker carousel down
Unseen by my eye, felt on skin
Such is life, so quiet an end

Come closer, closer now, Friend
Let me hear your sing song breath
Smell mint, wintergreen, and flesh
Grasp your hand, kiss your skin

I'll have your voice, dance
See through your eyes, drink
Hold you close, to cold skin
Give your song, love then live
I see you, I watch
From the corner of my eye
Watching you play,
Drawing, coloring
Lost in your images

You make me feel warm
In my heart; happy in my mind
Beautiful, hair cascading
Down shoulders and back
You are in your place

I love you
And everyday it grows
Seeing you happy
And by your side
Watching you grow
Haunted houses creep in and out
Giving life to the ghosts
Carving, clawing their way to the present
Leaving you bleeding from the eyes

Kiss them gently to retell their tales
Feel their dark caresses
Drawn forth from your gut
Fingers wrapped around your spine

They feed, oh so deeply
Tooth and fang deep inside
The pain amplifies, rippling
Keeping you immobile and trapped

Anguish sours softly bedded dreams
Their voices, electric, hallowed
Like nails down a chalkboard
Incapacitating your actions

Coiled muscles, anxious to explode
You want to lash out
Scream, drown out the past
Scatter those broken ghosts

But they overwhelm
And you cringe,
In the darkness
Until you see the light
Leaves of ink
Spread my arms
Tattooed on skin
Burning the past
Memories, they turn

With winds, blow
Cool on flesh
Quench not, thirsty
Fire scarred history
A story foretold

Crawling, gasping life
Long hours needled (in)
Feel them slither
Twist and creep
Turned ink, weep

From beginning breath
To endless sleep
Images of me
Once to die
Thence ash, keep
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