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Jazleigh Walker Aug 2016
I feel trapped but if I break free then I'm only running
Away from the issue just avoiding and hiding
Is it better to run and hide or stay locked in a cage
How do I escape when the cage is my brain
Oh how I hate being stuck between a rock and a hard place
More questions than answers is what I'm left with always
So frustrated with me
Though we are the only ones who can solve the mystery
By we I mean me myself and I
Steady searching for the courage to come into the light
The light I can can only seem to dream about
I know what it will take but still I scream and shout
About ******* because I'm so full of it
Full of all this fear and doubt
No amount of self help or advice seems to work it out
Only tears escape as they drip down
Caught in the crevices of my perpetual frown
Smile! They say it's so becoming of you
How can I smile with your ugly mug in my view
So sue me I'm mean and bitter cuz I'm tired of being sweet
All that seems to get me is under everybody's feet
Feelings ain't all they cracked up to be
Maybe it really is better to only live for me
Jazleigh Walker May 2016
She sits in ashes
Too entranced with green gases
Puffin plentiful clouds down through the chimney of her nose
Up in the clouds, the ground too far down below
To notice the trail of ashes left, as she tries to pass it
But wait
There's no place for it to go
So she blows more O's
Up and up she goes
Till she's blown off her ***
Enjoying the ride as her mind bends back
It rewinds past her present loneliness
Finding the blurred memory of sweet forehead kisses
Back when her wishes actually did come true
Before reality had her falling so hard, she lost a shoe
It was never found
The prince never tried to
So now green cinders ash down on combat boots
The modern day princess story
Jazleigh Walker Feb 2016
I didn't fall blindly
I was minding my own business actually
I just wanted to admire the view
Then the earth crumpled beneath my feet
There was nothing I could do
It was a long way down so I had time
I was able to take it all in with peace
I could clearly see I would never be in his story
Or maybe I would have one line while he was most of mine
They say i could do much better which I do believe
Yet gravity gives no ***** about my feelings
I see him peeking over the edge
He breathes a sigh of relief, he knows he is blessed...
Not finished because I'm still falling :(
Jazleigh Walker Jan 2016
I pray you please forgive my perpetual sin
It seems the world has lured me in once again
Enfolded in the societal fallacy of fomophobia
The fear of missing out has me drifting further from utopia
Reaching for the shores of perfect peace as I sink in a sea of temptation
I've been kicking, swimming against the waves only to end further from salvation
The struggle is real or so we perceive it to be
Yet I seek to grasp hold of a whole new mentality
One in which we comprehend that the light eludes because we refuse to look up
Stuck because the more we fight the more the waters become rough
I pray you enlighten us to give it up to you when we've had enough
I pray our eyes stay fixed on your light so we may rise above the troubles, kept afloat by your grace and love
A new personal spin on an old bible story.
Jazleigh Walker Dec 2015
I've discovered a plug to fill the hole
A refill for the parts of my heart you stole
A mirage in the darkness but it's someplace to go
No longer lost in searching for feelings you'll never show
Evolution has enlightened me to infinite possibilites
Unfortunately you seem content with such childish mentality
In reality we're probably just on different levels of insanity
Yet these dreams seem to have me on a whole new frequency
So I've ******* my love and cast it to the waves
Forever was never meant to be our fate
I'll cherish what it was and wasn't forever and always
My dreams have beamed you into my past as I stride toward better days
Inspired dreams
Jazleigh Walker Dec 2015
I want to sing every love song to you
Somehow they all seem to convey the truth
Such sweet soliloquies never to be said by me
I'll expose what is real through thin veils of melody
The more real the more will to run in fear
Never ready to accept that change is near
Shut down mode triggered by what you feel
Yet I bet such smooth sounds will melt down that steel
Sealed away as it should be, as most treasures are
I'll forever contend to win the chance to hold your heart
Inspired and fear
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