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Purple Rain Dec 2016
Let go of your worries
Let them all fall down
Freedom in a sense
Pursuing happiness

Look it in the eyes
The tears that are mine
From the worrying and pain
That let you feel insane

Free the black birds
Let it be free
Let the past escape the troubled mind
No past should walk in front
But let it be left behind

Free the sun to rise
For the cold ones will warm
No longer feeling used or worn
From the hands who led them to be torn

Keep the fear from the mind
Don't let it make you feel like your choice to continue was a mistake
To keep those who once slept awake
Purple Rain Dec 2016
~Only blue in my eyes
Hard to lose the one inside
Speak up life is passing by
Don't let the darkness capture your pride
Purple Rain Oct 2016
All my convincing lies,
Arise to the surface
I wish not to scare you deeply
I dare to tell you the truth that
Your seeking

I got some demons Locked inside me
In which may blind you
But murderous **** me
I got some sins
I could not release from my mind
It's so wicked

I could not free my soul from the devil
It holds me so coldly
I am a rebel
When my nightmares become me
I cry tears
But only barely
For what I have become
And the things I have done

~Isabella Rose
Purple Rain Oct 2016
There I stood
Staring at my grave
Visualizing myself 6 feet under
My piercing screams
Echoing down the halls
Hitting doorways
trying to find away out
I drop to my knees
As if there is a loaded gun to my head
And I'm the one commiting the crime
But taking my own life instead
Purple Rain Sep 2016
Left on the rocky edges of life and death
50 feet to tremendously high
To wrap my head around
my mind slips,
as I slump down into cold cutting water
I can't swim I tell myself
As my body clashes against the tides
My limbs become powerless
The weakened lungs of my
endure torturous pain
The water sweeps my body
like wind sweeps the leaf's against the autumn grass
Am I dead yet? "I ask."

The seconds in this cold cutting water
feel as if it's been decades
my eyes fasten tight
as I hold on to the words of "hope"
I begin to pray.
Purple Rain Sep 2016
The Purpose-

The quality of being determined to do or achieve something...
As you look in the mirror--
What do you see?
What is your purpose or who do you inspire to be?
It's a simple question,
however not an easy answer.

Humans wondering the earth,
Torn apart, broken and scarred
Maybe even,
Bent over and abused
Mistreated and used.

Yet the question still comes about--
What is your purpose or who do you inspire to be?
What is your meaning?
Do you wish to live carefree?
Most will answer as children...

As adults they will act as if the question never came about.
What is your purpose or who do you inspire to be?
What is your meaning?
Do you wish to live carefree?
What is it like being---
IsabellaRose 2016
Purple Rain Aug 2016
The pulsation of a broken heart

Tears me apart

The encouragement of none

Not even from a loved one

I step with my crippled heart

My horrific memories scattered among my feet

I Inhale the thoughts of defeat

Before take my first breath

My eyes drop tears beneath me

I wave my arms to the distance

No one sees

I dial the number

But no call is received

I use every ounce of strength within

To go above and beyond

My will voice be heard

For it will not be long
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