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TIZZOP Nov 2019
dancing in your

your stallion cause
you need what's yours
youtube: "It's My Life Slav Version"
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
For a very long time,
I wondered what was my mistake?
Why me?
What did I do to deserve it?
Did I attract you?
because I never meant to.

But now I realise,
It didn't matter
who I was,
where I was,
what I wore.

Because the person to blame
wasn't me, but you all along.
Sky Feb 2019
Like a gentle sunshine
sneaking through my curtains at dawn
revealing the scent of my darkness
as you enter
my little universe

Ignoring the caution sign
without any hesitation
You stepped onto the frozen surface of my lake
Not even caring if it’ll collapse
Not even afraid if you’ll drown

Every step was a sip of soda
For I am addicted to your sweetness
Yet still remembered every *****
Step by step
Not stopping til reaching the center
Not stopping til it’s too late
have you ever had that special someone that entered your world and turned it upside down?

I did.

I was once quite satisfied with everything, until I met her.
I still remember the first time we met, we were from completely different universes. Like two independent parallel lines that'll never met. I was like the kinda person she'd never be interested of being friends with, but who knows?
it turned out quite terrifying when we started to say the exact same thing at the same time all the time. We were so in sync, our thoughts were in sync, our minds were in sync. It was kinda crazy.
I was the kinda person that was sensitive with distance, it terrifies me when someone approaches my safety borderline. I tend to push people away when they're getting too close, I guess it's because I'm afraid that I'll be broken when I lose them. And she knew it, yup, she knew it. but she didn't stop, either.
Leighanna Dec 2018
In the canyons between the grey matter, lives something much darker.
Swimming comfortably in the river of my mind.

Her voice sounds like mine.
Her face a perfect reflection.

Invading my thoughts with whispered obscenities.
Filling my vision with clouded water.

Her presence is shifty.
Here one day and gone the next, but she never really is.

They tell you not to name your demons
But it’s hard when they already have one.

I have an intruder living inside me.
And the scariest part is that she is me.
Sometimes it feels like I have two people living inside of me. There is me and there is the Other me. The other me is cold and cruel, often overly brash. I don’t like the other me, but I suppose no one ever does.
Andrew Rueter Sep 2017
Your intrusion
Is conducive
To my city burning down
So I defend from inside my castle
Civilian hordes
Wield swords
And I've gotta flail
In my chain mail

My city walls have been manned
So use your battering ram
And intrude on me
Muscle into my muscles
And burrow into my bones
By disarming my mob
While catapults lob
Incendiary boulders
That protect me from
Temporary shoulders
That have exploited my nation before
Mining the resources from it's core
Avoid all the blasts
So we can clash
In the arena of my mind
Where steel strikes time
And my defenses
Defend me from my life
So intrude on me
And shatter my protections
And shatter my conceptions
So intrude on me
And break my perceptions
But be careful
Intrusions have reflections
Irina BBota Jun 2018
I smell an intruder, a spy in my house.
Is he coming from the dark zone
on a day it raines forever?
Does he wants my seven tears
or my smile?
Or Yesterday’s days that made
me cry?
He woke me up, leaving traces
in my nightmare,
I was a sad soul in torment,
he was my source of despair,
but I knew it wasn’t
my last evening on Earth,
I confessed all my sins,
since my mother gave me birth,
thinking who’s going to win in hell
if the mirror cracked, or tolls the bell?
I stopped being the girl
who plays with the fire,
calling the devil in disguise a big liar,
‘cause he tried to promise me the heaven,
but I still got my lives to live: seven!
AllyRose May 2018
A crippling heaviness,
enters the room.
I break out in a cold sweat.
The dolls on the stand,
are securely locked in their case.
Their sad eyes watch as he
inches closure and silent screams
fill the space.

He whispers violent things
and spits in my face.
I succumb to his lingering words,
as I forget how to breathe.
I lost my voice.
It know belongs to him.
Marco Benitez Mar 2018
A fine night
Or so you thought

The moon decided to hide today
And even though not much on the ground is visible,
There is a showcase of stars in the sky.

You are sitting in your room
Looking out the window
Admiring the display of lights,

In the middle of your peace

You hear the echo of an intruder

The sound of someone demanding to get in

A knock

Could it be?
This late in the night?
Who would be brave enough?
Who would be willing to leave their residences, an hour past midnight, in order to get to you?

Maybe you just imagined it
Maybe the sound was nothing but a phantom of your imagination.

You decide to ignore it
And you resume your imagination
You let it pull you closer to the stars
Your whole existence revolves around the beauty of nature

Knock Knock

It pulls you back to reality
You start to realize
Someone's outside
Someone whats to get in
And you ignored them.

Knock Knock

But who?
Your mind lacks the creativity to think
To think of the reason
Or the identity
Of the living soul standing at your door

Knock Knock

You try looking out the window
Maybe a look at their face might turn the gears in your head
But the web of constellations only light the sky
And the ground remains blind

Knock Knock Knock

What a stubborn being!
Can't it have a bit of patience?
What could possibly be so urgent?
What could he possibly have to discuss at this hour?

Knock Knock Knock Knock

You leave your window
And march down the stairs
This being could not possibly be related to you


You finally reach the door and touch the ****

A thought strikes your mind
As sudden and powerful as when a firework reaches the sky

There was only one answer
Only one reason behind the why
Only one exception for peace in this marvelous night

This being was being chased
This person was trying to hide
This creature was in danger

It was asking for your attention
It was asking for your help

Was it too late?
Had the lonely soul left?


It was still there!


There was still hope


There is no time to waste


Your hand wraps around the handle of your door
Full of impatience
You pull open the door to the entrance of your house

You let the darkness embrace your entrance

The silhouette of the beast in the distance

And unfortunately

You don't manage to see the face of the thing your just salvaged

Because the bullet was quicker than your eyes.
Nylee Jul 2017
There's someone at the door
Shadows can be seen from the floor
Night conceals the presence from my eyes
And so my curious mind tries
To conjure a mystery
a dark horror fantasy
Scared excited heartbeat
drag my feet
                    to the intruder
none other than my mother
who looked more alarmed
by my scream of sudden surprise
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