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kara lynn bird Apr 2015
I miss you incredibly
And not the kind of miss
where I feel like
I need you right here-
right by my side,
I mean the kind of miss
where I would wake up to you-
early mornings
on my time
every weekend,
while you're still
trying to sleep
asking if I could
come into your arms...
I miss the moment when
you would hold up the blanket
letting me in-
allowing for the electricity of my body
to mesh with yours.
I miss rubbing my fingers
through the scruffiness of your beard-
however uneven the lines,
I miss twirling my fingers around
that one piece of hair-
right above your forehead.
I miss kissing you passionately
making each moment like a science-
hot like blowing glass.
I miss your laughter,
your reassuring nod,
the way your head shook
when I would say
"I'm ready for bed"
...we both know I wasn't ready for bed-
I was ready for you-
all of you;
the smell of you,
the taste of you,
the touch of you.
when I say I miss you,
I don't mean it in a selfish way...
I mean it in a way of misunderstanding.
How can it be
that the universe has agreed
to separate us-
you're there
and I am here,
waiting for you,
waiting for us....
I miss you
in all the ways I love you.
kara lynn bird Sep 2014
In the Kingdom of All Alone-
A dynasty is overlooked,
sitting upon her throne;
she ponders
"why does it feel like something's missing?"

A delicate crown she wears,
with jewels from the deepest of seas,
The Queen a visible elegance
bares it all on an open sleeve-
wearing her heart until it bleeds
Waiting for the right lover
to give her what she needs-
*"the queen of everything wants something else."
kara lynn bird Sep 2014
I was more inspired without you,
your cut words like paint-
your lies like canvas
and I -  the artist of believing.
kara lynn bird Nov 2013
the trees have abandoned their leaves
standing bare as they wait to be covered with the beautiful shimmer of snow.
maybe we should abandon our negatives-
the things which no longer help us grow.
together we could stand vulnerable while we wait for the shimmer of snow-
oh, it's the bright things that help us glow,
while waiting for shimmer of snow.
kara lynn bird Oct 2013
I'm not going to fit in your box-
chances are...
the edges of my smile wouldn't fit.
I'm like that piece of mail that keeps on returning,
trying to deliver the same message-
over and over again...
love me for me.
you can take your expectations
put them inside that box
and carry yourself home,
I'll wait here all alone
for someone that wants me.
kara lynn bird Oct 2013
he said he burned pumpkin candles.
kara lynn bird Oct 2013
breaking into form
by the palm of my hands-
two illusions.
illusions which fall through the cracks
of a grip that wasn't built to last
how many times do you out live the past?
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