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Get out of my head you
Ignorant thoughtless angry
Heartbreak of a memory.
Forest pond eyes
To drown me in.
I like the taste of air.

Get back in the box.
I love you, wholy
Like the moon misses the sun
Reflective and from a distance.

Wondering I wish
When our paths cross again
Who are you, I don't know you anymore

Perhaps, I never did
You move paths I cannot fathom
Friends with monsters you once condemned

You think that I betrayed you
Asking distance to search my shadows
But never did I wrong your damaged heart

I never burnt as bright
And out of control
I know myself far better now

You are separate and beautiful
Let your joy guide your actions
Know I love you, miss you, wholy

From afar

If ever it gets too heavy
Find me
I will lift you up again
Just when I think
I have mastered numbness
I remember love,
See his receding back,
And I feel again
When I say listen
They all think netflix
I don't mean stories.
Last night I dreamt of ticking time bombs
I awoke with your name on my lips.
Sweetheart I say
Romance is a dead art
CPR can only sustain us for so long.

I'm going to listen to the masters play
I love my hipbones,
Beautiful and sharp.
They make women inhale.
He says.

I love his eyes,
For all the same reasons.
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