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Renn Pat Nov 2022
Dancing with myself
Twirling and dipping
Stepping and twisting
Leaping and falling
Swirling about like a snake wrapped up
Writhing, worrying, wringing
******* like a knot, too tight to loose
Hoping to pop before the noose
All in one moment, I hear the music
It stops me, and I absolve
Renn Pat Nov 2022
are the some days
You sometimes dread,
and wish to stay in bed,
but looking back,
it's a fact,
that Mondays,
were the one day,
that made it all make sense.
Renn Pat Nov 2022
As the Earth turns,
Does the sun rise?
I pray this world is more than a trick on my eyes.
And when it sets,
Is it really out?
Will my life do the same when it's my turn to bout?
I'll find a way to rotate and spin, start again and begin.
Renn Pat Nov 2022
The gray dark morning
Of an autumn blossom
Drab yet alive, forcing life
The world wants to slow
And my heart wants to sleep
Entropy moves, however enticing death may seem
Backed to a corner, we have no choice
But to awake
Renn Pat Apr 2014
A pain like no other,

but the greatest lesson learned.

Sometimes its necessary,

to revisit the greatest bridge you ever burned.

Give up on forgetting,

because it will always be with you.

Recognize the feeling,

and yet don’t you dare take it with you.

Because life is now,

the past is dead.

Remember yourself,

and your sadness will shed.

Remember yourself,

go to your heart.

And as you search for answers,

don’t be blinded as your tear it apart.

Accept the faults, accept the sins,

humanity starts where failure begins.

The past is gone, and tomorrow’s past is now.

We’ll never know why, we may never know how.

Unless we let the death of today take away pain and sorrow,

we’ll never be happy in the life of yesterday’s tomorrow.
Renn Pat Apr 2014
It’s crazy how what I’ve learned is not from homework or tests,

but from simply being present and learning from life’s jests.

It’s crazy how tough times form the strongest ties.

And it’s crazy how the hardest cries lead to the loveliest highs.

It’s crazy how a look says more than a voice,

and how it’s our heart that always pulls when presented with a choice.

It’s crazy when people can connect with just a simple glance,

and when you truly fall in love there’s no risk in taking a chance.

It’s crazy how a message can hit you straight in the heart,

and do the same for others even if they’re in places miles apart.

It’s crazy how a game can transcend cultures and races,

uniting nations and peoples of all colors of faces.

It’s crazy how religion can restrict spiritual revelation,

but science proves divine meditation improves human elevation.

It’s crazy how world leaders are elected by wealth,

while the purpose they share is distant from human kind’s ultimate health.

It’s crazy when you realize all the worlds’ problems and see the solution clear as day,

and everyone around you can relate to your thoughts in some way.

It’s crazy how the answers were within us along.

It’s crazy when we realize we’re all singing the same song.

It’s crazy when we say something so profound,

that everyone around,

stops and listens,

knows its truth,

and in that moment,

that crazy thought

becomes the real you.
Renn Pat Apr 2014
Sprawled upon a grazing hill, the sky scrolls above me
A cloud or spirit I cannot tell, my eyes are so deceiving
I’ll close my eyes and drift away, as if I am the shape above me
A memory comes into my dreams, a distant voice answers my needing
Remember me? I doubt you do, since neither you nor I were ever breathing
And yet here we are like passing clouds, all that sight ever needed was a feeling
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