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She sings the same song
Over and over
I kind of want to kiss her
To make her shut the **** up

I felt it though,
Not just under the skin
But it gnawed its way into the bone
It burrowed so deep
It still gives me splints when I walk

She sang:

She heard it from her mother
To find another lover
Because she just fell for a boy
That doesn't want the same as her

He's a far too lazy poet
He doesn't have a job
He won't even learn her language
But he's there, in every song

She heard it form the radio
That love is hard to find
But her family says that money earns
And she's running out of time

She tried so hard to drop a hint
But all she did was call
The hint gets lost when its just a lie
And the friendships nigh to fall

But when we wake
We'll start anew
Another lazy day
New morning due
A coffee brew
And she can't stay away
A poem by A slow Heyoka June 2019
A Slow Heyoka Sep 18
Persona bends
Tree branches
In seasons spent

Some bloom at dawn
Some break in storms
But that tree stands tall with friends

Some Bonsai's stunt
Bulbs bloom and wilt
Ivy will choke you dead

The sun may burn
The axe may chop
Used for a wonderful shed
A Poem by A Slow Heyoka 2020
Spotlights dance
In butterfly bawn
On photo electrified
Factory tiles

Sunset silhouette
Shadow femme fatale
Silk touched hazel eyes
All in without a tell

Cast away
Driftwood dragged to shore
A ditch dug soul,
Body heat on sweaty dunes

Your hands
Bare a vibration
Stumbling up
Under cotton to ribs

Hips guide my
Anchored  grip
Steady wave sensation
 ­                      Abandons

Un ami
Elle est pressée
Contre le mur

Tooth locked lip
Breath lost pascals
A pressure release

A poem by A slow Heyoka 2020
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