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  Feb 2017 Dipansh
John F McCullagh
Chewie hasn’t touched his food
I hope he’ll be o.k..
It hasn’t been the same for him
Since Leia passed away.

He’s a melancholy Wookie
as anyone can see.
He mopes around the ship all day
And he’s molting terribly

Twas bad enough when Obi-wan
was struck down by Darth Vader.
But it’s no surprise when an old man dies
That’s expected, now or later.

Our Princess was a force you see
Bringing gales of laughter
which is why we want her here
and not in the hereafter.

He’s a melancholy Wookie
as anyone can see.
He mopes around the ship all day
And he’s molting terribly.

I hope one day we’ll meet again
In Mos Eisley’s Cantina
That gold bikini may not fit
But we’d still be glad to see her.
Carrie Fisher requested that Harrison Ford sing at her memorial Oscar nod.  She suggested he sing "Melancholy Wookie" so i took the liberty of writing his song
Dipansh Jan 2017
becoming friends, falling in love,
seduction and heaven.................
all without a single spoken word.
the look in her eyes..
dusky, dreamy, soul gazing,
understanding, inviting.
a subtle nudge..a cryptic thought..
a picture shared..a quote quoted..
******* heave, without a warning..
breathless........ inexplicably.........
nostrils flared though,
are inadequate to satiate..
breathing now, openmouthed..
once, twice..
an audible sigh..
a long loud warm breath out.
panic ensues..
'did someone hear? did anyone see?'
and the restless..
look at all that God created..
and nothing at all..
a million thoughts invading the mind..
and all that.. all of them at the same time..
a hand on *****, 'calm the **** down..!!'
sweat on upper that condensation?
irrelevant..!! wiped signs of it remain.
a calming breath..a fake smile..
and love is extinct..
at least for now................
This is, i feel, what a woman experiences...
In a span of few minutes... when love carries her away.. her reactions, how she forgets where she is and sighs loudly. And then scolds herself, calms down.. And comes back to reality.. Knowing she'll go back to the other world again.. Because she wants to..
  Jan 2017 Dipansh
Nadine Sharise Hayes
"Out of dark matter the light will form; every trial has an expiration date."

Unbearable dark,
the kind that's pitch black;
Fierce and formidable chaos
consumes everything.

On nights like these
I long for a piece of light,
peace of mind,
a sliver of moonlight
to gleam in the gloom;
an ending to long suffering.

To find shelter
in the open arms of hope,
uplift my soul,
I will cast my burdens
like stones into the riverside,
watch them sink out of sight.

Feast my weary eyes
on the bulb of fireflies,
let my mind break free
of impossibility,
explore the astral plane of dreams;
far from view
of obscene reality,
safe and secure,
knowing this too shall pass.

I will escape the empty glass,
elude the shadows overcast;
outgrow the dead grass.
No longer outcast
I will Breathe
and bloom again at last.
Outlast, the storm.
  Jan 2017 Dipansh
I heard a bird sing today
And stopped still along my way;
My churning thoughts forgotten
In the haunts of yesterday.

Merely for a moment then
I was that younger soul;
Worries gone and wonder found
Atop a snow-capped knoll.

But in another instant
Just the breeze was at my ears.
As I sank into the present
And lost again those stolen years.

Yet, my heart was lighter.
Those problems not so dire.
I just heard a little bird today
While slogging through the mire.
A great walk to a long day.
  Jan 2017 Dipansh
Don't judge the lost soul.
In love with the devil.
Her heart he stole.
The sweet embrace of poison lies.
His slithering tongue between her thighs.
She loves him.
The opportunist embedding lies into her head.
Used her love to get her in bed.
Beautiful man with a sullen soul.
He held her, she felt whole.
Beautiful soul in one gulp.
Aware of his treachery the girl couldn't cry.
The devil took everything, inside she died.
Don't judge the girl with the lost soul.
When everything she felt, he stole.
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