A Mar 25

Remember when the sun kissed you darling?
Look at your skin and the memories will come flooding

A Mar 17

I was never completely sure what love was
Till I looked in the mirror and smiled

A Mar 16

They said there was no space for you
Yet with weak hands you pushed away walls and tore down doors
And now here you are occupying heaven and earth

A Mar 16

I ran,
Only to come back to the same point

A Mar 14

Sometimes depression comes
Do not move furniture
Do not prepare a bed for it
Do not cook foods that clasp the air tightly in an aromatic embrace
Do not make your house a home for it
And it will leave

A Mar 11

Sometimes the stars in your lovers become darkness
It is okay to leave before the darkness swallows your moon

A Mar 7

True love,
True love is me loving my self from bone to skin
From marrow to flesh
True love is me
Appreciating myself
Even when I'm not at my best

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