It's two in the morning
And quiet as the dead.
I can't get you out
Of my fucking head.
The neighborhood's silent
In my space there's no sound
Save the fan blades
As they motor around.
And here in the silence
Unshakable dread
Because I can't get you
Out of my fucking head.
I just wanna sleep, now
But you just won't let me.
You show up at night
Just to haunt and upset me.
It's not the good memories-
They're mostly dead.
It's the bullshit and heartache
That screams in my head.
I'm chemically askew
Eschewed by my slumber
And taller than titans
Your absence does lumber
If I don't get some rest
I'll join you as the dead
And you still won't be out
Of my fucking head.
Come stand beside me,
I don't want to rule the world.
We're all just passing through
Til the final thread's unfurled
But for now, just stand beside me
We'll find some place to hide
and shine down dimly on the world
From some secret hillside.
We'll be a star
Giving warmth and light
And taking a little of the
fear out of the night...

This mess will still be here
About that make no mistake
But maybe just for a moment in time
We need to take a break.
We need to stand in the rain,
and not think about the storm;
to know the cold is still there,
but focus on the warm;
to separate self from self,
and mind from thought, and heart from ache;
So come and stand beside me,
and a deep breath we will take.

Let's hurry off to nowhere,
we'll get there just in time,
and let the whole world melt away
just let the whole world stay away
we don't need it, just for today...
let the real world fade away.
I've been pretty patient with you
You son of a bitch.
What's up?
How you gonna kill
And leave me here with a bunch of assholes I don't even know?
Spineless piece of shit skeleton.
You ain't reaping shit.
I'm 15 percent sorry for this one,
but it 100 percent doesn't matter.
I didn't read the news today
I just didn't care what it had to say
I rolled it up and put it away
I'm gonna keep the peace
I've got no reason to cry
I'm not gonna look for a reason why
Let the whole world pass me by
Cause I'm gonna keep the peace

There's enough to fear and dread
Without shoving more shit in your head
So, write it off and go back to bed
There'll be enough time to stress when we're dead.

The days are long and life is short
Facts are things that they all distort
Just gimme sports and the weather report
And I'm gonna keep the peace.
I hope you'll pardon my dismissive tone
As I turn off the TV and silence my phone
But all the bullshit can leave me alone
Cause I'm gonna keep the peace
No news is good news.
I think I am allergic to
These old photos of me and you
My eyes water; I sniffle, too.
Throat is scratchy, heart aches for you.
I wonder if there's a remedy
For this pollenated memory
Allergic to it, I must be-
Your image makes a mess of me.
For my moms... all three of the women that filled the role.
I gotta get outta here, man.
The smell of broken dreams
Hangs thick on everything
Til you can't wash it out.
The whole damned town is
Self-medicated into a state of
Absolute acceptance of
The shit they're hip deep in.

I gotta get out of here.
My empathy is contorted
Into apathy, because it's easier
More convenient to not give a damn,
To hide in my sociopath shell
Knowing the world is burning outside
But my AC works, so screw it.
I'm good.

I gotta get outta here
Before I become what I hate
Or somebody that I hate
Hate, in general, seems to be
A motivating factor in all this.
It seems now to outweigh the love
That used to make all my major decisions.
Call it a defense mechanism
Or cynicism, or whatever.
I'm starting to think it's evolution.
It's part of the cycle, the great circle-jerk of life,
It's all vigor and enthusiasm
Til you've peaked.
Then comes the shame and regret.
I'm joking, but only slightly.
Damn, I gotta get out of here.
Time to change my scenery, and hopefully my disposition.
Yellowed monochrome photographs
Like albums packed with epitaphs
Lie stacked one upon another
By the bedside of her grandmother

With weathered hands and weary eyes
She turns each page, and softly sighs
As fragile memories return
Her heart will ache, her eyes will burn.

For hours, she will reminisce
Though piecemeal, memories persist,
and she'll whisper a prayer, eyes wet,
"Jesus, please, don't let me forget."
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