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Pockets Aug 2020
What an ******* I must be
To have the audacity
To fall in love
As the world is ending
To stand face to face with hate
And not hesitate
To say I’m in love
Fully and wholeheartedly in love
With the world
With the girl
With the feeling that feeling this good should never be criminal
If this is our last hora
Lets make it loud
So We got a soundtrack
when the building start to crumble down
Pockets Aug 2020
One day I will write my last words
Then they can be counted
But until then I am infinite
I can always get better
I can always get worse
Even if I stop for awhile
I will always have words

Do not ever let anyone tell you
That you have lost it
That you are ready to be counted
If you still have blood in your brain
And ink on your tongue
You are infinite
The alpha the omega
The beginning the end
Let your words be the 2nd coming
While your still here
You are no number
You are everything
Pockets Aug 2020
Fleas ****
Flies ****
You ****
I ****
And when we ****
It sure does feel like love

**** me
**** everything

What the ****
Would I even do
If I didn’t meet someone
As ******* special as you
Pockets Aug 2020
Black Sabbath baptist
Sings heavy metal gospel
Every Sunday morn
Pockets Aug 2020
Dreaming of Ireland
Dreaming of freedom
The kind of freedom America only promises
Green Fields
Red headed women
Dutch gold Dublin dew
Wrapped in a brown paper bag
I wish I was there with you
but the world had other plans
My love
My home
Ill see you soon
Or die trying
Pockets Aug 2020
Lets get drunk and pretend were in love
So when we wake up lonely tomorrow
We will at least have a sweet memory
Of what never was
Pockets Aug 2020
Sleep ran away with the sheep
It Made me wonder how I messed up counting
Now it’s 2 am and I’m struggling with the math
Adding in distractions
As the hours subtract
I wish I was back in class
All I did was sleep then If only I could do that now
Maybe I need to be laying on a note book and pencil
While I listen to some old person *****
that ill need to know this
You know Thinking about it tho ain’t that some ****
School couldn’t even teach me how to sleep
Yet they try to value
the weight of your dreams
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