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Orakhal Sep 2020
We met briefly
I was the one you didn't see
but intimately
dailythoughts Jun 2020
what's the worst that can happen?
test your luck honey
Sara Mar 2020
Energy is so unique
it speaks
straight to the soul and
wraps like ribbons round the bones.

Soft like smoke to touch,
but hot like smoke in the lungs.
You don't need to say too much,
unspoken words say enough.

It's not simply mystical
Einstein said it's empirical
since everything's vibrational;
why do we seal our lips and
claim love is unascertainable?

imagine how much love we let pass us by because we don't speak out
Angelito D Libay Mar 2020
Your voice is a music to my ear.
Even if i may not see you, but seems you're here.
Now I am giving to you my love and care.
Please accept it, I am sending it through air.
Irakli Beria Mar 2020
That you are far away
And you don't know me
Behold, I send you the feeling
Which I invented…
It's not abstract at all,
On the contrary
You can touch it
And felt his high fever,
Severe illness
Of course
where shall I send my poems?**

to my eyelashes,
for they beat irregularly
unconcealed and unconscious
like my poems

to my fingertips,
where they are released fluidly
they grasp, strained and staining, tapping breaths
like my poems

to my smile,
fleeting and happy weeping fortuitously
a lifetime of a whisper, glimpsed and gone
like my poems

to my brain,
where they are symmetrically born only to die ceremonially
a fireworks duration evaporating into a rich velvet
like my poems

like my poems,
none will survive me,
blemishes, pockmarks, beauty marks, residues,
in a flash bang born, in a flash bang consumed

3:08am dec. 9 2019
Srinidhi Girish Dec 2019
Change is a very big part in our life
Actually life it self is a change
Days change
Climates change
Months change
Situations change
And obviously people change
It's easy for us to accept it when it takes place in a positive way
Then why do we struggle to fit ourselves into a negative change
When it's a positive change we are ready to take the credits for it
But when it's the other way so why are we afraid of its repercussions
Why is it hard to accept our faults which brought the change
A caterpillar has to undergo metamorphosis to become a beautiful butterfly but why is it hard to take up the struggle after all you are going to emerge as an epitome of beauty
Even then why does the fear of being crushed in the struggle comes up
Why does the heart pain on thinking about the change
Why does it ache , ache so terribly
Here i am
Going through a change
A terrible change
Will i ever get through this
Will i ever accept it as a part of nature
Will i ever get used to the pain this fear gives
Even if I don't the change does not give a **** about it coz its a not a pigeon to be stopped by the storm its an eagle which flies above it overcoming all the obstacles and proving its cause...
The change might give you loneliness frustration and may make the life darker but there is light in the end of the way
Don't lose hope strong soul
A changing soul
Erian Rose Oct 2019
Every blush you send my way
It makes me hope we can be together
Yesterday I followed her on Instagram,
I guess watching her stories is no harm;
Oh, nothing matches hers charm,
and her thoughts were pretty much warm
"TEXT HER"- my heart raised an alarm.

HER about displays "#QUEENDOM",
Reading down I asked myself;
what's the need to her Royalty?
Maybe to evince your Loyalty.

She wears motley set of opinions,
Oh, one of her post says She hate onions.
Her reviews about movies and books shows her Morality,
so you can't shield yourself if you are guilty.

That snoozed alarm hits again;
I don't have words to go beyond her Reign,
The disarmed thoughts were on the run again,
So I thought to send her the above mentioned words
Which were not that much certain.
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