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JAM Jul 2015
Some of us just wanna live
Some of them just wanna die

We'll do things they never did
They do things we'd never try

They look for beauty like it's been hid
We look for beauty in the holders eye

Most of them will have some kids
Most of us will stay kids flying kites

I just wanna be
You just want me to never leave

I just wanna plant this seed
You want me cause I'm what you need

- J.A.M
JAM Apr 2015
I can't wait to get off that plane
Kiss you, watch your face turn red and
Let the endorphins flood your brain

It's sad to know three days later I'll be gone
Not sure of when I'll return again

Too good to be true could fit this situation, but there's nothing "too good" about it

The lackluster notion of how much is just wants floating around in our hearts turns me to stone and I keep reaching for something to give me some type of leverage on reality

So much of me is magnetized to you, yet so much of me has no clue

What it's really gonna take to make this real, what it's really gonna take to make or break our ordeal

I'll let it run it's course, but I can't act surprised
When everything I want drowns in the blink of your eyes

Nothing ever gets in my way if I really want something, but your not just "some thing"
Your human, you have your own wants, your own needs, you have a heart, and you have feelings

I'm gonna do my best to make my chest a place where you can frequently lay your head to rest


I want nothing from you, but if you want you can be everything to me

Now if this wasn't ******* corny enough, than I don't know what is....
Unfortunately I love you to death and I'm just "thinking out loud"

JAM Sep 2014
Nothing to read here.... Just wondering why.   I notice if I constantly post, I trend, get 'likes' and Comments all the time.  I guess I'm just expressing what it's like to know how political and influential others are to what gets read and what doesn't. Unfortunately, there is so much artistic and expressional work on this site that never gets read...
JAM Aug 2014
Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing
But a bad thing could be a good dream
Let the wind blow and let the heat release
Pressure on the seam needs to be relieved, so let the stitches rip and throw away the pet peeves
Grant a breathe to whats left and let it breathe

Give up a little bit, give a kick to your troubles kid and just walk this earth with intent to live

Some... Someone once told me
Some... Someone once showed me
One... Once upon a time
Someone told me
Not to pay attention to time and just live boldly

Give a lil' bit and get a lot more
Hear the clock click as the ship hits the shore
Now your livin'
Now... What more could you ask for?

Stress may get the best of the best
And the luckiest may become unlucky and be quickly laid to rest

Just continue to stay stationed
In a venue where your complacent
As life falls into a crevice adjacent...
JAM Aug 2014
I fall in love with my ideas at night
Call upon smiles and tears my of life
Its all ups and downs, lefts and rights
Grippin' this beer doesn't helps me keep up the fight

I sever my truths and lies,
So no need to use a disguise, but some will never know who and who's  not on their side,
It's A Matrix type surprise

You'd think so much expierence
Would leave me fearless, but the world is deaf and nobody hears this

Drip, drip, drop.
Is it blood or rain, no one can explain their plot
So I sing, sing, sing along cause it wont be long until I'm skippin rocks in a pond
Wishing I could light my own fires and drop my own bombs
Few can relate to the way my thoughts detonate so they try to separate reality from fiction with great debates
Makes me feel awkward as ****, like I been stuffed in a locker and im stuck, but I could shift this ****, if I just had a proper clucth
So...good luck... tryin to relate *******, i got more miles on me than interstate truckers
I help the devil sell dreams to crippled human beings that know what it means
To need to feed cause we feign to bleed
On my nightstand lie a couple of things, 2 sticks of lung disease, 1 magazine and 1 pic of a dead human being
JAM Jul 2014
Every now and then when you can't eacape through your pen
When there's no letter to send, no heart to mend, you can't pretend
That perhaps you might just wanna collapse cause you feel so trapped
Like your foreheads been stamped, with "out of order" cause the light bulb won't light up in your lamp...

JAM Jul 2014
Not spoiled or rotten, but I might be rotting
Cause I'm everything you never wanted, but you got me
Turning the page... as the page flipped you metaphorically shot me

A quick shift of the hips, as you puckered a kiss, you needed to turn the page so you licked, your thumb and your fingertip then gave it a flick

Tell me, tell, tell, tell me... What you thought I was
Tell me, tell, tell, tell me... Everything you want cause
I'm right here... Right, right here my dear.

The way this was written is so descriptive you might as well have a prescription of your own incentives, but instead you dismissed it for a place in the fake heavens with the rest of those *******

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