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Jun 2022 · 372
Winter Knows Best
Jim Jun 2022
Close the window
For the wind echoes my name
The snows have passed but the cold remains
And I feel the distance of summer again

I am held lovingly in the arms of the season
But at the mercy of nature to do as it pleases
And the winter knows better than to argue or reason
Jan 2022 · 848
The picture I see..
Jim Jan 2022
The mirror is shining
It’s reflecting me
I’m not so sure I like the picture I see

Yes, I love this person
I love this me
But I’m not so sure I like the picture I see

My eyes blink
Eyebrows ruffle
Been some long livin
Seen some short troubles

Unwinding through turns
Bends in the street
I’m not so sure of this trek I seek

I see where I come from
I discretely feel free
I’m just not sure of the trek I seek

Footprints form
Owls wing
The future unfolds
While destiny sings
I’m not so sure what all of this means
Jan 2022 · 112
Jim Jan 2022
I am full of gratitude
You can call it an aptitude
To be thankful for what I’ve got

I’ve led a life of fortune
Located all that’s important
In the simple things that exist

I have strived for glory
Tried to fight all my worries
And I still have a ways to go

But I’m content in this day
More than I could possibly say
And so I just smile instead
Nov 2021 · 67
Just a bit of poetry
Jim Nov 2021
I heard it in my head, I didn't read it in my head
sometimes a poem MUST be read
out loud where certain tones are achieved
something you just don't get when you read
the words within your mind - they must escape and take form
where passion and expression are born
it is a performance.. it is a delivery
it's just a bit of poetry
Oct 2021 · 240
This and the other
Jim Oct 2021
I’ll write one because I have the time
One for the angels and for the devils combined
To yin and yang to black and white
I write this for the conflicts of day and night

To duality of man and nature I scribble
To the top and the bottom
From the outside to the middle

For the rich, for the poor
For the hungry and the filled
I write my words to the adult and the child

My physical body describing spiritual thoughts
I ponder the living, the dead, both the cold and the hot

Moving forward, looking back
Spinning around while staying straight on track
Masculine, feminine, struggling and thriving
To those walking, to others flying

An occupied room, a vacant lot
The lines that were empty are now filled up
While both exist in different hours
I wrote because I had the power
Oct 2021 · 577
Memories and Dreams
Jim Oct 2021
Always oranges, purples and yellows
Always springtime, always in meadows
Dew on the leaves - a doe stirring at dawn
The finches each chirping their favorite song
An eagles screech under high mountains peak
Always blue skies up above
A tree line of pines
The passing of time
These are the memories that I love

Constant sounds, lights & bustle
Constant reminder of a daily hustle
Screeching bus brakes, the jingle of change
Consistent feeling of oncoming rain
Car horns blare in the thick gray air
A restless sleep if any
For buildings sway
And minutes pass like days
Of these dreams, I have had many
Sep 2021 · 464
Soon I will be leaving
Jim Sep 2021
Another time, another space
A breath from fear and grieving
The sunlight fills an empty void
But soon I will be leaving

Tire tracks on dusty roads
Her crimson heart lay beating
Generations of divided families
Yes, soon I will be leaving

The destination was never known
Each path opaque and deceiving
As soft as ravens opal wings
And soon I will be leaving

Watching rose blossoms grow
This gift is for receiving
Comfort found in the daze of summer
So, soon I will be leaving

Don’t run, please stay awhile
Hope and love can be deceiving
My back turned towards the bell tower
For now I will be leaving
Sep 2021 · 1.1k
Never Very Long
Jim Sep 2021
I was given a riddle where the waters run red
I was given hope from a forgotten friend
I found a hard stone lying in the soft grass
I sat and I waited for more time to pass

With each breath, the clouds drifted by
The song bird hummed and the day became night
A crack in the distance as the land split in two
The handmaid fled to an evening rendezvous

Bright ripples formed in the fabric of time
I showed up and found I was last in line
I peered at my watch looking for answers
The clock exclaimed “now!” and the futures been canceled

And though the cold tightens my skin
And the cricket sings my song
The road is full of twists, turns and heartache
But it was never very long
May 2021 · 65
Twenty One Days
Jim May 2021
I told her to wait while I took a trip
It wouldn't take long and I'd be home quick
Just heading to France, be back in a zip.

Packed up a bag and loaded a trunk
wished everybody the best of luck
And hoped that I had brought enough.

When I returned one and twenty days later
I placed a call in order to meet her
Made plans at Mario's to grab some dinner.

Dessert was a treat, we split the bill
I had thought it a date... that is, until
She shared a story of her new love, Bill!

Twenty one days was too much to ask
So I bought a plane ticket with a fast pass
To return sooner for my lady in France.
Apr 2021 · 288
Closer to heaven
Jim Apr 2021
Hang me high,
closer to heaven when I die.
I'll have less steps to climb.

Place my ashes on Mistral winds
over tranquil pastures.
I will spread to the lands I have traveled.

Wipe your tears with pictures of us.
On better days
with any luck
I will live in memories
Apr 2021 · 829
And the air blew by..
Jim Apr 2021
Sat down to listen to the world today:

Heard a holler from the wood shoutin’, “They’re takin’ my land away!”

“They’re takin’ my fish and poisonin’ the waters.” I heard the ocean say.

And the air blew by with all the same problems ~ except it was enjoying the day.
Apr 2021 · 769
I am writing..
Jim Apr 2021
I am writing.
I am writing some words.
I am writing some words that are meant to be heard.

They’re meant to be heard;
to be heard by a few.
A few will hear, including you.

What did you think, now that you’ve heard?
What do you think when you heard all the words?
..when you heard the words written to the few.
The few that did hear (that included you).
Apr 2021 · 104
I speak of fire..
Jim Apr 2021
I speak of fire
Wild dancing flame
Of love and of passion
A light hot blaze

And I fear this flame
It’s glint, the terror, the soul
I fear to lose all my control
Yet curiosity... then intrigue
Such marvelous power
Cities raised, hearts cower
And as time trips forward
As flame cast a shadow
May this light never dim
on my internal battle
Apr 2021 · 422
Nothing But The Wind
Jim Apr 2021
And where were you when I needed you the most.
As I was wrenching on the floor -- pleading with my ghosts.
When my burden was too much, when I looked in your direction.
Nothing but the wind I felt, and the cold tear of rejection.
Apr 2021 · 892
Handful of roses
Jim Apr 2021
I’m happy to have a handful of roses
Soft yellows, deep reds, pure white..

Yet the first petal wilts and the thorns have been stripped
As the end of the line comes up quick
And the two headed coin wasn’t ever flipped
Time to pick some new flowers to sniff
Mar 2021 · 177
Jim Mar 2021
Watch the moon go across the sky
as you lie on your back and wonder why
or how on this planet we came to be
evolved from fish or decedents of Eve

Though none of it matters for we cannot go back
time moves forward as a matter of fact
just as the past, the future is unknown
except to the mystic and their crystal ball showing

The paths of men, women and beast
the future of war and lacking of peace
They see such doom and unfortunate pain
They see the young who end up insane

And other youth ruined as they grow old
tainted and rotted -- lost in the world
lost in themselves from the moment of birth
some unlit candles lacking self worth

lacking the chance their ancestors got
who ***** all the land, bickered and fought
A blind group of creatures who just couldn't see
the sacrifices WE made so they could be free
Mar 2021 · 272
You Are Enough
Jim Mar 2021
I say again you’re special
I say again you’re loved
I think it’s time you realized
That you are enough
Feb 2021 · 228
The Song I Sing
Jim Feb 2021
Her body was acoustic
Her skin a melody
My mind hung on every note
As she sung her life to me

Her passion was a crescendo
Although her tone was soft
With a cadence of bounding horses
She threw my rhythm off

I felt all of my heart strings
Pop, break and go out of tune
Her voice cracked -  All I heard was feedback
As she measured me up from across the room

I walked to her in 3/4 time
I struck up a chord - she told me a rhyme

She was well versed in French poetry
A deep bodied bass with fine copper strings

I was her rosin
I was her trill
Together we sang
We're singing still

Her body acoustic
Her skin a melody
Her mind on different wavelengths
She's the song I sing
Feb 2021 · 344
Jim Feb 2021
Drugs never felt so good
as when they're covering pain
They're the umbrella put up
to keep out the rain

Sometimes it's nice, but right now
I don't want to get wet
So, pass the bottle, spark a joint,
and roll another cigarette
Feb 2021 · 693
Time to move along
Jim Feb 2021
Made everything so simple, it became complicated
Found what I was looking for.. couldn't get situated
Now I'm just frustrated

My best laid plan was a dream all along
Tricked into believing about right and wrong..
Now feels like the right time to move on
Feb 2021 · 233
The Midnight Clock
Jim Feb 2021
A lot of times I walk alone
And wonder as I walk
How would it be if I were never born
12 bells of the midnight clock

I think first of my family
And then -- to my friends
And the times we had spent together
That never would have been

The many people that crossed my path
Even if only brief
For it doesn’t take long to share a moment
That lasts an eternity

So I may never know what could
And couldn’t be
But looking back at all I’ve done
It’s been worth it to be me
Feb 2021 · 90
Robbed By Nature
Jim Feb 2021
I was robbed by nature
The only thing stollen was my life

I've been bound and held against my will
Forced to face simple beauty

Made to leave the technologies of man behind
And I have not looked back
Jan 2021 · 752
Here Alone I Stand
Jim Jan 2021
I am trying to feel anything
Like others across the land
With senses dulled
And feelings cold
Here alone I stand
Jan 2021 · 69
The doors of protection
Jim Jan 2021
No one thanks a door for doing what it's told
Though very important is the job they hold
Think of all the cold and bugs they keep away
So, thank the lord for doors when you pray.
Jan 2021 · 86
Jim Jan 2021
There might just be a monster in there
I heard some noise, some snivel, I swear
I called my pap to come check it out
It was just him in the closet mucking about.
Jan 2021 · 619
Stupid, I say..
Jim Jan 2021
Stupid, I say
You're all dumb and dull
They're a ***** and she's a troll

I'm right there too
As lame as them or her
Whose the dumbest? Of that I'm unsure.

So lets run a test
To see who knows what
An IQ exam should tell us a lot

She got a 5
They got the same
I failed for not even writing my name.
Dec 2020 · 75
Lost Treasure
Jim Dec 2020
A jacket with a zipper
A sweater with a hood
A turtle neck with long sleeves
That'll suit me good

Pants with holes and patches
A belt too big around
A pair of shoes one size too small
I love the lost and found
Oct 2020 · 152
The Red Setting Sun
Jim Oct 2020
Let the sails billow
Let the winds drum
Bring forth the waves
In the red setting sun

The future is still
A glassy sea comes
Now is not that time
In the red setting sun

Hold firm the stern
There's work to be done
If we are to see another
Red setting sun
Oct 2020 · 155
Him In The Mirror
Jim Oct 2020
See me in the mirror
I have aged
The same, but different
I feel that I am here
I see that he is not
As time passes, again I will stare
But I will not be there
I see that he will
Oct 2020 · 172
A leaf!
Jim Oct 2020
A leaf, a leaf!
Some red, some yellow, some green
They're jagged
They're smooth
Some ribbed
Some pruned

Fallen from the tree or bush they once grew
turned brown and crinkled then stepped on with a shoe!
Sep 2020 · 44
Talk To Me
Jim Sep 2020
Hey, it's my shadow!
on the shade of a rock
Facing back at me there
refusing to talk
Sep 2020 · 161
Once I leave..
Jim Sep 2020
Once I leave..
Once I go..
I leave behind
My troubles and woes

Onward I pass
With time frozen still
Escape from reality
Unguided free will

As I go..
Once I leave..
Weep for me not
Golden pastures I seek

Good fortune I follow
The road guides me so
Pray for me yes!
As onward I go!
Jul 2020 · 112
Jim Jul 2020
Oh jeeze
I made a mistake
Ignored wise advice
Tread on the snake
Count that as number 8973
And add some pain and experience to me
Jul 2020 · 63
Where do you go..
Jim Jul 2020
Where do you go to watch the rain
Do you sit inside behind a window pane
Or under some shelter, out in the storm
bundled together, huddled for warmth

Do you dress in some gear and step out into the falls
Then let it just hit you like teardrops from gods
Shut your eyes tight and take it all in
Let your mind wander through the waddling wind

Where do you go to watch the rain
Tell me about it, then tell it again.

What do you do to enjoy the sun
Do you creep outside and go for a run
Or basque in it's rays and reap in its glory
Think of your habit, then tell me the story

Could it be you are blind from looking too long
Captivation from beauty couldn't be wrong
And even with no sight you can still feel it's heat
Oh how nice to enjoy something so sweet

What do you do to enjoy the sun
Tell me about it, It'll be fun

How do you come to know who you are
Did you have to look low, did you have to look far
Was it something you felt since the day you were born
Or are you still searching, lost, battered and worn

How do you come to know who you be
What do you think, could you tell it to me?
Jul 2020 · 88
I Wish Not To Remember
Jim Jul 2020
How do you forget what you want to forget
When all you can do -- is think about it.
Jul 2020 · 58
Jim Jul 2020
Hello, how are you?

The porridge is cold and I'm not okay.
Jul 2020 · 70
Jim Jul 2020
How are you?

I'm not ok.
Jul 2020 · 62
I want to write
Jim Jul 2020
I want to write and have a million poems
to be prolific is the goal.
But, I lack inspiration to grab a pen
and sit down to write in my journal

I came to a conclusion; to be worthy of my time
my words would need meaning and soul
on how I was wrong and misguided in thought
but, it's ok for now I know.

Or how I remember why I compose at all
What attraction brings me back?
It is to read my own thoughts and memories I wrote
to help more daytime pass

Good or bad, short or long.. I am entertained
my efforts are lost in the process as creation begins an unending chain
that starts and continues everlasting in the boundary of my brain
Jul 2020 · 98
Death is on it's way
Jim Jul 2020
Death is on it's way, it's coming for me
Unsure may I be of the length of it's journey
Train A leaves the station moving through time and space
Train B catching up at a lifetime's pace
Bound to meet somewhere ahead on the track
At the very moment when earthly life has passed
Into the tunnel shaded in black
Never to return, never even look back
Jun 2020 · 58
a chandelier of diamonds
Jim Jun 2020
a chandelier of diamonds
paints colors around
the dark abyss of
a cold, lonely,
darkened hole
of a shack
Jim Apr 2020
Bippidy boppidy hizidy who
I looked down at my untied shoe
I though to myself, well what are you going to do?
Bippidy boppidy hizidy who

Clippidy clappidy tinsity tam
I just shrugged my shoulders and raised my hands
Bamboozled at the predicament I's in
Clippidy clappidy tinsity tam

Bippidy boppidy hizidy hide
I had to stop and lose my stride
Not to mention the loss of all that time
Bippidy boppidy hizidy hide
Apr 2020 · 64
The Billionaires
Jim Apr 2020
Well, I am thoroughly confused
About which of my rights are being abused
The branches of balance seem misused
Seems like the billionaires have nothing to lose
Apr 2020 · 57
Jim Apr 2020
The house it lay atop the hill
Atop the hill, across the river
Across the river from the town
The town down ways from the field

From the field up to the plains
Up to the plains and on to the desert
The desert leading to a high mountain peak
A peak with more than one side

The distant side giving way to coastal beaches
Coastal beaches with houses atop their hills
Atop their hills covered in sky

A sky that stretches above all hilltops
and rivers and towns and fields
And plains and deserts and mountains and coastlines
Ah, what a wonderful sky!
Jan 2020 · 64
The Rules of Haiku Haiku
Jim Jan 2020
First line has five claps
Second line has two extra
Third goes back to five
Jan 2020 · 54
A Numbered Haiku
Jim Jan 2020
Zero, One, Two, Three
Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine
Ten, Eleven, Twelve
Jan 2020 · 72
The Haiku Poem
Jim Jan 2020
I wrote a poem
I wanted to try haiku's
This is that poem
Sep 2019 · 129
To The Writer
Jim Sep 2019
Start a new one, better this time
use bigger words and think of more rhymes
invest some time to diction and theory
use alliteration like "while I wandered weak and weary"

That was stolen, yes, from Edgar Allen Poe
read some of his and the rest of the pros
think it all through, write a rough draft
fix the mistakes you've made in the past

In this odd way you'll make better yourself,
evolve as an artist, and make the top shelf
if that's not the goal, if you've never realized
that you're the true reader, you may be surprised

Before we can share and influence the rest
an author should feel they've produced their best
and if not accomplished or unsatisfied..
start a new one, better this time
Sep 2019 · 73
I don't have much
Jim Sep 2019
I don't have you,
But I have a bottle of *****

I don't have time,
but I have nothing on my To Do list

I don't have anger,
but there are 4 holes in my wall

I don't have talent,
but I've made it this far

I have no food,
but I walked past a vegetable garden

I don't have love,
but three people smiled at me today

I can't hear music,
but my heart still stays on beat

I'm not lonely,
but no one talks to me

I have no land,
but I'm standing on something steady

I have no one,
but I still wake each day
Sep 2019 · 92
'Tis but a sad day
Jim Sep 2019
'Tis but a sad day on my journey through time.
Hath I worry, 'tis true, for mine own sorrow dost afflict me nay.
Durst I not give way to stand the persecutor of mine own bewitchment.
Nay shall I cast aside life's trials lain before me!
Ever shall my light glow in this endarkened hour.
Sep 2019 · 151
The west, oh she calls..
Jim Sep 2019
The west, oh she calls to me
Her speech of falling leaves from her highest mountain peaks
I fawn to her prairied lands
I gawk at nature's pallet
For to be of this land is to be of infinite fortune
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