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Jim Jun 2022
Close the window
For the wind echoes my name
The snows have passed but the cold remains
And I feel the distance of summer again

I am held lovingly in the arms of the season
But at the mercy of nature to do as it pleases
And the winter knows better than to argue or reason
Jim Jan 2022
The mirror is shining
It’s reflecting me
I’m not so sure I like the picture I see

Yes, I love this person
I love this me
But I’m not so sure I like the picture I see

My eyes blink
Eyebrows ruffle
Been some long livin
Seen some short troubles

Unwinding through turns
Bends in the street
I’m not so sure of this trek I seek

I see where I come from
I discretely feel free
I’m just not sure of the trek I seek

Footprints form
Owls wing
The future unfolds
While destiny sings
I’m not so sure what all of this means
Jim Jan 2022
I am full of gratitude
You can call it an aptitude
To be thankful for what I’ve got

I’ve led a life of fortune
Located all that’s important
In the simple things that exist

I have strived for glory
Tried to fight all my worries
And I still have a ways to go

But I’m content in this day
More than I could possibly say
And so I just smile instead
Jim Nov 2021
I heard it in my head, I didn't read it in my head
sometimes a poem MUST be read
out loud where certain tones are achieved
something you just don't get when you read
the words within your mind - they must escape and take form
where passion and expression are born
it is a performance.. it is a delivery
it's just a bit of poetry
Jim Oct 2021
I’ll write one because I have the time
One for the angels and for the devils combined
To yin and yang to black and white
I write this for the conflicts of day and night

To duality of man and nature I scribble
To the top and the bottom
From the outside to the middle

For the rich, for the poor
For the hungry and the filled
I write my words to the adult and the child

My physical body describing spiritual thoughts
I ponder the living, the dead, both the cold and the hot

Moving forward, looking back
Spinning around while staying straight on track
Masculine, feminine, struggling and thriving
To those walking, to others flying

An occupied room, a vacant lot
The lines that were empty are now filled up
While both exist in different hours
I wrote because I had the power
Jim Oct 2021
Always oranges, purples and yellows
Always springtime, always in meadows
Dew on the leaves - a doe stirring at dawn
The finches each chirping their favorite song
An eagles screech under high mountains peak
Always blue skies up above
A tree line of pines
The passing of time
These are the memories that I love

Constant sounds, lights & bustle
Constant reminder of a daily hustle
Screeching bus brakes, the jingle of change
Consistent feeling of oncoming rain
Car horns blare in the thick gray air
A restless sleep if any
For buildings sway
And minutes pass like days
Of these dreams, I have had many
Jim Sep 2021
Another time, another space
A breath from fear and grieving
The sunlight fills an empty void
But soon I will be leaving

Tire tracks on dusty roads
Her crimson heart lay beating
Generations of divided families
Yes, soon I will be leaving

The destination was never known
Each path opaque and deceiving
As soft as ravens opal wings
And soon I will be leaving

Watching rose blossoms grow
This gift is for receiving
Comfort found in the daze of summer
So, soon I will be leaving

Don’t run, please stay awhile
Hope and love can be deceiving
My back turned towards the bell tower
For now I will be leaving
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