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Jim 5d
Her body was acoustic
Her skin a melody
My mind hung on every note
As she sung her life to me

Her passion was a crescendo
Although her tone was soft
With a cadence of bounding horses
She threw my rhythm off

I felt all of my heart strings
Pop, break and go out of tune
He voice cracked
All I heard was feedback
As she measured me up from across the room

I walk to her in 3/4 time
I struck up a chord - she told me a rhyme

She was well versed in french poetry
A deep bodied bass with fine copper strings

I was her rosin
I was her trill
Together we sang
We're singing still

Her body acoustic
Her skin a melody
Her mind on different wavelengths
She's the song I sing
Jim Feb 5
Drugs never felt so good
as when they're covering pain
They're the umbrella put up
to keep out the rain

Sometimes it's nice, but right now
I don't want to get wet
So, pass the bottle, spark a joint,
and roll another cigarette
Jim Feb 5
Made everything so simple, it became complicated
Found what I was looking for.. couldn't get situated
Now I'm just frustrated

My best laid plan was a dream all along
Tricked into believing in right vs. wrong
Now it's time to move along
Jim Feb 3
A lot of times I walk alone
And wonder as I walk
How would it be if I were never born
12 bells of the midnight clock

I think first of my family
And then -- to my friends
And the times we had spent together
That never would have been

The many people that crossed my path
Even if only brief
For it doesn’t take long to share a moment
That lasts an eternity

So I may never know what could
And couldn’t be
But looking back at all I’ve done
It’s been worth it to be me
Jim Feb 3
I was robbed by nature
The only thing stollen was my life

I've been bound and held against my will
Forced to face simple beauty

Made to leave the technologies of man behind
And I have not looked back
Jim Jan 27
I am trying to feel anything
Like others across the land
With senses dulled
And feelings cold
Here alone I stand
Jim Jan 13
No one thanks a door for doing what it's told
Though very important is the job they hold
Think of all the cold and bugs they keep away
So, thank the lord for doors when you pray.
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