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Kylie Nov 2018
alcohol taste better than you
atleast it make me feel better
but you make me feel worse
Kylie Oct 2018
You’re the art
I can’t look at anymore
Even the most beautiful art can hurt

You’re the art
Always appreciate by others
always the center of attention
Always making me feel unbearable
Kylie Oct 2018
Let yourself free
handcuffed to others life
living to their expectations

What have they done to you?
How can you be so reckless?
Just to satisfy their expectations

The weight is too much
maybe you give yourself
a break from others expectation

Look at yourself from the mirror
is this who you are?
or this is what expectation made of you

Maybe stop trying to change
be free from all of the expectation given to you
Break the chain from them
and choose yourself for once
Kylie Oct 2018
I am temporary
I only love those who cannot love back
But they always look back

I play this game with my heart
so I don’t know the broken
A new broken of loving and
being loved only to watch it break.

You can’t even see what you do to me
because your heart can’t love
You are just playing a game
Kylie Oct 2018
As long as you live
There’s always something
Waiting and Wanting
Even if it’s bad or good
Thought it’s bad
What can you do?
You can’t stop living
Kylie Oct 2018
At 4 am she lays in bed
staring at the ceiling
listening to her favorite song

thinking of all the things she's done wrong
or what would happen if she didn't done that
thinking who left and stay in her life
why would they left and stay?

she's not even special
a ordinary girl with a messed up mind
what's so unique about that

she blames even thought it's no one's fault
suddenly she starts crying out of nowhere
she's finally break down her walls

she's not strong as she was once
Kylie Oct 2018
with a heart like that
she deserve the world but
instead you break her

at least break me nicely
so i can be a mosaic to
another person heart
Kylie Oct 2018
if you get lost in the great big ocean
i'll find you
Kylie Oct 2018
The memories of us flow like water through my mind
I used to know exactly how to swim around them
Make them fall into the river,and swim right through them

It wasn’t until you asked why i love to swim
That i realized swimming could be so dangerous
My words felt shallow under your devastating gaze
And they falter,crumbled. Until you drown me

Now i’m drained and reaching for your love
Grasping for air that you don’t want to share
You can’t write about something you can’t feel
And now i can’t feel anything
Kylie Oct 2018
giving other lives a meaning
not caring about yourself
is that what selfless is

you don’t even care
when you’re happy or not
as long as they’re happy
even without you
Kylie Oct 2018
we hide because
we want to be found
we walkaway just to
see who will follow
we cry to see
who will wipe our tears away
we let our hearts break just to
see who will fix them

— The End —