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rig Apr 30
i name any
enemy o’ mine
an ammonia
man o’ money?
oh no, on many a nome.

“okay, okay, don’t hurt yourself.”
credit to the last line goes to Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson, and David Reynolds
Some need to break mountains
to carve a path
Many will take and be led by the well trodden path

The  path laid by life we tread
that leads to self
Maybe finding Nemo on the way

Undefined the destiny
May it lead to the best
Bringing love peace harmony  
Dashrath Manjhi
The man who broke the mountain with just hammer and carved a path with chisel
Z Feb 2019
Reverie remember me
Dreams like penitentiary
And they just won’t let me go
It’s my ego, it’s montego bay
It’s hard to say like “anemone”
Another day another Hennessy
and i’m drowning away
Craving useless euphemisms, i’m still lost at sea
Haunted by consumerism, the ghost of Ronnie McD,
Mr. Clown meet mr. Clownfish
Mr. Marty lost his son
So i ain’t the only one actively and theatrically
looking for “no one”
-Nemo is Latin for nobody
-Montego Bay is a song by my favorite rapper, Noname
Kylie Oct 2018
if you get lost in the great big ocean
i'll find you
elizabeth Dec 2016
"You think you can,
But you just can't, Nemo!"

You're right.
I can't. I can't do anything.
So goodbye, Dad.
I'm leaving. Forever.
I'll see you
Wherever fish go
When they die.
December 21, 2016
ΟΥΤΙΣ Mar 2015
her spine
lay lengthwise
speed bumps for my
to carefully explore—
tracing out tattoos of a
satisfied itch
i mustn’t get too eager
idyllic in my state
sunken into my bed
and head into pillow
and my chest for hers
her cheek rides like
rolling whitecaps of the
upon my rising breast
her head is here
but her mind soars elsewhere
anchored in clouds of sleep
while i lay grounded
stroking across her back
staring at my
drinking in all i can
with my finger tips
etching a route through
her spine
ΟΥΤΙΣ Mar 2015
under these ocean waves
sheltered from apollo’s rays
old neptune’s tower lays
with travertine and marbled glaze
and filled to brim with tiny faes
the twilight crawls with little haste
to bring a night that lasts for days
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