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Kylie Feb 2020
To think, we’ve together for so long
Counting down days until that day
Yes, we’re in-love
We had our debates
Anyway happy anniversary

I love you within all my heart
Adore you even when you’re stubborn
Supporting you and your dreams
I will continue too
Yes love, all my love
To my baboy.
Kylie Feb 2020

i want to express my feelings for you
i can´t use words and action
i´m used to pour love with material things

i wanted to express what i mean
when i say i love you
but there aren´t enough words
Kylie Feb 2020
I’m not looking for perfection
I’m not looking for a distraction
But you’re my intervention

I’m not really sweet
I don’t want to get in a relationship
But you made me

I’m sorry that i’m distant
That i’m not clingy
But i’m distracting myself to think
Kylie Jan 2020
One year
Three hundred sixty five days
it doesn´t seem that long

i can still remember how our love began
we were just friends became lovers

you always make me feel safe
the one who stays beside me
even in those chaos,you didn´t leave
you just stayed here beside me

despite the distance between us
we´ve been strong for one whole year
i love you, cheers
Kylie Feb 2019
i’ve seen the masterpiece
but never the mess in you

you still mean the world to me
you’re just not worth the fight anymore
Kylie Feb 2019
your smile makes it all worthwhile
you always me feel happy
when i’m with you

you always try your best
for making people happy
even the slightest happiness for them
make you happy

you would do anything to
see people happy
even you make fun of yourself  
atleast they’re happy
Kylie Nov 2018
alcohol taste better than you
atleast it make me feel better
but you make me feel worse
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