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6.5k · Feb 2018
Gluten Freedom
T R S Feb 2018
Well Done.
She said, but don't ***** it up. Its a start.
How could I?
Your sauciness drove right thru my heart.

Will you please be my bottom bun?
Baby, you're my seed number one.
Sesame wants Sesayou

Tardy to your selfworth day party
Salty, and peppered with hardy haught looks
I've overcooked this simple match up
Maybe baby I'm plain ketchup.
3.8k · Jan 2019
T R S Jan 2019
Rotten rotten wood is much more black than it is brown.
Ridden of a schooner made of hell and wiccan bells.

Ringing in my shower was fire made of taxes and wet wax.

I  hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hatevv hate hate hate hatevv hate hate hate hatev hate hate hate hatev hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hatev hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate
3.4k · Jul 2018
I hate to leave you
T R S Jul 2018
Goodnight my lovely deary
Living, lively, love I'll kiss your head

Good my soul so dearly
Lap my life and make me less dead

Good God my soul, so nearly
Leave a legend of life-built beds...

Goodbye my only, barely
Made a bed of dead straw and heads.
1.5k · Feb 2018
When I was Chef
T R S Feb 2018
Please do it
And get it done
And be serious
And be fun
And enliven those around you to be their best

Never rest
Never settle

Let your world be determined by worth and mettle
Meddle in every affair
Detail every error
Never back peddle
Or be caught unaware
chef, food, cooking, leadership, affirmation
1.4k · Jan 2019
Silk Road
T R S Jan 2019
Cast upon the steel of frozen rivers
was the cascaded ebbs that be.

Harmony on hill and boughs
blow about in wind that I can't see.

Edging on the hills
were trails carved of old.

I wish I was a King from the east.
In the west, I wish I had his gold.
1.3k · Feb 2018
Clockwork Hen
T R S Feb 2018
Sometimes there's a seamstress sewing in my head
Quilting batted blankets of existential dread
Comforters and covers cover all of our cold dead
They're neatly surged and finished in copper linen thread
1.0k · Aug 2019
Cake -baked gold-flake...
T R S Aug 2019
I've had a plan to leave before the beginning of November,
So, Since I miffed about my privilege
I've sent a visage. Two torn bits broke apart,
and used to start a fire beneath my knees.

Spread glee and see what it does \ for you.
947 · Oct 2019
T R S Oct 2019
I'm planning on breaking the bank so I can finally take my
overpriced alliteration vacation.

I sold all of my favorite clothes to make ends meet,
So, I plan on wearing costumes all day to fake like I know what I'm doing.
T R S Feb 2018
In line for the new roller coaster
was a group of ex-protestors
in cobbled monogamous flocks.
They squawked and squawked.
She warbled.
He wooed.
She swayed.
He swooned.
And she only had sunscreened her front.
Her back must've stung.
Bright red.
But I bet she reserves her best stories
for unreserved reservations in bed.
680 · Feb 2018
Curly Head
T R S Feb 2018
God how I miss her
And wish she was with me
I ****** away mystery when I had her
And now I miss her hair

Triggered in a barrel is where the fire starts
Powder on a pyre can make a tired heart
668 · Jun 2019
Soup Kitchen.
T R S Jun 2019
Perhaps I've covered courage
in porridge pile polyps.

Some sewed such defiance
in my interspersed spaces with my trollops.

Often edges are so soft,
and had held on hearts of me.

But it's the *** of soup of knowledge
that lets me know what I can be.
663 · Mar 2019
T R S Mar 2019
Your were like light yesterday
On paper I may that;
That...that golden bow had curved and on your hair it lays.

Polka-dotted Peppermint
Smattered across our faces.
Shattered even-temperament;
Icy; hot, our hearts, it races.
T R S Feb 2018
It's like the first day
It's like the first night

It's like the first ray
When we light the first light

It's in the worst way
But it's worse when it won't work right

But babe if it's today
I'll be there for you tonight
631 · Jan 2019
A pear of mangoes.
T R S Jan 2019
So often is shows whenever I write
That delightful full awful commotion is a spread
Dead it would seam if stitches hold meat
I'm sticky and all greasy from excessive heat
How lately I've had me
How debatingly bad it would be to
Find and to fill
Life spent off of broth and dramatic action of the
Edge of a window sill.
T R S Jun 2019
Scissors used to be a tool I'd ask my mom for
So I could clip comics from the paper

Sundays were colorful, and full of ads
and deals, and payments for the lives that we had.

Older and older I learned
that's lives aren't made out of food and water.
But paper and paper ideals.

I spilled on the floor
my heart bleeds on papers

and i bleed on it more and god how I hate her.
594 · Sep 2018
T R S Sep 2018
Please lease me a lot of your heart
So I can try to start my own business.

I bought all the sticks and wickerbough baskets

In the manner of a task master I have managed to make a meager living out of hide glue, soup, and stool
T R S Dec 2018
Regression is the precedent I've since set for myself
Upended on the shelf was an unfortold, frenetic, belt-pelted being.
So after the cavity in my dominant eye has collapsed
after the day of shooting and rapture has wrapped up
Enough of it has shoved itself up into the upended titled bent being
whose naive native notions can only see the chemical show
of wriggles and lines that've dissolved in the dealing of
chemical knots wrought for that rapture
It's a shot taken in, in little apeture notions
It's showmanship commotion,
Locomotion in sinful, fruit-built, salt-ridden,
and laughter-built ration packs.
554 · Feb 2018
Burnt Bread Man
T R S Feb 2018
I'm the same as I've ever been. I'm a sun burnt sky.
A delirious sullen home sick guy
Sent to read red writing on rocks.
Rocks left by leavened men and heaven sent women
leavened mashed locks of hair and ever green stalks.

Sticking into places.
Shaved half frowned faces.
547 · Jul 2018
Traction in tire tracks
T R S Jul 2018
Can anyone guess what happened last night in Action Town?
If no one has words, then let's drown in the silence
of ***** and lust-filled violence.

Lust just isn't for love,
Lust can start a word
For lust for power can only ensure
Insurance in the breaking of bones and family bonds

Let's instead to forget
We all have blood for dinner
Because I would have to admit that I'm sinful

I don't think that shopping for dinner is sinful
But a binfull of tooth chipped bones is my burden
And I'm certain I'm headed for Hell
529 · Jul 2018
Bonded in fire
T R S Jul 2018
Gone, but still in the strips of blessed air
Something smells sweet, and smoky.
And alive.
With bands of whirls, swimming in light
Sending smells of warm whisky and acoustic guitar music

I've been used to feeling this way for a while
Not now though
Something feels different and the way the wind
bends light and ideas into form is hopeless now.
494 · Dec 2018
T R S Dec 2018
I feel like I'm at the age in my life
where I don't know if I'm
Or extremely resourceful.
T R S Feb 2018
Miming only action is like mining fiction faces
A fraction found in fire can be the sum of holy stasis
444 · Jan 2019
Super Hero
T R S Jan 2019
It will happen in the nightmare
It will happen in the sand
It will be a rusty barrel that you can hold with just one hand.
433 · Mar 2018
My Laborous Labrador
T R S Mar 2018
So giant
God your nose
What gives you the right
to so much impose
All you eat is kibble
and you smell a lot like death
But you find some way to fiddle
With my heart, make me bereft

Your muzzle's cover in some goo
But you don't seem to care
I wake up to a story of
Who happened, happening in the air

I can smell it on you
But that's my own fault
I should've bathed,and fawned you
Would've taken my guilt off
Should've found a way to pawn you

But you're with me every day
And I know I owe you snacks
You make me live the worst life lays
Just joyness you attack
411 · Nov 2019
T R S Nov 2019
Mud is the word of gods.

You only are afforded fungus if you can knaw on your sisters ankle.

The world is raw.

And we can not let you be nothing.

You're strong.

and perfect.

I'm sorry.

Have our food.

I get it.
you're perfect.
We do what we can.

I span over gravy trains.

Other than that.... Just be a superhero.


Enjoy your muscle density and fast hearts.
409 · Feb 2018
Don't sit at a bar alone
T R S Feb 2018
Charming, Changing Women flutter about me
And I drank the heavy stout
And was surprised by the heaviness I've since lived without.

I don't feel pain
I promise
I'm fun, and honest
403 · Oct 2019
T R S Oct 2019
I made a batch of pepper steak to make my ex-wife happy.

I tapped into my clutch of over-buttered eggs to scrap together a bit of food to show that I'm real.

I flapped a pair of fragile barbeque wings, and sang her a song.

I piped icing into a long string of lies that wouldn't last so long.
"Larry Marshall:  Your poems are like your comment. Thrown together and nonsesical(sic)"
402 · Mar 2018
My Vegan Valentine
T R S Mar 2018
I lessened my practical protocol
When I met my Celeste
Calling a kinder creature
Calling me was my Celeste

A kindred part was stolen
She warmed my steely heart
My mind made me so sullen
But my grief she took apart

We had gathered wild greens
And gathered in the night
She slathered me with dreams and
She was my delight

Delighting in her aura
Soreness fled from me
Celeste had lessened my cold core
I again began to see

Stolen from a fever dream
She took love away
Life on a cliff side
Lifted her
But she fell, she fell from me

Lovely little girlie
Had fallen off a cliff
Her soul had settled my heart down
Laying, laid down a drift

So gentle soul, she took her toll
she took some life from me.

She took it with her when she fell
On bedrock last life she lay
I won't forget my sweet Celeste
I won't forget that day
387 · Jul 2019
Baby steps
T R S Jul 2019
people will like your words,
but they won't like you.

They like pepperoni pizza,
but they don't love the goo.

It's okay, I understand.
Nobody's quite like me.

But what I see is instead a sort of class story.

I'm poor so I don't get a second chance at having fun..

But if I were white, and were not brown, I'd have a better chance at having fun.
375 · Jun 2018
Living like a true Cynic.
T R S Jun 2018
So since I've been on the trail
To the water fall
The cadaver that use to slow me down
Can't keep up at all.

I'd rather fall asleep at night
on a bench with a good book
Than have to sit through a movie
And pay ridiculous rent for a shanty nook.

The things I really only like
are things that I can share
Like food and stories and my space
That's why I keep my space bare.
352 · Jul 2019
what is that?
T R S Jul 2019
I have wishes to grant,
Stories to finish.
Dreams that are still waiting to come true.

I have nothing.

I have jokes with no punchline
No breath to breathe into my proteges,
Nothing to give to my lovers.

Bread and bridles debriding spittle
and little glass lentils made of starch and silica salt.

Wrended and upended on a layer of greasy catfish.
I wish I were so slimy
And licked about with my whiskers out of me.

My meaty barbels are my eyes when I can't see.
350 · Dec 2018
Hand Warmers
T R S Dec 2018
Within my pockets warming
were ten of my most golden note makers
Inside my eye sockets storming
were flights, frightful fleeting sheets
imaging up nightmare sections
And wrecking my hard earned heart heat

Up in the sky, a warning
Ten of a kind up high were warming on thermals
Flying, getting high on the heat of the air held up by the earth.
340 · Oct 2019
A little nation.
T R S Oct 2019
I coughed up a pile of commas this morning.

So, instead of feeling bad and storing them
in a box,

I sent them, mourning, I sent them to my cousin
in a plastered basket cage.

Cuz I'm so afraid,
I'll assuage and fear them when I seem them.

Until then, I'll page my border.
And stage my life, in order,
to cook things, even still...
I'll spill over moving truths,
in little puddle,
but muddled with all the kooks.
339 · Sep 2019
Action Dam
T R S Sep 2019
in the stillness
Like a lake.
But it's so small.
It's all I have,
and ever needed.
I bled my heart and soul
into the pond across the street.

It's bleak to think that
It never mattered
and I would bet my soul
that it's mind
over matter.

No talk,
no love
Just water
and the blue sky above
just hold your nose
and let no water in
just let me say
whatever should have been.
338 · Mar 2019
Mudkid hole
T R S Mar 2019
I have wishes to grant,
Stories to finish.
Dreams that are still waiting to come true.

I have nothing.

I have jokes with no punchline
No breath to breathe into my proteges,
Nothing to give to my lovers.

Bread and bridles debriding spittle
and little glass lentils made of starch and silica salt.

Wrended and upended on a layer of greasy catfish.
I wish I were so slimy
And licked about with my whiskers out of me.

My meaty barbels are my eyes when I can't see.
336 · Jul 2018
So happens it
T R S Jul 2018
Let me set a blanket
Like a knot upon a hill

Like a trinket in a spot
A spot that I can feel

I let it go and let is spill
upon the danger place

I let it happen on the sill
up on the window space
332 · Apr 2020
T R S Apr 2020
With a feathered breath heaving out of his bright red chest,
Robin lifted higher.

Afternoon had worked its way into the daylight after the long haul this morning the
Sun had had over the hills.

This time of day was always great as long as nothing bad had happened to get in the way.

A few days ago, gray light skimmed across all of the grasslands, garlanded buoyantly about in a better effort to make it damp.

The afternoon, that day, had made the air hang heavy and warm.

It stirred up a storm in the dirt that made the worms stuffy.

A stuffy, well-watered worm is much less alert.
323 · Jul 2018
Baby Shrugs
T R S Jul 2018
It turns out that the lady bugs that I found in my hair
Aren't there because they're lucky
It's in fresh air that they repair

I can walk much longer than those little tiny dregs
I wish I were more stronger
Or could climb on a monster with big legs

Maybe find a universe
Much more large than me
Someplace where I can feel so small
With a lot of place to be
323 · Sep 2019
Just one minute
T R S Sep 2019
Just taste the hesitation
Out of all the kurfuffle
Out of air, we've stuffed
Our own misplacen muffler
Half full of air
and half full of horrorshows.

So, seemingly
As of late.

Make maiden mating hatred.
And hold a hoard of hellhole ears against the hard of hearing.

It's searing molten gold,
the type of metal that showed how
showers of sparks
showed us how hate and hearts can hold us hostage.
321 · Jul 2019
T R S Jul 2019
Let me mention something:

It's how pushing my soul
to the limit had in fact inhibited me.

Shivs in my sides helped enlighten me.
Like gold leaf on the edge of the break up letter.
I'm better for it,

It helped restored me and help me see who I am.

But it's awful hot in the pit now,

I'm a boiler room pal just like all the rest of us boys,
who toil and sell out backs for butter and soil.

Something we can eat and plan with.
Instead it's sand that we find as our foundations.

You can call us the sod and clay nation,
because that's all we'll ever know.
My motivation is my hog, and my puny reproduction is my sow.

Souled up sewings in a demon quilt,
built on lies and loans,
deals and interest
have shown that I'd rather blow out my brains
than abstain from honesty. Honestly.
320 · Feb 2018
End Game
T R S Feb 2018
Welcome to Rock Bottom!

We have nothing and space.

The space isn't free, nor is valuable.

Plus we have free parking!

Please enjoy your stay at Rock Bottom.
319 · Jan 2019
Fooder, and Fod
T R S Jan 2019
How did that ****
Aloe Vera plant
make it's lamb's eared roommated
out of my cheap dollar fractured ***?!

It's like I had the endurance, nor was even half
assured that wood and pvc would help blood not bleed of my
misguided wiccan made baskets and up on
all over the hard wood.
Not good, you should mind you
It'll be moisture vs. floors from before the second war, and after global warming.
I'll say, it'll be, or it may, a relic should see, the folks that we'll be,
after all that I may let my knees will be broke is only the folk that have life in their eyes and may might have try to be people.
309 · Jul 2019
Air particles
T R S Jul 2019
Seven days
laid out in a lawn.

Leaven air in ways
that we can smell at day

It's only shade
when fires burn at eve

It's the only way...
air breathes, too much for us to grieve.
306 · Jan 2019
Resource management
T R S Jan 2019
Who had'ed ever known
That the swan had bought a novelty comb.
A hair spreader she sent to god.

Who would have know that light will only
shine on bright grifters.

Sipping on caramel and strawberry soda.

Who would let they're bright little Yoda be real?
To feel force that cannot conceal?
To drill in to quarries that lets all
the stories of strayies who are real
and can feel just how I do.

I'm blue you might tell
But Hopefully
can feel you
can fell you
and see you
to be
and to hear you
about who you are
and how  I'm not at all
and how I can fall
and how you are
and I'm not
and who can't I can be
and just who you will see
if you love you
If you love you
305 · Mar 2019
How to clean the ground:
T R S Mar 2019
It just like I want life to be okay and just pretty.

A clean ground is the basis of a Right and "righteous city."

Only when the moltovs makes a mound out of my dread,

Only when the Alpha rakes his rake, is when I play dead.

All we need is love and hate;
And all we need is air;
Out of my life, I love oxygen;
O2 is when I mean air.

I really just love talking.
I really just love you.
I really just don't want to...
I'll leave it all to you.

You were the reason,
You were plan A
I found no where to B.

You were the season and the air.
You're a visionary.
293 · Feb 2018
Walking into the plots
T R S Feb 2018
It blended eight bent branches

Curled a curved roof o'er-head.

With dead feelings; hurt, burnt, Dead.
292 · Feb 2018
Latin Night
T R S Feb 2018
Cilantro, lime, and lemon
Pinon, pickled flesh
Fistfuls of water women
Men wish it were more fresh

On an aluminum sheet tray
It's curing on the sheet tray
Living life preserved
In my own ceviche

Serve it with a garnish
Serve with silver please
Serve it on a sheet tray
Serve it on your knees
287 · Feb 2018
Raking in my tulips.
T R S Feb 2018
I would rather not have frowned at the frau
She was my friend
Slatternly, frowzy, bedgraddled gal
I always wondered how and why she liked me
Like a boy who could be psyched out by bosoms.
I wasn't
I felt it peasant like.
Like a tike feeling in the dirt for flukes and rakes
Rake, she said she thought what I was.
Which would mean I could make her heart buzz
and would mean we could be one another.
Another life left to lonesome fevers in panting fogs.
I matter, so does she.
Dark matter.
Slathered in holes, stolen goals.
God we were the same.
It's a shame we were the same.
284 · Jul 2019
Sorry about everything
T R S Jul 2019
Black nerves
In shambles
borrowed from
the everlasting
light a long
ways away.

Simple well-mannered men
have sent me to heaven
and then to hell
279 · Feb 2018
Barnyard Party
T R S Feb 2018
Dermible detritus set with us
tarps and oil
Soil set with toil
Boiled in bags of tripe
Chips and chicks who titter
Gave me pick of the litter
Loyalty has soiled me
and sent me unto hither

I ask you for a question
Lessen layman make me walk
Make me milk my maiden
Make me cut my stalk

Showy showman dyin'
I felt a lot like cryin'
Cause cousins cause the answer
I call it family cancer
Dancing with my girly
Surely felt so good
But death is still a dealin'
And it's dealin' good.
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