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prose '"Oh Hidden Avatars They Are"!
The avatar note found. unattended unfinished below.
"My Tea is spilled my cups  emptied all up, tee hee hee,
Dig in my family tree's."
Its me, its us, its them, we be trying to get our profits in.
It's her, it's me. it's us it's them.
No really it's usually mostly me. hee hee.
We sick we tired, we sorry we lied, we crying in the closet
Sayin woah is me. Such a casualty we caused we see, we chompin.
On our own ***** now, what tragedy.
I's getting sick of these youtube streets.
Beating me, she, her, us them down, we bleeds.
My all time fame now wicked lame.
Should have kept  my Own goose tucked.
Cuz now its all  been plucked.
Choatic corrupts my end seems near.
No one believes me oh I fear.
Cause I am she, I pretend to be, not me, not me.
Its not me y'all all are liars.
But I keep setting these fires.
Cause all I know how to be is Narcissist me.
And drag along all those dummies that believes in me.
I'm huh, I'm her, we each worked to stir.
We all do prefer you come for her. leave us, we be..
Alone we weep we moan..
Gone leave us Narcissist alone..
Bury me, bury her, you can't see me heeehaahheeee.
In The end.. we are all here just to offend!!!

Writer. I'm Just having fun. Intro I'm a NoseyHeaux Live subscriber,
a Candy Washington sub and a Haus of thee princess & Marcella sub lovin it.
I barely post online lately. But I enjoy doing poems..
By SelinaSharday Rose Poet. 7/9/21
s.a.m @H.E.R_Heavens.Ebony.Rose
please share if you like.
da unheard girl..
Writer. I'm Just having fun. Intro I'm a NoseyHeaux Live subscriber,
a Candy Washington sub and a Haus of thee princess & Marcella sub
& more.. @lovin it.
I barely post online lately. But I enjoy doing poems..
By selinaSharday Rose Poet. 7/9/21
s.a.m @H.E.R_Heavens.Ebony.Rose
please share if you like.
da unheard girl..
We thought of us today as single cells
'Ciliating' across the universe of colour
under the coverslip of time; a microcosm
of pedalling plants or fettuccine of cells.

The hues of darkness are pink and bright,
in beach slippers tracing paths on glass,
and those springing Vorticella are flowers
we created in our fictions of science ...

But all possess a veneer bound
cytoplasm of affection, crawling like
Annelids across the void in a world
bursting in avatars of the invisible

or their transparent real selves
glowing like gemstones in the sky,
or simply opaque as we are, each
to the other under the play of light,

polarized views secreted within some
dark muddied pond, harbouring
the cells of love, shedding cuticles
of sorrow, laying the germ of tomorrow

or funneling delight in little green globes
that make food ... are food. We must be
blessed to be cytoplasm like them or cursed,
I don't know which, but it's all profound.
Blepharisma is found in fresh and salt water, is a unicellular ciliated protist and is pink due to the presence of the photosensitive pigment, blepharismin. These pink creatures are photophobic, seek out darkened areas and lose their colour or die in strong light.

Vorticella is a ciliated protozoan with a stalk that is made up of a contractile organelle which serves as a molecular spring, so it can contract. This organelle or spasmoneme is said to have a higher specific power than the engine of the average car.

Volvox is a green algae that forms spherical colonies of up to 50,000 cells and live in freshwater habitats.

Cyanobacteria are Gram-negative bacteria that obtain energy via photosynthesis, also called blue-green algae but aren’t eukaryotes like algae.

Stentors are among the biggest known extant unicellular organisms and also ciliated.

Annelids belong to phylum Annelida that includes earthworms, leeches and the microscopic polychaete worms, oligochaetes.

Cytoplasm is the jelly like substance within the cell membrane, excluding the nucleus. All together, they make the protoplasm of a cell.
Chad Young Dec 2020
The Pyramid is the Messenger
   of the Spirit world after we pass on.
We all must resolve to consecrate
   our actions to the Pyramid there.
The Orb is the handmaid that
   every soul is given for its care.
Pondering... I could be wrong.  Baha'u'llah said that His Revelation produces the "triangle and square fruits".
Mark Toney Mar 2020
Hindsight 20/20
Writer's block
My glass is empty!

Creative process
Transparently fragile
Must find my muse!
Must be mentally agile!

Struggling through
But no inspiration
Need some relief
From brain constipation

Oh, what a thrill!
My muse returns
My glass starts to fill!

From immovable object
To unstoppable force
Manipulate physics?
My muse can of course!

My glass is now full
I've just posted my poem
Alas, glass now empty
My muse loves to roam

© 2020 by Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
2/8/2020 - Poetry form: Rhyme - "Glass is Empty" is my avatar. It reflects a play on words with my initials, as "Empty" becomes "MT" for my name. The glass represents my transparently fragile creative process. The glass begins to fill as I struggle through the process of writing, becoming full when I (finally!) complete a short story or poem. After publishing the work, the glass becomes empty again, awaiting new inspiration. Empty or full, the glass is always "MT" :) - © 2020 by Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
IrieSide Dec 2019
I carry deep sorrow,
for the red words I said

what hurts you dear,
eats me away inside

I've set in motion
Earth's digestion
of all that is





my grace, my dove
my eternally burning ember
neth jones Nov 2019
a convulsive shaking of the head

a tremble ;
it's no trouble
and i've slipped this disarray

shrugged off the character ;
an avatar i've maintained
for a dedicated period

a return to The Cunning

quake the sleeper agent
and unburden the actor

a return to Cunning

the weight is clipped
and the pouch rises to the surface
geesing the code

the dog program :
click the assignment
into a bleedable port

quake the sleeper
and unburden the act

charge up joy for the task ahead
start cleaning the toys of the trade  

re load the literature
retrain your physical form ;
blessed with muscular memory
and a breathing plan

the domestic ailments of the house
are striped and packed into the guest bedroom
the body hair is shaved to minimum
the workplace is given a sick call
then all the tech is despoiled
and the signal singed out

no more Mr. civilian

the soldier
with unmarred purpose
is gratefully reattached to physical function
and mental manner

the soldier makes channels of the streets
tags favoured places
****** in relished corners
puts out an advertisement
a secretion
seeking to rejoin his staff
of instigation
Star BG Mar 2019
It is my journey as a love avatar
to remind others that they’re
love and light
A gift and sacred
Deserving and one of a kind
as no one is better than you.

It is my voyage as a star seed
to live in the heart and aid
the precious children
the grand animals
Mother Nature and
those people
who are awakening.

It is my road trip upon earth
to heal the self and move
with love light and balance.

A grand journey
with ups and downs it is.
Inspired by chat with Sobbingsoul Thanks
Elaine Everdeen Mar 2019
let winds turn to rogue
and waters burst to riot
'til fires be silenced
I'm not pretty sure about the message in this, but I'll let you build yourself an inspirational image within the given context
Star BG Dec 2018
I AM...
the one the world has been waiting for.
A sage carrying wisdom so others
find their own portal of light.

I AM...
the you in me, and me in you.
A savant who shares thread of God
inside creative vortex.

I AM...
eternal borrowing human costume to dance.
An avatar traveler, from distant galaxies.
Here to celebrate inside energies of love.
One of three I Am poems.
Inspired byRJ and Lori Jones McCaffery  Thanks
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