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The spaces in between
Claim to be memory and dream
Though I can feel the walls around me
Things are not as they would seem

Jade C Nov 2020
betwixt and between
girl and boy and woman and person

suspended in a web of myself
queer rebel
unable to distinguish the lines
that separate me from Her and Them

dancing in an eclipse
a lapse in time
a sphere between night and day
They/ She is illuminated by pure
but still projected against deep
bottomless darkness

purple liquid
a porous entity that penetrates
and breaks
binary being

non binary
or, as I rather like to think of it
complete and overflowing even
not a fraction of a person
an angel in human skin

a series of complex, spiraling
galaxies pouring from my lips
as I break the chains of She
dispose the gaze of He

finally confident enough
as star woman
ocean god
queer siren
to sit in the thrown of Me
a work in progress, still playing with these ancient concepts of gender and my lucid experience of self
Niki David Oct 2020
If I sit to still I become numb
but if I move, I fall

Im stuck in a liminal space
an eternal liminal space

I dont know what comes next
Or if even there is a next

Its as though I'm in a waiting room doctor
A waiting room where the doctor will never shop up
нина Jul 2020
save face and leave
hold your quiet
like a secret
before thunder

leave the wound
mark the trail of my passing
reminiscent —
that we do for love
that we do for vengeance

you forgot, my dear
to **** you aim
for the heart
. .  . . .
R Nov 2019
what is the blurry
between the joy and the blues,
we are daffodils flying in the wind
one moment
butterflies falling in the rain
seraph Sep 2019
i am overzealous and underwhelming. i say somethings and i regret them. i say nothings and i wish i hadn't. i am weighted and unbalanced. i place value where i think it belongs. i lean heavy into things for too long. i am uncertain and so sure. i run out of thoughts before my heart runs out of feelings. my thoughts run over and overwhelm my heart. i am liminal and concrete. im incomplete but hoping i could be.
Mark C Apr 2019
my bedroom/airports/empty reception rooms/anywhere at 2 am
vacant parking lots
hospitals at midnight
museum waiting lines in the early morning
schools during break
late night supermarket runs
waiting for the bus at 5 am
walking down the cobblestone streets at 6 am
gas stations at dawn
unfamiliar McDonalds on long road trips

their buzzing electricity is my alternate reality. stretching across my view with reckless abandon.
day 20 - liminal spaces
hizatul akmah Apr 2019
walk, keep walking
don't stop, don't turn around
look forwards for the possible lives
that you could live
and pay homage to your old self.

run, keep running
don't hesitate, don't turn back
look ahead for more and more
that you could have
that you could be.

sing, don't stop singing
don't be sad, don't turn all mellow
look around for your own rhythm
that could serenade your soul
and make you whole again.
Vexren4000 Aug 2018
Small places tucked away,
On hidden streets,
In small alcoves,
Places suspended in a liminal way,
Life stalled at night,
Streetlights singing through the dark,
Like man-made starlight,
Guiding one to a place hidden away.

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