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Jme Love May 2021
Witty at word play
Some might say
Some tho may not know
What lies between the lines
Something clever tends to hide
When asked
"Did you make it by nine?"
My response
" I made it right on time"
Well im sure you can all see what
Norman Crane Aug 2020
another day, another lotion,
sighed, “much rather be making potions.”

tedium, boredom, boil and bubble,
add a spice, then add it double,
stir it well and let it settle,
in a kettle,
made of metal.

what's your fancy, what's your trouble?
basin clogged with dwarven stubble?

make one balm,
you've made them all!
concoct a cream, a cream?—a cream!
one more grog burn,
swear I'll scream!

tedium, boredom, boil and bubble,
add a spice, then add it double,
stir it well and let it settle,
in a kettle,
made of metal.

give me dragons, give me daggers,
give me jewels with emerald feathers!
give me—“what?
what's this, right now?
of course I know exactly how!”

roots to find, true essence to distill,
no, but pays the bills.
Khyati Jul 2020
i'll gulp all my sorrows
i'll sleep all my worries
i'll wipe all my tears
And wear that fake smile on.

oh! hey, guess what!
I got the "society's" membership now!
Wisdom is better than rubies
Its harvest is better than gold
I’ll obtain and use this wisdom
Like the greatest people of old

Wisdom is deep and eternal
And guides me in meaningful ways
Its sense and witty inventions
Add wealth to my life and my days

Wisdom says, “Hearken unto me
And riches and honor will flow
Follow my ways purposefully
And your riches will surely grow”

Wisdom will fill me with treasure
Rejoicing in daily delight
Bringing me love and contentment
I’ll keep wisdom first in my sight
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violetstarlights Jun 2019
lullabies are counterproductive
do not bother to sing
for i will wake up,
and stay up-
to hear you finish the entire thing
violetstarlights May 2019
i saw the stars in your eyes in red stars
the supergiants on the brink of death

you should probably go see a doctor
the final exams killed us all
Chris Feb 2019
Some pieces  of you and me,
Only crows will get to see.
What do you mean they are also prophets?

Far below, on the beach, were his friends
Half-naked bums
Partying in the sun
There were atheists
There were *** maniacs
The fat old Bumbo was a crazy bartender

I thought I was the only One. The Chosen One
I never knew they came in packs
All of them?
Even Bumbo is a prophet?
You mean to say you make me climb this eyrie-high
To tell I'm just one of them?
I'd rather not be a prophet
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