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Jordan Ray Aug 12
You reached out to me again
And I felt your touch
Like a gentle shower to a wilted rose

You looked at me again
And I felt complete
Like the final puzzle piece slotted into place

You embraced me again
And I felt a delightful glow
Like the clouds had finally parted

You kissed me again
And I felt my shoulders unburden
Like nothing could bring me down

When morning set in like our initials to bark
And final call had sounded
The flurry of soft moments formatted into dreams
Retreated back into their sanctuary

I wilted,
Appeared empty,
The clouds drew like curtains
And I hit the cold callous reality
I had a dream in which you showed me how great life could be.
Jordan Ray Jul 4
I wish that I was strong enough to turn up at your house,
To tell you that I love you, and I need you here right now,
But all these insecurities, they turn themselves into doubt

Tell me politely if we aren't meant to be
And let me down slowly not for the world to see
That I'm lost, without you.
Jordan Ray May 25
I'm a star and I'm alone
Waiting for Neptune to dream;
Plan and write it in scheme
I started small but I have since grown,
Yet the night sky still seems baron
An old lonely sun, I stand misunderstood
I wish there was a way in which I could;
Draw your face as a constellation

Let your fathomless eyes;
With sanguine perception
Illuminate my cold and rusty heart,
Light up the dark and deserted skies
Forgive all this star has done,
And lay at my feet a chance to rechart
A little Petrarchan sonnet!
Jordan Ray May 4
I can't say that I'm sorry,
Or wish that I'd written a different story,
The stars may not align,
But at least we can say we tried

I don't see you knocking at my door,
You must be slightly jaded or massively bored,
I hear no voices at all,
Just a whisper of what we used to call


I walked straight into your town,
Before the dust had a chance to settle down,
You never voiced your concerns,
But had enough air in your lungs to hurt

This must have just been some game,
For months now it hasn't quite been the same,
You fade the more that I blink,
Is this what I am destined to think

of "Love"...
Jordan Ray Apr 25
Pull away from my arms
And rest your head on someone else's shoulders
I don't mind

When the smoke clears and;
You're thinking straight and thinking sober
You'll realise

That we were just two different people, pulled into the same old light
But when it got dark, we started to fight
'Cause we're looking for the eye of the needle
In amongst the hay of everyday people
We're bound to get it wrong sometimes
And that's alright
By me
Jordan Ray Mar 24
Juliet woke up with a broken heart
Her skin was pale and her eyes were dark
Her bed was filled with her cries from the night
She fell asleep with no-one by her side

Romeo woke up with smile on his face
He had pockets of freedom for himself to embrace
His bed was filled with hopes and lies
It's gonna take some time to realise;
They were too young to settle down
Just jilted lovers in a jilted town
It's a shame because he's older now
But she's moved away


Juliet woke up with a new attitude
She thought it's time that things improve
She took a walk into town that night
She found some love in a strangers eyes

Romeo woke up with a strong headache
He'd realised that his *** and love were fake
He wanted to go back to Juliet
He offered gold but she couldn't forget;
They were too young to settle down
Jilted lovers in a jilted town
It's a shame 'cause he's older now
But she's moved away, she's moved away
Jordan Ray Mar 9
When the big bad cloud comes covering up your sky
And the rain falls down to make you drown and I'm
Nowhere to be seen, just a sunken dream in your eyes
Have a little patience if you don't believe

'Cause you can say that stars aren't made of fire
And you can stand up and call me a liar
But don't you ever doubt my love
You can say there ain't no water in the sea
You can say that you just don't believe
But don't you ever doubt my love
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