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Watching you dress under the lights,
Another bottle by my side,
I know where you've been,
I know where you've been.

I need a little more serotonin,
If I'm to keep it all in,
Because I know where you've been,
Yes I know where you've been.

I'm still scared to find out why,
You turn your back at night,
When it's getting colder,
We should be shoulder to shoulder.

Staring at a blank wall,
Don't know what you're thinking of,
But it's getting colder,
We should be shoulder to shoulder.
Jordan Ray Mar 12
I'd bleed my heart out on your floor
***** down 'till I'm just bare bones
You can throw me in the fire
Atleast I'd get to feel your touch again

I'd lay my soul out for your eyes
To see the bruises I feel inside
You can turn and just ignore it all
Atleast I'd get to see your eyes again

I'd take a massive leap of faith
Fall down to the love I crave
You can let me hit the floor
Atleast I'd get to see your face again

I'd give it all to you, my last breath, just to call your name
I'd lose it all for you, lose my mind, just to feel your touch
Jordan Ray Mar 1
You'll never notice
That my heart lays heavy on my chest
And that makes it harder
Jordan Ray Feb 21
When you're dreaming, you know that feeling you get when you hit the floor after falling from a height?

That's what I get, everytime I see your smile.
Jordan Ray Feb 21
I'm worried that
I spend so much
time thinking
about life.

That I'll
run out
of time
to live
Jordan Ray Feb 19
It's your birthday and I wanted to send you flowers.
But I didn't want to intrude on your little patch of glory.
Jordan Ray Feb 5
You waited for the dust to settle down,
but I was no where to be found.

Drove away through the night,
with my love sat by my side.

You'd fallen ill in my absence,
but you'd be strong once again.

I've driven down a foggy road,
Now I wish I hadn't left at all.
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