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Few things in this life
That I truly adore
My children
And petrichor
Landon Keys Sep 5
As we acquiesce
To the depressed of society
I try my best
To digress from propriety
Unlike the rest
To impress Gaiety
I undress
To caress anxiety
Pitter patter
Landon Keys Aug 21
These words are not enough
The sky, and stars
And the heavens above

A singing wind
To caress the trees
A beautiful sonata  
Between birds and bees
A smell of ocean air
The bits of sand
Strewn in your hair
A concise and definite
Landon Keys Aug 16
Starlight gleaming from your celestial eyes
Highlighting my perilous existence
Save me
I pray thee
Let me not fall to darkness
Not again
Landon Keys Jul 21
I see it in your smile
I see it on your face
I feel it in your touch
I feel it on your skin
I hear it in your laugh
I hear it on your chest
I smell it in your hair
I smell it on your breath
I taste it in your kiss
I taste it on your lips
All my senses tell me
My heart knows how to feel
With all my being I know
My love for you is real
Landon Keys Jun 19
When I die..

Do not mourn
For I now know the secret
The great mystery of the cosmos

Do not mourn
For I now reside
In the great celestial bodies of our night sky

Do not mourn
For in my earthly absence
I gained the immortality of the universe

Do not mourn
Take solace
For I am once again stardust
And I shall mend the hearts of the forlorn and lost
Landon Keys Jun 14
In the chaotic swirling mist
Of iron raining from my life's sky,
I stand adamant
Amongst the storm,
Against the merciless roar,
And din of a dying light.
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