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Amidst the uncertainty of Gods and Devils
One might proclaim
The only things certain in life
Are Anger, Hope, and Pain
Landon Keys Jan 7
This is my letting go
Failed restraint
And over zealous

Pain I surely know
My love goes faint
And heart grows jealous

Eager for the flow
Ebbing from the pain
And echoes of my chelys
Landon Keys Jan 4
If you listen closely
You can hear
The strands of my heart tear
Not only because you're not here
But because I do not know where
Landon Keys Jan 3
The one person I want to talk to
has abandoned all communication
seemingly out of nowhere
and without reason

I do not understand and my heart hurts.
Landon Keys Jan 1
Silver white
Darkened hold
Being withheld
With what we're told
Stories of plight
Tears and sorrow
Begging God
For another tomorrow

I don't believe in God
But for you I will
Tonight I pray
For your soul to still
Thoughts of Light
Fears to cease
Hope your torment
Be released

I love you. You'll get through this.
Landon Keys Dec 2021
Sometimes you worry
Sometimes you don't
Sometimes you cry
Sometimes you won't
We are all human
It's okay to feel
If it's true to you
I promise it's real
Landon Keys Nov 2021
With a broken heart I cried
Though sullen tears now dried
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