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Jessica Heagy Oct 2012
I have lived in the shadows
Of the melancholy lie.
One that I have weaved
So many times.
I sharpen the needle,
That has sewn together our souls.
I shall stab it into your heart
And  watch your eyes turn to coal.

I will shatter your heart
As you have done to mine.
Leaving you burdened,
Tortured by this crime.
Tears shall stream down
Your monstrous face,
As you realize a demon
Has taken my place.

All of this talk is just a fallacy.
What I really want,
Is it to be,
Just you and me,
Imprisoned by our antagonizing lust.
Never being able to trust.

In constant obsession,
Of our undeniable love.

Being that there is no hope,
I shall make amends with my scapegoat.

Just wishful thinking
From this little girl.
Wishful thinking
That makes others curl.

It is wishful thinking
That keeps me alive.
Wishful thinking
That makes me want to die.
Cindra Carr Dec 2010
Wishful thinking and a smattering
Freckles sprinkled across her cheek
A winking *** brought tight aloft
A slick line of buttery soft
Feathery light against my find
A curve brushed with a fingertip
My smile flipped slid away
Her mouth flashed a blurred flirt
She touched the flush
That brought the heat her lips flicked
Eyes closed with a bunched fist
Hair tangled as her fingers wove
Lips parted brushed a last kiss
Heat gone left with frayed thoughts
Wishful thinking as she slipped away

Styles  Sep 2016
Styles Sep 2016
Text me your words
let them flash across my screen
picture them I may
imagining what they mean
wishful thinking coming true
is yet to be seen
the thoughts implied
paint a beautiful scene
these letters make you smile
in person they would make you scream
all these teasing you doing now may be funny
but, when karma comes around it will be in the from of me
David Swinden Dec 2015
Wishful thinking of us entwined
Romantic meals we wined and dined
Such perfect times that we both shared
Promises of love that we both shared

Holding hands our love so divine
Wishful thinking of us entwined
Under full moon we planned our dreams
Romantically and so serene

Ecstasy with a single touch
Pleasured, enraptured by our love
Wishful thinking of us entwined
Words of love for you, I would find

Dreams we cherish sometimes die
The ones we loved have chosen lies
My broken heart for now I pine
Wishful thinking of us entwined
Wishful thinking
doesn’t get you far.

Wishful thinking
digs you into a hole,
straight down
into the ground.

Wishful thinking
is one of the only things
that can completely
hinder a person’s ability

to keep on down
the path of moving on.
Copyright © Claire Shelton 2011
Madeline Mar 2014
our tram rides are loud
words spilling out like loose rice
scattered round our feet
bright blue, silver, darkest black
jackets soft and warm
eye contact that lasts too long—-
overanalysed, I know.
my wishful thinking,
it often gets out of hand.
walking in the dark,
my hands are cold and lonely
our eyes glance sideways
too much, and yet too little.
Miranda Renea Feb 2014
Everyone talks about depression as if they know it.  

But what they don’t know is that depression is a hooded figure standing just outside of a wooden doorway,

it’s feeling the blood dripping down your skin and having the sick thought of  “Oh, look how beautiful the red is” (they always say red is my color).

Depression is lying on your bed for hours on end, salt tracks lining your face like the scars on your ankles, staring at your ceiling tracing patterns in the paint and accepting death in life with this hole in your chest because death is a reward, an escape from this pain you deserve to feel.

Depression is writing sick poetry on skin and publishing it with scars, cutting on ankles, not wrists because you’re scared you’ll get in trouble but you so desperately need to be seen, and never are.

Depression is writing the word “alone” and seeing the word “home”, accepting the pain like a gift because you deserve it.

Depression is admitting suicidal thoughts to paper and not to people, and loving the broken things, hoping to tie them together, thinking maybe things will get better, but knowing that’s just wishful thinking.

Depression is hearing your mother call you monster and disgusting through the too-thin walls of your door when she thinks you can’t hear, and then telling you to your face that you have no right to cry, as if sadness is a privilege and you’re so pathetic that you don’t deserve it.

Depression is shutting yourself up in your room and hearing your family laughing downstairs because you feel like you can’t be a part of them and learning at a young age to love family always but that family isn’t always love

Depression is wanting to take love and your heart and break them into tiny little pieces and throw them into waves, to throw them away

Depression is a foot when the shoe hasn’t been broken in yet, is you when you haven’t broken life in, is seeing happy people and thinking they all look the same, like the front covers of magazines with smiles reaching their eyes when yours can’t.

Depression is wishing you could package your smiles into tiny little piles and hand them to people more deserving of them because you know you’re wasting them with half-assed lines of “I’m fine”

Depression is having to view your past as if it wasn’t yours, because to accept it as reality is to accept finality of your life through suicide.

Depression is a hooded figure standing just outside of a wooden doorway and when you close the door out of fear it keeps pounding, possessive, ******, and when you open the door out of anger you shout, “I’M SCARED” to thin air but your voice comes out as a whisper.
My coach made me rewrite the poem again, and this is the result.
Mystkue Writings Aug 2018
Did you know that every time he searched your eyes,
While he pushed deep-
That his emotions passion and lust was equivalent to her?
For every time he traced his finger tip down your spine;
your hands grasped to cover more surface.
as you braced for smooth impact.
He only understood the similar love language he shared with her.
With you-
craving of possessive feelings,
Proving your worth to him
asking for time via a clock whom hands couldn’t unwind
A Minaj a trios-
unbeknownst to you existed,
Co-starring you
For every soft connection within each curve...
Your identity was a reflection of another.
For all the things you projected
His capability of taking you to ecstasy,
Lead you here
Had you any clue?
This little game called life,
Excluded the other woman (you).
Cherry Blossom Oct 2012
I want to fly,
I want to roam,
To look into the eyes of the deep.
Where to thou a tiger lives in peaceful eternal sleep.
If only thou would understand the writing coming from this hand wants more than average,
More than normal,
And no one to a bide.
A time to jump,
A time to roam,
A time to call her very own.
No, alas, thou doth break my hope,
Spear my ‘venture!
If only thou tried to understand the writing coming from this hand yearns for hope,
A deep blue sea,
A nothing,
An eternity,
If only thou would understand the writing coming from this hand.
Lilith Avenue Oct 2013
I spend sinful nights
Thinking of you
Because I know it's wrong
When I have someone waiting
On me

But it's hard you know
To forget your first
That gave you so much
To remember them by

You're like my second
Star to the right
My lost boy who's so
So childish
Yet somehow
So mature.

But I think it's just
Wishful thinking
When I wonder if
I pop into your head
When you're trying to sleep
Like you do for me

Just so wishful because
I just really wanted to be
Your best friend
And maybe even
Something more

They say people who are meant
To be together
Will eventually
Be together but then again
That's just some
Wishful thinking

— The End —