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Seanathon Jan 26
Desire of being
Give me your name
And a photo to match so that I can see past
The flatness of this absent meaning
Give unto me
Yesterday - Tangent, Wishful, Desire To Know
Amanda Dec 2019
I raised my hopes amazed
From dust to package and ******
Blinded by charms into your arms
Forced to watch now without affecting the how
Twisting restlessly beneath sea
Doesn't matter if they scatter or drop and shatter
Heard them fall and not hurt at all
Crashing is nothing new in fact it's why I grew
Another crack won't cause a heart attack
If my hopes weigh too much that's okay
Let them go to be swept below
I will pick up the pieces and use glue to stick
Until every single hope I own is ready to once again fly
Day 18: a poem with no end rhyme scheme. Only internal.
midnight sun Oct 2019
i hope in a different life,
you would—at least—be happier,
even if that means trading my only chance
in this life of knowing you exist.
to my dearest k.
Amy Oct 2019
“Lie to me again” she whispered,
                                                 “I love you” he replied
EmperorMoth Sep 2019
Life is a warzone;
yet here I am, calmly continuing forward.

Beautiful tragedy, the scene around me;
where the trees and birds sing together, but not everyone can see.

Opened by the will above;
I hold a force unlike the common.

I am no better, no worse, or etcetera;
I come as a messenger with an omen.

There comes hope in the eye of the sky;
Forces greater than you and i.

But with them will be a document listing lives;
Did you take the one request that came from the hope in the sky?

Open your hearts, for it comes stealthily;
I am not here to frighten you.

I'm expecting you not to trust my words;
but you also have the choice to.

Maybe it's wishful thinking, to hope that you'll understand;
I understand you, a child of Man.

But I am merely a messenger, a poet with an omen;
Surely you'll ponder this, hopeful because you can.
Alexander Sep 2019
You’re an ocean
In a endless desert
A refreshing sight,
But still, an illusion of the mind.
Steven Forrester Jul 2019
I think of you
Way more than I should,
But in this case;
I have to.
Because my voice
Doesn't do me any good
I wish it could
Oh I wish it would
Wishful thinking
From just an inkling
Of attention from you
I'm a distant guy
And shy
But I can't hide
That deep inside
I find
No other has lit my soul
On fire
This desire
I feel is coming to a head
I look ahead
And wonder
My heart drops
Derailed by this dread
I ponder
Your energy
It just...
It brings me to my knees
And I feel weak
I can't contain this much longer
With every day
Every word
Every single
Little smile
This feeling grows stronger
At first
I thought
Mere infatuation
But your presence is nuclear
And I bask in your radiation
You're an inspiration
For this dedication
Could not stop this
War torn
Two souls
Terribly Tormented
To totality
Tediously Traveling
Tempest tossed terror
Just to find
Each other
The air around you
But inviting
But not biting
I stand and wait
As my breath abates
Taking in this winter chill
Before my eyes
Flecks of snow
Intricate crystal
A blizzard
Terrifying and blissful
The only thing that makes sense
But I have to hold back
EmperorMoth Jul 2019
Maybe I'm just wishful
Pondering a concoction of questions
Desires dueling with my consciousness
Thinking maybe I'll do something out of routine today
I don't want to live in a way where I regret what I didn't do
push me
pull me
Often times I'm wishful at this time of night, a thought for actions
Nothing but me and a candle, my laptop, and the large lack of light
What a way to wonder what I could do rather than not do
Considering dreamt up realities perhaps
Maybe it's just thinking
Breanna W May 2019
I will always love you
in the way that the insomniac
dreams of sleep.
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