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Elle Dhani Apr 2019
I am the ice
on the breaker,

let me know what's right,
for I not to be left

I tried being shallow,
but I swallowed

**** the butterflies,
I'll name it white lies
aniket nikhade Dec 2016
Everything that goes on in mind is with a purpose
Everything that goes on in the mind has got it’s own purpose.

If not in the present,
then remotely,
somewhere along in the future.
Everything that goes on in mind is with a purpose

Ascertain the same
Underline the cause,
then later on define the same.

Over a period of time it will be realized, understood, agreed and accepted that it’s not only intention that has got it’s role to play while getting things done, but also time is of vital importance.

Defintiely everything that goes on in mind has got it’s own way towards getting things done while in present.

Experience comes first
Expertise later
Once maturity is gained, then it defines the level and depth of experience that is gained with time.

Bottomline remains the same,
understand first,
then move ahead.

Over a period of time it will be realized that everything is not the same
A lot of things have changed in a lot many ways since efforts were made, not only in the direction of getting things done, but also with regards to doing the right thing at the right moment in time.
Thus everything that goes on in mind has got it’s purpose,
try to understand it first, once it’s understood then move ahead.

A few moments will always be spent in understading a stiuation, but then it’s worth the time that is spent, if it’s accepted that not only the same thing need not be done again, but also the same mistake must not be repeated again.

Once the cause is defined,
everything is established in mind, then move ahead.
One step at a time because it’s better late than never
Definitely slow and steady wins the race.
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015

caution is not an option
every single word has its own interpretation
base upon the point of view
without even knowing what is new

carefree is more than safety
just if you think of the word "danger"
without the "underline", steep signs can whisper
behind the naked truth of femininity!

for what is hidden can not be seen,
except to the places it could have been !
All night long,,, as THE SOUND OF SILENCE stays...
there would be a COOL CHANGE having **those days
[ 1 of 12  marked voices of a dozen clusters of letters ]
" puso ang pinag-ugatan,
hinabi ng aking imahinasyon
lapis at papel tanging ka-mata
habang binibigkas ng mga labi ko
yaong mga letrang isinatinta "
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Lady Bird May 2015
my voice saunters
climbing inside my head
slowly I places one word
at a time
I try to underline my feelings
by listening

— The End —