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Skylar Keith Jun 2021
Letting go took some time
When asked you avoided the biggest answers
I will miss you for a very long time
Yet I have started accepting it, looking for new people
People that I can hold hands with and laugh
Drink coffee with and watch movies with
I think I've found two souls that make me feel warm
Thinking of you when the pink clouds pass by
Wishing you well my friend
Skylar Keith May 2021
Today is your day
Today I will always remember you
Through the pain I feel the love
The love I have for you

The pain and the love fit like puzzle pieces
Forever intertwined with each other
Unable to let go of another

I don't think you understand what you mean to me
I would have done anything for you

I can only smile and wish you the best
Should I love you or hate you?
I can only miss you

I thought we would be side by side
Fighting through it all together
Knowing that when all fails we still have each other.

I compare everyone to you, trying to save that spot for you
What shall I do
Skylar Keith Jan 2021
For the first time since it started I felt at peace
My birthday came and went, I'll be honest I saw it coming
Yet for a moment it was silent, no sadness or pain
Just acceptance

Sadly that moment came and went
It stung even though I saw it coming from miles away
I still miss you and would accept you in an instant

You always call me loyal
Seems I am loyal to a fault when it comes to you
I'll always be here for you, no matter how much you move on
I'd catch you in every fall if you'd let me

You probably want to forget all about you, do you despise me?
I made a promise to you, I'd care for you for life
I will not break that promise, I can't even though I'm trying

Family for life
That's what you are
My long lost best friend
You're always welcome home
Half a day after writing this I'm here again, surprised that that one moment of peace is growing to be bigger. I think a part of me was glad to not receive anything; our friendship isnt being dangled above my head anymore, as if it was something that I could have back in the full extend of what it was. The other part of me was crushed because I was still holding on; not in the forgiving way but in the desperate and dependant way. I think I can now start recovering; I will still always miss and love you. You are just that unforgettable and incredible. No matter how much time passes and no matter what happens you'll always be welcome in my life. You are still my family for life. If you ever need something I'll be there for you.
Skylar Keith Nov 2020
I read your letter today
For the tenth time I'd guess
The one from my last birthday

Did you write it because you wanted to?
Maybe because you actually mean all of it?
Or did you only write it because he told you I was upset?

I wonder what my birthday this time will present
Will you tell me again that I am a good friend and you're sorry?
Or will it just be silence this time, a sign that our friendship is no more

It's a sad thought but this year I am genuinely curious
If you don't write, will I write you one for your birthday?
I really do not know
Skylar Keith Nov 2020
so unsure of what to do
so unsure of where to go
is it worth changing your path?

you don't enjoy your studies
you're ***** deep in depression again
where's the way out?

you'll just do a masters and pave your way from there
it'll be so hard but so worth it
you know you can do this, so why do you still feel like ****?

your social life is in shambles, it doesn't exist quite frankly
you don't even want to let people in anymore
you've been left behind before, from someone you loved so deeply
they were your family, your heart yet you weren't good enough

all your doubts are just stacking
your passion has disappeared, you're a decomposing robot right now
you can't get out right now, you can try again in 20 years
till then you can cry and scream all you want

life just isn't that nice
you always knew that
so why are you stuck on it

you don't know, but that's okay
you're sure it'll slowly figure itself out
good luck skylar keith
you'll need it
Skylar Keith Nov 2020
I'm walking all alone
Through a dense and dark forest
Whispering surrounds me yet there's no one there

"I miss you."

The air is thick with regrets
As the fog builds up so does the guilt
Was it something I did?
I won't ever know at this rate

I reach out to grab ahold of something
Anything that could help me
I stumble through the trees
Heading nowhere yet searching

When did it come to this point?
I can't even text you to ask how you are
Will I ever get to see you again, let alone hug you?

"I'm so sorry for the way I've been treating you. You were always there for me."

Yet there was no change
I still know nothing
I'm still without any answers
I just miss you, you were my best friends, my family. Now I can't even say hi

Quotes are form texting, coming from her
Skylar Keith Oct 2020
For years you meant everything to me
You were my best friend and my sister
Now I don't exist for you

It makes my wince and cry
Yet smile to the sky
Please don't go away

I wish you'd be as honest as you used to be
We used to tell each other everything
Now I can't ask you how you are

I think you are just waiting for me to forget
I don't think I can

I'm sorry if you hate me
I want to hate you too

Yet here I am
I still miss you
I'll always love you

We're only strangers now
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