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Betty Nov 2020
To see the stars fall , and have them melt as falling rain upon your face

the drowned sorrows of another day, run and leave no trace, upon your damp and salted skin

they leave their scars writ large upon the beating heart within
Betty Jul 2020
A crocodile smile
Might be a covering for
Sad crocodile tears
People hide their sadness behind a smile.
a week has passed and since then,
my love for you found refuge in my close friend's list
-settled for knowing that you saw it,
saw me, perhaps, even through me.
-settled for knowing that you,
are there for me.

-settled, for knowing you.
romantic innuendo part 2//
and on my IG stories shall i send my indirect messages to you, for you.
Sabika H Jan 2020
I’m inspired
Underneath the cloak of the night
Before the crack of dawn.

In the space between the walls
This soul built for itself.
Foundations set
On the comfort of the confirmation of
The truth.
Foundations laid specifically
To limit me,
To set me free.

When the divine design is
Bare and naked,
Consciousness shows it’s double edges;
Consciousness becomes a threat and
I am conned.
Consciousness turns me into a slandering dog and I’ll fetch whatever entices your eyes
For your love becomes
My love of

Desires and emotions,
Fleeting like night and day,
In a vulnerable soul.

How do I put this?

I am free underneath the cloak of night.
And you could bring the rays of dawn.
But first
Understand the light in darkness.
Go beyond sight,
Because I am free from
The expectation of
Surface delight.
Elizabeth Zenk Feb 2019
sempiternal memories
flow like a river
the resting brume on misty waters
twisting into the distant offing
the mellifluous melody of the ethereal past

like thunder above songbirds,
the illusion dissipates into a weazening
idealistic falsehood, an optimistic masquerade
the thrash of lightning onto deciduous skeletons
awakens the truth beneath

as the roaring flames erupt
the leaves effloresce to ash
the halcyon lies are swelted
into no more than gentle dust
the endless turned ephemeral
halcyon lies
burn into
ephemeral truths
Asante' Nov 2018
He can’t stand to love,
Yet he can’t stand to hate,
Afraid of exposure,
Its vulnerable weight.
So he builds up his walls,
To protect him from feeling,
Covering old wounds,
Which keeps them from healing.
And she sees he’s guarded,
Yet tries to unveil
The past he is hiding,
His secrets to tell,
Hating his walls,
But she can’t tear them down.
Wherever she is,
He just builds them around.
Karina subba Sep 2018
Sun has rises and the
Day is already started
But somehow heart
Felt very pain.
Cause I can see faces,
Faces of people
Which hides the feelings
And its thousand

Every one have their
Own thought,
But I see some
Unspoken words spreading
All around me..

Every loveliest faces
Is not so innocent
And every angel
Deep inside hides the

Even being with some
Man of earth
Its just less worth.
And now I can
See some faces of
Unspoken words
Within me still.
Every loveliest faces is not so innocent and every angel deep inside hides the devil.
Allesha Eman Mar 2017
When they saw her walking on the streets,
They saw oppression, dehumanization, and inequality.
Whilst they oppressed her with their vision
She wore her cape of grace, her drapes of black chiffon
Which also covered her face
free from all the judgment regarding beauty and ideals

the world was threatened by her walk
Although her posture was humble
She still walked with queen like grace
For she was super women and her Abaya was her cape
Her Niqaab was her shield form the worlds disgrace
And her Hijab was the crown she wore with all her grace
And she was a true woman
A woman oppressed not by her faith
But by society's obligations
She IS a woman empowered,
Empowered by her faith.
Phoenix Nov 2015
The pain kept under lock and key.
Don’t let them-can’t let them see.
Paint away the evidence.
Posters on the wall’s indents.
Go the **** away!
No one listens to what I say.
Here they come!
I am so done.
Did no one teach you not to stare?
The weight was too much to bare.
You’re gonna get what you deserve.
I have a family to preserve.
This one isn't very great, but the words just spilled onto the page, so...yeah
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
For a moment in time everything seems to be possible
Later on, something else seems to be possible
Still later, still something else gets sighted that seems to be possible.

It’s the mind that travels to far off places covering a large distance
The mind works constantly,
from the present to future,
from the future to present.
Still it’s always better to live with the present moment of time.

The desire to get something more, than all that you have leads to the process of ascertaining the future.
The lure for a better future spoils the present.
Still the process of ascertaining the future does not stop here.

Other way round,

Possibly something better seems to be possible in the future
Most probably there seems a better opportunity in the future
The worry about better future ceases to die down.
It neither settles on it’s own nor does it die down.

The mind continues to worry in a hope that a day will come when something better will happen and the future will be secured.

All this volatile nature of the thought process seems to be for a moment of time, otherwise after a moment or so, everything returns back to normal.

Satisfaction and fulfillment seem to be there only for a moment in time.
Then thereafter, the restlessness of mind starts again
What now?
What next?
What else?
What if something like this does not happen?
Questions and more questions are raised as the restless still remains.

Better to have something definite in mind, something of own, something certain.
Better to work with a positive mind set.

Definitely a day will come when something better will happen, something of which you had never even thought of.

Never wait for something like this to happen
Always make a way of your own, follow the same
Definitely a day will come when you will be confident as to how to reach to your destination.

Till then, it’s work that counts and matters.
It’s the input that you give in your work that counts
It’s the thought process that gets activated and worked up that counts
So keep going, till that point in time, until you reach to your destination.
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